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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • ashrimpashrimp Posts: 2
    Could you share what specific brake issue you got fixed?
    I too have the 09 LE and vibration problem. The dealership did 2 balance jobs and the vibration is still there.
  • tspaventatspaventa Posts: 18
    The problem I was experiencing was a pulsation or vibration when I was braking. The service report I got back from them when I picked up the car states: "... found front brake rotors have excessive amounts of run out which is above min specs. resurfaced the front brake rotors, reinstalled front brake pads...." and it took 1.3 hours. I don't know what any of that means, but the problem no longer exists! Hope this helps, good luck!
  • ashrimpashrimp Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. I actually have the vibration problem during drive(40~70mph). That is probably a differnt cause as yours.
  • shammoshammo Posts: 6
    This actually could be your problem. I haven't had the issue in my Murano, but in my 2004 Altima I started noticing a horrible vibration when I was braking at highway speeds. When I was driving on city streets it was not noticible at all.

    I took it in several times and each time they would balance the tires and send me on my way. It wouldn't fix it so finally on the third time I told them to do a little more looking. About an hour later they called me up and said that the rotors were warped and needed to be replaced. I asked about retooling them, but they said they were too worn for that.

    So I picked up the car and then got the rotors replaced and the car was perfect again. Couldn't believe it was such a simple fix. With that being said it could be your rotors giving you the problem. I'd take the car in and have them check. If it's a new car they should be able to fix it or replace the rotors in no time.
  • shammoshammo Posts: 6
    So after reading all this stuff about breaking I started to pay attention to my brakes and noticed a slight shake when braking at highway speeds.

    So today when I went in for my first oil change at 3250 miles I had them check the rotors... and get this... They needed retooled! At 3250 miles. I'm not happy about that already, but the service manager told me that "rotors these days are made with crappy metal from crappy China". He also said that this problem occurs with all manufacturers, but at 3250 miles? Come on that's crap.
  • tspaventatspaventa Posts: 18
    I know. Its ridiculous. Mine was even newer. I noticed it within the FIRST MONTH. I've also had problems with a whistling noise when excelerating which took FOUR TRIPS to the nissan service to get it fixed. Actually, after visit #2, when they told me it was "normal", I searched the internet and that's how I ended up on this forum. It was here that I found it was infact a problem, as well as the service bulletin describing how it could be fixed. Gotta love the internet! Glad your problem is now fixed : )
  • kjsmittykjsmitty Posts: 25
    "They needed retooled! At 3250 miles. I'm not happy about that already, but the service manager told me that "rotors these days are made with crappy metal from crappy China". He also said that this problem occurs with all manufacturers."

    The guy wasn't lying to you. Unless you purchase a vehicle with very high dollar performance brakes/rotors, you are bound to have "warped rotor" issues during your ownership. Some happen right away, some after 10s of thousands of miles. Much of which is caused by braking/driving styles and or driving conditions etc.

    My wife's 09 Mo seems to be doing great at the 12K mark yet my Acura rotors warped before 5000 miles. Our 4WD Suburban had 90K miles before I even touched the front brakes - and it pulls a 6000lb boat!... You just never know. Many times the rotors will last much longer after machining. The initial miles and braking heat bring out the metal stresses then machining removes the results.

    Overall, crappy rotors/metal is a true statement and a fact within the industry....

  • kemmichkemmich Posts: 3
    on its way to my dealership from japan - the only person who will have driven it when i get it is service manager - i'm so excited.

    silly question, but i got exactly what i wanted: SL, premium pkg, leather pkg, 360 pkg, AWD. tinted bronze with beige leather.

    paid 33500 and got "excellent" rating for trade in per KBB.

    i know it's a supply/demand market, and i know it's MOST important that i'm happy (which i am regardless, this is a deal i can manage), but does this sound like a good deal? i was just surprised that i didn't have to haggle more when i said "this is what i'm willing to do" - especially when it was a car "en route" - thoughts?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    What was MSRP vs what you paid? If you paid more than invoice, you paid too much.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Revisions for the 2010 Murano include:

    Murano LE FWD model added

    Leather Package and Moonroof Package availability widened on Murano SL FWD

    Privacy glass added on Murano S (now standard on all models)

