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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • kwebergkweberg Posts: 1

    I read in one of the threads at this forum that someone was getting an Ipod Integration Kit for their Murano SL? Did anyone ever post what the part number is or where it can be purchased from?

    I just got my new 2009 Nissan Murano SL AWD last week with the representation from the salesman that I would be able to connect my Ipod (as well as my vehicle was supposed to have a 6-CD Changer). Well, no 6-CD Changer was in the car because they gave me a vehicle with Navigation (which I did not want). Anyway, I could not locate an Ipod auxiliary input, and was now told that what I have is a Compact Flash Drive. And, my husband was nice enough to get me an Ipod Classic for the purpose of using it in my new vehicle. So, just curious if someone could tell me how to get the Ipod working for the Murano SL? Thanks a bunch!
  • ukkoukko Posts: 23
    We picked up our Murano recently and were surprised at the refined design and ride. From the test drive to now owning the vehicle my impressions are much more impressed. The ride is taunt but smooth. We have the TL in graphite and black leather seats. I noticed, on a sunny day, during a test drive of another TL, with a tan interior, the bright reflections were distracting. The black interior seems to allow the exterior environment to appear more focused and clear. Our previous vehicle was a 2006 Honda Pilot. The graph on the backup camera screen allows one to judge distance to less than a foot. Compared to the Pilot, the Murano is in a different class except for storage space. We have most of the packages except for navigation so the vehicle is really comfortable in all ways.
  • reddevil4reddevil4 Posts: 17
    Welcome to the Murano family. The wife and I joined the Murano family a year ago in April when we purchased our 2009 Murano SL (AWD) brillant silver with black interior with leather front heated seats, dual moon roofs, hands free blue tooth, and navigation system. Like you mentioned the handleing is fantastic and with the AWD it handles great in the snow. The ride is also fantastic so smooth and you never feel it shift with the new cvt transmission. The more you drive it the more you Love it !!!!!!
  • Just traded off my 2004 Murano for a 2009. Before I traded in my 2004, the grille started to bubble. The 2004 was way out of warranty, but I thought I would give Nissan a call at 1-800-647-7261 to ask what they would do if any thing about this problem. To make a long story short, the grille was replaced 3 months ago, Nissan replaced the grille at no charge to me, without any problems.
  • ukkoukko Posts: 23
    Thanks for your note. Your silver Murano with the black interior is really sharp. My previous Pilots were all silver and we just wanted a change.

    I just received an email from a friend that sells Nissan's in Helsinki. He said the TV program evaluators were surprised by the Murano's quality and ride and equalled it with Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. The price for a Murano in Helsinki is about 70,000 euros.

    Just thought the foreign note would be of interest.

    Cheers and happy driving.
  • Funny.I never drove Audi.BMW-yes-hated it.Very uncomfy car-reminds Infinity-only worse.Mercedes-450-I drove several times-nothing the most.Nissan Murano feels like Mercedes-agree-which does not compliment either.paid for my-LE with gadgets 37 with tax.70,000EU-3 times US price.interesting why-sounds like Israel or Russia.price fixing on government level.I any case-I personally find it a collection of flaws.It is a frustrating experience.specially my last experience with navigation system which was telling me that i was 19 miles away from my destination point after i have arrived , after it took me on a 25 miles extra trip through 4 tolls to the same destination we used several times prior.And that after a trip to a town which according to the same navigation-does not exist.Thanks god-nobody was sitting in the back-because if somebody is sitting there-forget about being able to check blind spots.It is quite a challenge even without passengers-unless one constatntly manipulates the mirrors.
  • pablovgbpablovgb Posts: 1

    I don't know if you got an answer in the meantime. If thought my Murano (2009) should show that, as several rentals and an Equinox I had for business show the song and artist when the station has RDS (but is also depends on the station). I tried the same stations that had it on the Murano and it only gave the name of the station.

    Perhaps this is a RED "Lite". Cheers

  • dbo2dbo2 Posts: 1
    Nissan is offering cash back or 2.9% financing. I have a deal on the table for a SL with leather, premium pkg, tech pkg, dual moonroof, car mats, cargo mat, door sill lights roof rails. I have gotten the dealer down to 32,132 not including tax etc with that added total price would be 32185. I made a 30,000 proposal which they would not take. What is reasonable?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out the Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion for recent deals from other owners.
  • I purchased my SL 2009 last February and got everything you listed except the cargo mat for an out the door price of $33,500. But I also got 4 free oil changes and lifetime car washes (maybe not so free considering your price).
  • daryll44daryll44 Posts: 307
    My friend, the Muranophile, said that all LE's come with performance tires that wear out fast. I had this problem with other higher end cars and DO NOT wanna do this again. That being said, I want a Murano with leather, roof but not necessarily the NAV and/or DVD.

