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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • subdensubden Posts: 40
    Thanks. Talked to dealer today and said they will handle under warranty and replace with grey. We'll see if it goes that smoothly.
  • The Music Box will rip homemade CDs just fine! But if you want title and track information to show up on your display, you need to burn the CD with CD text. The Music Box uses either the embedded Gracenotes database or CD Text to get the title/author/track information.

    Most current CD burning programs have the CD text option and iTunes will do that also.

    Good luck. --jayhawk
  • I have new Murano (420 km on the clock). The problem which I have is that numbers stored in the Phonebook can not be selected while car is moving.
    The person I want to call must be selected only from the list on my mobile and there is no problem with receiving calls.
    However, when vehicle is stopped there is no problem whatsoever with using car Phonebook.
    Does anybody know WHY?
  • Ask your friendly trail lawyer. It's the same reason that you have to acknowledge the warning on the screen every time you use the Nav. It's a CYA by Nissan to keep the lawsuits away if someone has a wreck while looking down at their screen instead of the road.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 750
    That's also the reason why I like portable Nav. better b/c you can do whatever you want while the car is moving.
  • ts, you sound just like me. My lease on my Lexus RX350 will be ending in six months and I've started researching a bunch of SUV's and have had a real hard time finding the vehicle that has the features that I love in my RX. The 2010 RX, while it has some new features, has taken away some well-thought out things from the previous RX, which is making me a little unhappy, to say the least. I have to say, though, that after researching the features on the 2010 Murano LE, this car has everything plus than what the 2010 Lexus RX350 has, and is running anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 cheaper. I was pleasantly surprised at all the features that are offerred on the Murano! Very impressed.

    Now, I just need to test drive one!! :shades:
  • Maybe I'm not undestanding something, but I've driven several Lexus loaner cars that have the push button start, and I've always remembered to push the button to turn the car off. You still have to do that one step, sort of like you did with the older starter-type key. The only difference is when you start the car, as long as you have the key fob anywhere near or on you, you just depress the brake and push the start button.

    And, also, there's got to be a door chime that would warn you of something just like if you leave your keys in the ignition of a regular ignition-type starter, i.e, you turn the car off, but don't remove the key yet, you open the door to get out. You would get the warning chimes going off.
  • I was so disappointed when they changed the body style for the RX for 2010. I was seriously considering it until I saw the new design. I think you're going to fall in love with the Murano when you drive it. The continuously variable transmission just makes it the smoothest ride ever. It does have some significant blind spots in my opinion, but my 2006 did as well, so it wasn't really a deal breaker for me. The LE just has all of the awesome equipment.... so comparable to the lexus and yes, so much cheaper. Have fun, I think you're going to love it!
  • I don't have an IPOD, I have a Sansa MP3 player. Can I play audio books from my MP3 player on my car audio system? I have only found the head phone jacks and the IPOD jack.
  • Hi there, I have an 09 LE and, for the most part, love it. I'm continually frustrated, however, that the car has to be stopped to enter anything in the nav system. I find it completely ridiculous that, unlike any other nav system I've ever used, the passenger isn't able to use the system while someone else drives. Is there an override for this?????
  • There is a mod you can find on another forum which describes adding an override switch. I don't know if we're allowed to mention other website's forums so I'll say part of the name is the female singer from the Velvet Underground.
  • lol - got it. thanks!
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I found this quite interesting, today I purchase my yearly CR Mag for new car ratings and reviews for each vehicle by an automaker and came away scratching my head on the Murano!

    Between the 2009 and now the 2010 issue, the Murano was reduced from better than average reliability to just average reliability despite the fact that except for one category, the Murano got all perfect much better than average marks?? I don't understand how that works?

    I also noticed that as a brand, Nissan lowered in overall reliability as a brand? that doesn't make sense to me except for the fact that all their SUVs and Pick-up all are only avg in reliablity and seem to have many black marks on their records!
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    It is confusing the way CR does their "dots". The "dots" for individual categories are not a rating in relation to average. So a red dot for "Engine major" doesn't mean "above average" - it just means "good". But then CR uses the same "dot" system when predicting the overall vehicle's reliability - in that case a red dot does mean "much better than average".

