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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Electrical Problems



  • I have a 2002 TB speakers and chime only work when temp is ove 85 degrees. Has anyone got a cure for this. The passenger front speakers is the only one working.
  • Yours too?....And I thought I was the only TB owner who had the problem with my front (driver side) speaker not working. People probably think were nuts, but its true! The speaker(s) only come on when the temperature inside the vehicle gets extremely hot.(over 90 degrees) or in winter when it gets extremely cold. in Texas that would be 40 degrees..hahaha!

    Like you I'd be anxious to know if other 2002 TB owners have this same speaker problem.
  • I just noticed that my onstar speaker (located in the ceiling) doesn't work and neither does the door chime. How can I fix this? What could be wrong? These are factory installed.
  • I have a 2006 Trailblazer EXT LT and over the weekend, the Engine light came on. It was running fine and then all of a sudden the light came on and the car started to run a little rough. I called OnStar for the code and it came back as a P0300.

    I took it in to my mechanic who had the following to say:

    No compression in Number 4 Cylinder..
    Check engine misfire in number 4 cylinder..
    Pulled it and there was oil.. contaminated with oil and carbon build up.
    Number 4 spark plug wire is shorted out.

    No oil was showing on dipstick. Only 2 quarts of oil came out of it.
    No leaks.
    Only minor leak from oil pan. No other external leaks. So there's a question as to where the oil is going.

    Ticking noise coming from engine.

    The recommendation was to Pull Cylinder heads - take to machine tests to have them pressured
    tested and certified.

    The first repair would be $2345 and would include:
    Head Gasket Set
    Head Bolt $50/set
    Oil Filter
    And spark plug

    If this doesn't repair the problem and oil is getting past the rings it could be an engine re-build which would be about $3100 for Labor and $4000 for the rebuild (Factory Longboard?) The car has 107,000 miles on it.

    So.. if its the worst case and I have to have the engine re-built and adding on the first repair, it would be a total of about $9000 -$1000.. which is on top of a repair I had a few months ago for a Throttle Body Replacement.

    I admittedly know nothing about cars and some people are telling me that the amounts being charged by my mechanic are outrageous and they're taking advantage of me. Being that I don't know much about cars, I don't know if this is true or not. I've used them for over 10 years and in the past they didn't recommend work that another mechanic did, so I thought they were trustworthy.

    Does anyone have any advice? I just really want to know if the pricing sounds fair or if they're ripping me off. And I just don't know if $10,000 is worth keeping the car or if I should just get rid of it. Any advice would be great.
  • I have had Chevy Trailblazer problems from day one also. Its pretty sad when you can call a CHEVY DEALERSHIP SERVICE DEPARTMENT and tell them you have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer and they can tell you what you are experiencing before you tell them!! The fuel gauge had to be fixed and we only get $138 for reimbursement? Really because while it was there they also had to replace the computer because the car would keep shutting off which everything together cost $1900. WTH well after getting it home the engine light came on again (BIG SURPRISE) I took it back to a CHEVY dealer and they assured me it was okay that it was a common problem with all trailblazers. (Something about there is condensation and until Chevy finds a way to fix it then it will keep happening unless I want to put a lot more money in it. Eventually there may be a recall!) They didnt even seem to want to fix it. Well Guess what, the air conditioner has quit working, and when driving the vechile it sounds like the transmission or something is going to fall out. I have three small children and will not even let them in this car, also my husband will not either (Pretty sad huh?) When I experienced the first problem, second problem I called Chevy inquiring about the lemon law. I was told that no other trailblazers have any issue. Seriously because I have almost what the vechile (what I bought it for, I dont want to say what its worth because I wouldnt pay $5.00 for this vechile again or any CHEVY) in it in parts and labor. Seems I am not the only customer that is expereincing the same issues! I think we as Chevy customers should do something to get back what we deserve. Does anyone know how to go about this? Very interested. Seems like this vechile is like clock work every three months it is in the garage. And I do mean EVERY THREE MONTHS!
  • frzdawnfrzdawn Posts: 15
    i understand what you mean i have a chevy 04 and since i had this car it has had many problems at one time i did take it in for a oil change and i was there for hours because the computer died i have replaced almost every part in this truck will never get another whole truck should be recalled ..... :sick:
  • hi we are having the same exact issue the car will be fine and bam it will just shut off everything will be off the radio everything .. we took it to a machanic and they said they had no idea what was wrong .. do you have an idea ? this is super dangerous especially since we have a newborn baby in the car and this has happened on the freeway at full speed way scary .. what did they say was wrong and is it covered by chevy dealership ? please let me know ...
  • Christiana1223 (and staceyrowand),

    I've read your post(s) and am very sorry to hear about this situation. If you're interested, we can further investigate this and hopefully help you work with your dealership towards resolving this concern. Please email us your name/username, contact information, the last 8 digits in your VIN, and your involved dealership.