    Is the tire thingie true? And if so what are my alternatives?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Don't know how they wear but could cost $250 per installed and balanced. Ask the dealer how much a set costs. 20" tires aren't cheap but if your paying 35k for a car you've got the money for new shoes from time to time. :cry:
  • reddevil4reddevil4 Posts: 17
    I don't know about the tire wear of the Performance Tires on the LE models but I heard earlier in the year that some of the LE owners with 20" rims were having vibration problems. I have the SL (AWD) model and haven't had any problem with tire wear or vibrations but then again the SL model dosen't have 20" rims.
  • SamBK81SamBK81 Posts: 5
    No, unfortunately, no one ever got back to me about the wind noise. It's very odd and very annoying. It also seems to be sporadic. I am still trying to figure out if it's coming from the lower part of the windshield or the window/door. If anyone has resolved this, please let me know.
  • derbydudederbydude Posts: 2
    How did you solve your vibration problem?
    I test drove a new 2009 SL and the ride was sensational. Then I went to buy a new LE and there was a vibration throughout the vehicle. I could feel it in the floor, on the steering wheel and in the seat. It occurred at all speeds and during acceleration or coasting.
    I really want this particular car and color and this is the only one around within 100 miles that we checked.
    Anyone knowing how to solve this problem please let me know.
    Thank you.
  • ronswmronswm Posts: 9
    I also had that vibration problem. I finally took it in for diagnosis. My service manager said that the wheels needed balancing...even though it was a new veh w/new tires, he said it can go out of balance.

    Well, happy to report, it solved my problem. No more vibrating at any speed.

    Not saying it will fix ea owners problem, but worth a check.
  • I purchased my 09 SL AWD in Sept 08. I noticed after a few weeks that the engine would make a squealing noise when I was accelerating lightly and the RPM was between 1,000 and 2,000. I just took it in finally to have it looked at on May 4th because it was really starting to bother me. The dealership test drove other 09's and claimed it was a normal sound from what they could tell. I filed a complaint with Nissan's consumer affairs and was told the same from them...its normal. Is anyone else having this problem? I find it completely irritating that I am being told a squealing engine on a brand new car is normal??
  • kjsmittykjsmitty Posts: 25
    Every and I mean every Nissan I have purchased had a bad balancing job done at the factory. Two of the most current Nissan's had bad tires from the factory. My wife's 09LE was no different. Had to have the tires balanced after the first week. Also, check the tire pressure. Nissan pumps them up to near 50 psi for transport and sitting on the lot.

    In our case, the tires on the 09 LE aren't bad now yet not perfect. The balance is perfect yet the tires are semi-crap and aren't true - as in they were borderline bad in regards to "road force" measurements on a Hunter balancer. Will wait to install something better in the future.
  • kjsmittykjsmitty Posts: 25
    Do you mean a high pitch "whistle" or a different squealing sound like a bad belt??

    If you are referring to the high pitch squeal/whistle there is a Nissan Service Bulletin out for this exact noise. Our LE has the same - just haven't made it back in to have it fixed. Wife doesn't notice it either - just me with the window down etc....

    See below, your Nissan Service Dept probably doesn't even know about it because they are clueless like all other Nissan dealerships.. Many have had the procedure performed and no more whistle!!

    Good luck

    TSB# NTB08104

    For the record, the throttle body does NOT have to be replaced. Here is the fix description...straight from Nissan:

    IF YOU CONFIRM A whistle noise coming from the engine during light acceleration, ACTIONS Unbolt but do not remove the electric throttle control actuator. Replace the actuator gasket. Reposition the actuator on the manifold and secure following the instructions in this Service Procedure. NOTE: The repair of this issue, if it should occur, is the repositioning of the actuator not the replacement of the gasket. The gasket is replaced because the actuator is being unbolted from the manifold.
  • mandymusikamandymusika Posts: 42
    Has anyone heard about this? Looks like we can get an SL with the Ipod adaptor and other LE features. Looks like the only option you can't get on the SL (that you can get on the LE) is memory seats now. Thoughts?