    Intelligent Key added as standard on Murano S and SL models

    Simplified exterior and interior color combinations

    Vehicle Security System added as standard on Murano SL

    Dual Panel Moonroof now standard on Murano LE

    Roof rails now standard on Murano SL
  • weslywesly Posts: 1
    I have been trying to get an answer. I have been shopping for an LE in Platinum Graphite with Beige leather and no one seems to have it they all have black leather. One dealer said Nissan is not going to offer that combo in 2010 but then he tried to sell me something he already has so I don't know whether or not to believe him. I wish they would expand on the "Simplified exterior and interior color combinations " and say what that really means. My hope is they won't change this but I can't find anywhere that clarifies it further. If anyone has the answer to this I would appreciate it.
  • Can anyone guess how much more a 2010 Murano might be compared to a 2009? How have the prices been in the past for each new revision of the Murano? I would by a 2009 version, but color choice is limited so I don't know if it makes sense to get a color I don't want when in a month the 2010 will be out and available in wider color selection. TIA
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If color choice is important then wait. Whatever the cost increase, you won't be happy saving a few hundred dollars on a car you dislike. There a several other choices of cars every bit as nice as the murano.Some are thousands less. You could check out 09's and see if any meet your needs. My 09 sl is nice but I could be happy in a number of other vehicles.
  • ukkoukko Posts: 23
    We have owned several vehicles over the years. MDX, Pilots, and American cars. The best so far has been the Murano SL. Wow! what a vehicle. What a pleasure it is to daily start the vehicle up and drive it down the road. We have had the 09 for about 4 months now. Life is so nice with good design. Thank you Japanese!!!
  • lovepublovepub Posts: 11
    edited August 2011
    I haven't got the car's coming in 1 week time.

    I test drove it in "D" mode only....but saw the gear can be shifted/changed manually. Has anyone tried it? Does anyone use it under normal driving? Or is it just a gimmick that people dont really use and dont really need?

    Was wondering if using it would be more fuel efficient and more fun!?
    Any one who had good experience with using it, please give me some insight on how to do it smoothly and how NOT to **** up the gear....would much appreciate.

    This question came into mind today....I believe 99% of murano owners dont use that function......but worth a ask.

    Probably only used during offroad/sand driving?! am i rite?

    THanks for all inputs!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    CVT transmission --- don't know what manual shift capability your murano has but mine has a standard shift box. Move the selector up and down. Just keep it in drive and use the accelerator pedal. Read the owners guide for questions re the trans use.
  • yeah....usually we put it in "D"...but if u push the gear knob to right...
    then u can push it up and down to gear up and down...
    That's my question....what does it do?...when should it come in handy?
  • Now, you all have me scratching my head on this as well. I have an 09 LE and I don't even know if it has this capability. The LE has pretty much everything available, but I never looked for this or noticed this. I'll have to take a look at it on my lunch break. I'll be back later with my findings!
  • Beside the "D", if push to the right, there would be a "+" and "-"

    I am in Australia.....we only have two model "ST" and "TI" which both have this.
    I dont think US should be any different on this part.

    Just very curious.... the sales told me I can put it in that mode and shift the gears myself UP and driving a Daytona.

    No one experienced that?

    WOW...wait...i just went online to check some of the photos...

    US MODEL: (does all Murano model look like this in US?) rstNav=Gallery/photoId=20209171


    haha...found the pictures finally...check it out boys....

    Does that look NEW to US owners?
  • I had been driving my new 09 Murano SL (Premium, Leather, 360 value package) for two weeks now.. I like almost everything about the new murano and love driving it except for one thing. It DOESN'T have an automatic on/off headlights. My old car was a Corolla VE(1999) with everything manual (manual transmission, manual windows) and the only thing automatic on that base model corolla was the automatic headlights :) ">. I am so used to the automatic headlights and i drove my new Murano with out headlights on ;) and worse i realized it only after driving 5-6 miles.. Wondering why they couldnt make it a standard on atleast from SL and above..
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If you opt for the tech package then you get the auto headlights. You didn't--I didn't and now we are stuck with one more thing in our lives that we have to remember to do. What a BUMMER !!!!!
  • I can confirm my 2009 LE does NOT have a manual shifting option
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    None of them have them. I was a bogus post.
  • I guess Australia version is different to the US ....

    Well...i guess i'll have to figure it out after i get it next week. :)
  • Even i dont see that in my Murano SL.. But my friends Altima has the manual gear option
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    You don't see it because it doesn't exist. You can go in and out of overdrive and other than shifting in and out of low -- that's it.
  • We just bought a 2009 Murano SL AWD 360, black on black... It replaced our 2006 Murano. We are struggling with the fact that the cargo space is 16 cubic feet smaller then our 2006 was... Why would Nissan do this? Should I bring the car back? Am I over reacting? Its hard to believ that the Murano has as much cargo room as the Rogue and the Honda CRV has more cargo room. They should of got rid of that stupid storage area under the trunk mat and made the trunk deeper.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Unless nissan has a 30-60 day return policy you can't take it back. You might be able to trade on something with more storage but it will cost you big. Consider it a lesson learned and move on. Next time get a minivan. Check cargo volume on your next car. Still a nice car -- just carries less.
  • Are you sure its 16 or 1.6???? I remember comparing spec vs spec on every inch of this car before I bought it (I too turned in my 2006 for a 2009 black on black) and I seem to recall losing only 1 cuft. I still have the specs from both in my filing cabinet at home. I'm going to check it tonight and get back to you.
  • What do you get in an LE that you can't get in a fully loaded SL?

    I think I read the headlights are different? Auto-dimming mirror? That cargo organizer?

    Thanks in advance.
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