    Thank you,
    GM Customer Service
  • I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer. When I am driving the headlights just shut off. It is very scarry because I have a newborn and a 2 year old in the car with me. Chevy should recall this vehicle before anyone gets killed. Also the gas guague show Empty all the time even when it is completly full. And I just spent $800 to have a water pump changed. This is a money pit, I was raised in a GM family and am sorry I ever bought this car. I bought it new and have been the only owner and taken very good care of it.
  • TBlazer2

    Yes indeed. A very common problem with many TB's. Low beam all of sudden just decide to quit and your left in the dark (sorry for the pun).
    High Beams will work as a backup, but it is a serious issue. I can go months without any headlight problems then out of the clear blue, whamo!
    Past threads say to replace a couple of fuses. Sorry about your other problems.

    Love my 02 TB which I've had for 10 years and have put on 312,000 miles.
    Knock on wood she runs and looks great. With some repairs required because of the age of the vehicle, I change all fluids on a regular basis and wax her to death.

  • fj4072fj4072 Posts: 29
    The headlight problem is actually a relay problem, it's a $40 part 15 seconds to replace. The gas gauge is either the little tiny stepper motor on the back of it or it's your ignition switch, not the one the key goes into. Both are very inexpensive and easy to replace. $800 for a waterpump? Wow, find a new mechanic, that's wayyyyy too much.
  • yes the entire car shuts off on us mid drive and we just replaced the water pump as well .. and the dealership acts like they have no clue what im talking about they want 80 just to diagnose it .. what the heck how is it my fault that the parts are faulty they should be paying us for putting us and our families at risk .. it's like another tayota issue
  • I see that you're already getting some great feedback from other posters. If we can be of any service (looking into warranty/recall information, or helping work with a dealership towards resolving a concern), please don't hesitate to get in contact via email.

    GM Customer Service
  • 02 tb w/same prob. FIXED!!!!!! cone in speaker was blown, replaced speaker. DONE.
  • I have a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer. I have been having problems with my driver side running light for the last 6 months or so. I get it fixed and it always dies out after two weeks. I want you to know this so you will understand there is a wiring issue. Yesterday while I was at a light, I turned the engine off, as I do when my reduce power light comes on, to reset it, I can not remember if I put it in park first, I do this this turning the engine off because of the fan assembly causing the reduce engine power to kick in and turning the car off usually re-sets it. Well unfortunately when I went to re-start the car, nothing, couldn't even turn the key, move my gear-shift, locked completely. A man stopped to help me jump my car, nothing, he then hooked the red jumper to the fuse box, I got power back again, battery gauge listed fine, key would turn, but the engine would not start, I got the clicking, and hum of fuel pump just would not turn over engine, when he removed the cable, locked again, nothing, I had to get the car towed, and I have no idea what to do now. The battery is less than 8 months old, replaced fuel pump less than a year ago, trannie has been replaced 2years ago, if that helps. I did get a blown fuse in the back seat fuse box the night before, the fuse sparked (Rear fog)when I tried to replace it so I just left it blank. Any suggestions would help I have spent all day researching, I can't afford too much, just got laid off, and lost my place, I am staying at a remote 2nd house of a friend, my car is all I got, please help, thanks!
  • If the low beams are inop try swapping the relays for the cooling fan into the low beam circuit. I have found that this is a common issue on GM's that use the same system as your trailblazer does. If you look under the hood on driver side of engine compartment you will ssee te fuse block. I belive its relay #45 that controls the cooling fan and relay #46 that controls the daytime running light module. Swap these to relays if the lights come on you know its the relay thats faulty. Keep in mind that you DO NOT want to leave the relays swaped becuase now your cooling fan will not work and engine couls over heat.
  • Sounds like you have way too many problems. Chances are its not all related to one issue. My advice to you....Get a new truck!!
  • When I have the hatch door open on my 2003 TB, I hear a constant clicking noise. This has been occurring for a few weeks, and lately I have intermittent electrical problems such as the rear wipers not working, and radio shuts off, windows do not operate, and all dash lights go on. Any one else experience this?
  • ck27ck27 Posts: 1
    I have a 02 TB I travel in it for a living I have 225a thousand right now to the guy with the head light problem that keeps blowing bulbs go under your hood open your relay fuse panel you will see four Crome bolts make sure they are tire if you dont it just gets worse under that box is your wire harness the bolts is what keeps it tight if you dont fix it your trailblazer could do what mine was all my wire harnesses came loose I started replacing fuel pump light it was very crazy because if you take a test light to the box you have power but what you dont relize is that off the battery it goes right to fuse panel so you always have hot power on box anyways just tightened up your box I hope I help you out
  • Anyone aware of any electrical problems with the 2006 chevy trailblazer? I just replaced the battery 3 weeks ago because it would not start/crank/anything. This morning... same thing again! So frustrating. It ran without any problems yesterday, and all of the sudden, nothing. I can't have a non-reliable car... next time this happens, I'm selling it and buying a German car like I should have... all along...
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Let me know when you find that trouble free German car, I'll consider one myself.
    Anyway, how do you know the problem is the battery? Was the voltage checked?
  • I have an 03 LT Trailblazer, never had any major issues with it, bought it used and have been very happy......until last summer. I noticed that the left turn signal was real dim when not in use and if you tried to use it it would blink really fast... when the left turn signal was dim like that the air conditioner would not blow cold air......I'm not sure why but things went back to normal for a little while, then they started again and have escalated. The left door speaker and dash speaker won't work, only part of lights on the radio-heater console work, part of the light in my speedometer don't work, sometimes the cruise won't cooperate and today the windshield wipers just stopped and the lights would not come on.