    2009 Nissan Murano "360 Degree Value Package" Debuts

    Nissan also announced the addition of a new "360 Degree Value Package" to the 2009 Murano lineup. Available now for a limited time on the Murano SL FWD or AWD with Premium and Leather packages, the 360 Degree Value Package adds Nissan Intelligent Key, Bluetooth(R) Hands-Free Phone System, iPod(R) adaptor, metallic-finish 18-inch alloy wheels, silver-finish roof rails and Murano's signature dual-panel moonroof. The 360 Degree Value Package is priced at $1,450, resulting in MSRPs of $33,280 (FWD) and $34,880 (AWD).

    "The Murano with 360 Degree Value Package is not only a great overall value, it offers customers some of the great features that were previously available only on the higher priced Murano LE model on the Murano SL," said Meunier. "All 2009 Nissan Muranos continue to provide buyers with an exciting middle crossover packed with substance, style and value."
  • kjsmitty - I can not thank you enough for responding. I will be contacting the dealership tomorrow with the information you provided. And yes, it is a whistle noise. And like you said is very noticable when the window is down. Now that I know exactly when it happens I can hear it slightly with the window up if my radio is not turned up loud. But like you said also, the dealerships are clueless. Even the Nissan consumer affairs person told me she consulted with the Nissan techs and they said this is normal for this type of engine. That was on Monday the 11th. I told her that answer was unacceptable and I wanted to know why they would put such an engine in a vehicle. She was to get back to me and as of tonight (Wednesday) I have not heard back from her. I love the car aside from this one issue. Hopefully the information you provided will fix the issue.
  • shammoshammo Posts: 6
    I was very interested, but these are just starting to trickle out to the east coast. And by trickle I mean there's only like 20 being delivered before July 4th.

    Also since they are in limited quality and new the deals on them are not nearly as swell. I was offered one in NJ for dealer invoice, none less on one with AWD. The offer was $32,980, but I didn't like the timeframe for delivery (July 2). I also found another dealership in Ohio (I travel a lot) that was getting one in a color I liked next week, but the cheapest I could get them on price was $33,300 (MSRP 35,980). I ended up getting a SL with moonroof, premium, leather, and tech for $33,700 (MSRP 37,525) that was on the lot. The $400 more seemed like a better deal...

    All and all I'm kinda kicking myself because I want the iPod interface, but at least now I'll have the power tailgate, auto lights, and rain sensing wipers! LOL.

    What does everyone else think?
  • I was one of the 1st 09's on the road in my area. I have had 5 Nissan's in the past 3 years and have loved everyone of them. I have always wanted a Murano but the price was a little high.
    In December 07 we were in a car accident and the lady that hit us head-on ended up supplying us with the funds for the Murano! :blush:
    I have had it 1 year and 3 months and I HATE IT!
    I have had electrical problems after electrical problem. So bad that the Radio turns on by itself. The key being in the house! :confuse:
    I am currently fighting with Nissan because they do not know what is wrong with it and I am tired of being stranded because this car that I have always wanted, will not start at times!!! :lemon:

    Is anyone else having Electrical problems or is it just my dumb luck??
  • jgraminskijgraminski Posts: 6
    I noticed the manual "recomends" 91octane. Has anyone noticed reduced performance with 87?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Since I drive conservatively -- no fast starts or hard accelerations- I have no complaints with regular gas.
  • I have noticed 4 more miles to the gallon on the highway. In town not a big difference.
  • reddevil4reddevil4 Posts: 17
    I have used 87 octane in my 2009 Murano since the the start and I haven't notice any sluggish performance or pinging. I notice on one of the replies back to you that somebody said they got 4 more miles to the gallion by using 91 octane. So I have to make a trip to Utah next week so I am going to try a tank full of each octane and see if there is a difference.
  • a1m1o1a1m1o1 Posts: 1
    I also have the tapping sound coming from the bottom part of the windshield (2009 SL FWD). It's just about the only thing wrong with my car, but it drives me crazy. It seems to go away when the windshield is wet and the wipers are turned on a couple of times. If you figure out the issue, please post the answer. i'll do the same.
  • kjsmittykjsmitty Posts: 25
    It is the black plastic part (on the outside of the window) down by the wipers that sits against the window. Many have just removed and strategically placed a few pieces of felt etc. I would point it out to the dealer and have them do it.

  • jgraminskijgraminski Posts: 6
    Let me know how that test goes. The reason I posted the question was becuase when I first purchased the vehicle it seemed to be a bit more responsive on that first tank from the dealer. The next fill I noticed a slight reduction in acceleration when I used 87. Maybe my imagination who knows. I also don't know what kind of gas they used at the dealer.

    I am still on the second tank of gas and was thinking of trying 91 on my next fill up. I've owned the car now for just a few weeks.

    thanks for your responce,

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