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Mazda CX-9 Heat and Air Conditioning



  • coachizcoachiz Posts: 9
    If you haven't found it already, the AC evaporator drain plug is located on the driver's side, under the vehicle, on the upslope for the "transmission hump" & under the silver protective sheeth. The drain plug is a white plastic grommet which makes a sharp upturn immediately. Trying to clean the drain tube with a hanger is difficult but an air hose, if you have a compressor, works well. Be prepared to get wet if the evaporator is full & you've already gotten water on your mats as the water will come gushing out after the block is cleared.
  • Thanks for the information coach. Just trying to do some preventative maintenance. Anyone with information on the Mazda Service Manual for the CX9? Is the manual descriptive like the Haynes manuals?
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    I don't have a Haynes manual but I do have a genuine Mazda Repair Manual and it is very descriptive and use friendly. Please do invest on an OEM manual instead. I found mine on eBay and it was in pristine used condition.
  • My three year old was forcing his backpack out of the back seat and broke the knob off of the rear air controls (the one that controls the fan speed). The fan still works, but you cannot control the speed, just the temperature with the other knob. What broke appears to be the little piece that the control slips into. I tried to fix it, but the circuit was broken. Anyone have an issue with this or know how to order a replacement part?
  • mrolonmrolon Posts: 1
    It is normal that the a/c seems to turn on when you turn off the car?
    My car does that sometimes when the outside temperature is high and I dont now if is something wrong...
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    Read some earlier threads...there is a TSB for this issue. Replacing the two relays will most likely fix your issue.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Radiator cooling fans are often designed to do just that.

    Just in case..
  • Recently, I noticed that when I make a left hand turn, it sounds like something(perhaps water) is moving in the area inside the dash around the AC fan. There is a wet spot sometimes on the passenger side front seat at times.

    When we turn left, it sounds like whatever we are moving around in the dash makes it hard for the fan to function properly and the air coming from the vents comes almost to a stop.

    Has anyone run into this? We are out of warranty and will have to fix it ourselves. :cry:
  • Check out my posts earlier on this string. You're clogged & need to unclog before you fry your blower motor. Keep the AC off. Good luck.
  • Our 2010 CX-9 front blower fan takes as long as 5 minutes to start blowing. This happens about 90% of the time and usually after the car has been off for a while. Any suggestions?
  • I spent over $700 replacing my motor blower. I searched the web to see if I could find the part cheaper but it still was over $400 & there was no way I could put it in my self so I forked up the money and the new blower does the same thing so I searched the web for answers & came across this website you'll want to take a look at. did contact the law office & sent them my old motor blower.
  • mom52mom52 Posts: 1
    Are you still having the problem with your blower? My 2007 CX9 has been doing the same thing for about a year. Dealership wants $1000 to replace the blower. I'm wondering if it could be a loose wire or bad relay since the blower works well once it actually kicks on. It sometimes takes hitting a bump for it to kick on.
  • mom52, No I fixed the problem by replacing the blower motor relay.

    $4.17 not including shipping. Sounds like the dealer is trying to screw you. Replace the relay and if you still have the issue it may be the motor..
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