    We've been loyal Chevy owners for many years, my 3 month old 93 s 10 pickup sat in my yard went boom and burned, alternator shorted out, GM took responsibility and I got another truck. In my 95 I bought a new GMC Safari van and didn't get home with it, some sensor went out and I drove a loaner for a week......but I've stuck with 'em cos they've always fixed what went wrong, not now, nobody knows.......I need help with this please. :(
  • there are 4 studs sticking up in your fuse box under the hood, one of my had a little wiggle in it and when we tightened it up it has fixed the headlight problem right now. So try this maybe it can help you too.
  • 2003 trailblazer. Running light on passenger side went out while the brake light still worked, same bulb. I detatched the wire harness from the tail light circuit board to find the pins corroded and broken. I've got the replacement circuit board and wire harness, but have no clue how to remove the old harness or how to hook the new wires into the vehicle. in the new package there are five white wires and five small orangish tubes. Just moved to a new city, don't know anyone, and don't want to get pulled over for it AGAIN!! any suggestions??
  • 2006 Trailblazer, something draining batter. Some things I've noticed: A few months ago, low beams went out, did some research and replaced drl relay under hood. everything was great again. About 2 weeks ago, dead battery. Odd, but jumpstart did it good and everything was well again. Yesterday, dead battery again. I don't believe it is the battery. I've noticed that sometimes (not always) drl's will stay on longer than usual after shutting car off. Another thing I've noticed is that sometimes, (not always) drl's come on automatically when opneing the car door. I think this could be what is draining the battery excessively. Could this be a faulty dlr relay again? I've tried to search, but cannot find anything specific to this problem.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Is it the original battery? If so, it's about time to replace it. It's also a good time to check the charging system.
    Otherwise what's happening seems normal to me.
  • I traced it back to the drl relay under the hood. I know it seems normal, but I park in a garage and could tell it was excessive the way that they were coming on. They would come on when opening the door to get in, not just when shutting off and exiting, and they had never done that before. Knowing that the relay is a notorious problem with this model, I decided to check it out. As I wiggled it to get it out, lights would come on and off sporadically. That confirmed it for me.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Interesting. Did you find out what was causing it though? Was the relay bad (shorted contacts or something) or was the problem in the socket itself?
  • Gotta be somewhere in the relay itself cause a new relay does not flash the lights when wiggled.
  • What part number is that relay? My 07 TB LBs just turn off but sometimes work for days or weeks then shut off and start working 10 minutes to an hour later. Very dangerous. I would like to replace the #46 relay. Where can I get it besides the dealership?
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