    It's really just that new vehicles on average have less problems than older vehicles - so the average for a 2009 vehicle is pretty close to perfect, while the average for older model years will have more problems. Think of it this way - if a perfect reliability score is 100, the average score for 2009 cars might be 95, while the average for 2006 vehicles might be 80. So a score of 85 would be below average for a 2009 vehicle but above average for a 2006. So just because the 2009 Murano had good scores doesn't mean its scores were better than average - because the average 2009 vehicle is going to have a good score.
  • clueless_girlclueless_girl Posts: 18
    edited March 2010
    Hi, I just got a brand new SL 2010 yesterday and really confused about the power seat. This SL is fully loaded with Nav. I have 2 buttons underneath the steering column that have seat with an arrow on them. I have no clue what they do! And I can't figure out how to set them to remember my and my husbands settings.
    Haven't called the dealer yet, but I'm have a bad feeling that this car is not equipped with power seats, cause the SET button is not there :( Does anyone know what those 2 buttons are? Thanks!
  • jayhawk70jayhawk70 Posts: 56
    I believe the two buttons low on the dash left of the steering column are for raising each side of the split rear seats if the seat backs have been lowered.

    The SL does have an 8 way power driver seat. (Controls are on the seat down on the left side). The front passenger seat is a 4 way power seat if the Leather package is on the car. (according to Nissan's specification chart at

    Are you looking for the Memory seat function? That is only on the LE trim level.

  • cestmoijaycestmoijay Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Just got a silver 2010 SL which has everything except Nav and DVD entertainment system. Love the comfortable seats!

    I thought I read somewhere that there is an auxilary port for the IPOD Touch/iPhones?? The salesman and I can't find any and when I poured over the manual after we got the vehicle home, I can't find any mention of the iPOD port at all, except for the three for video/audio at the back of the center console??

    A few other questions:

    1) The biz manager offered us leather/interior protection for $40... that's a spray of "A-Glaze" which is what I think he said. It guarantees 5 year of stain free protection of all your interior vinyl and leather... I can't find it at Auto Zone, but found it online at

    Has anyone used this and swears by this? It appears from England as the prices are in pounds. If not, what do you use to protect your Murano leather? I used Lexol in my other vehicle (TSX) and my wife rightly states that I haven't had to do anything to my leather seats since my first application in 2006 (when I purchased that vehicle) and thought it would be a waste... I disagree as my TSX was bought when I was single and was taking really good care of the car... the Murano will be the family car and hopefully with little pitter and patter of feet so I'd like to protect the leather early on before it's too late!

    2) We bought the Gold preferred extended warranty for $1800 + sales tax... is this taxable or did we just got screwed? This warranty extends the bumper to bumper from 3yrs to 7yrs/100,000 miles. The biz manager was going to offer us $2000+ but we negotiated it down to $1800 (not sure what others are paying?)

    3) i found it strange that the dealership would make you acknowledge by signing a form stating that they've offered their lifetime powertrain warranty to us for $499 and that we declined. we thought that it was redundant, especially when we were going to buy the bumper to bumper extended warranty... have any of you taken this?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    A good leather cleaner will take care of the interior - buying protection for any amount is like throwing the $ away.
    When we bought my wife's 09 LE they tried to sell us everything extra in the book - we had them down to less than $1K on the extended warranty but still wouldn't buy it - rained on the guys parade. Again, extended warranties are a waste of $ - check Consumer Reports - they always advise against them.
    In all of our rejections, we initialled off on the form that they offered, and we declined - it's a CYA for them since all of the "extras" are pure profit for the dealership and the sales guy has to try to push them.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited March 2010
    i found it strange that the dealership would make you acknowledge by signing a form stating that they've offered their lifetime powertrain warranty to us for $499 and that we declined.

    Dealers will say they do that to protect themselves from someone claiming they weren't offered an opportunity to buy an extended warranty (especially when something expensive breaks just out of warranty).

    I think that's mostly hokey though and is mainly part of the sales technique to get you buy stuff. But some dealers to install cameras to record transactions in the F&I room to record the deal signing. After all, dealers are stealers, but buyers are liars. ;)

    But if that theory held much water, dealers wouldn't be willing to deliver cars to people's homes and places of business, and they do that all the time.
  • audodoaudodo Posts: 2
    Hi, i just got a 2010 Murano SL, the Auxiliary jacks are at the back of the console with two audio in(left and right) and one vedio in. but if i want to connect my mp3 player with the system i have only one AUX audio cable, so which audio in jack should i plug in? thx
  • jayhawk70jayhawk70 Posts: 56
    cestmoijay, As I understand, only the LE trim level has the iPod control. (in 2009 Nissan briefly offered a "360" package of options on the SLs that included the iPod control, but that does not exist on the 2010 model year). You CAN attach an iPod at the AUX port at the back of the console to play through the Murano's speakers, but you cannot control the iPod from the audio controls in the car - you have to use the iPod controls. You do have to select the AUX input on the car's audio system.

    --Bob (who also wanted iPod controls on his Murano SL, but was too cheap to pay for an LE)

    PS: Love your ID, are you sure you are not Lancelot?

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    To serve at the Table Round!
  • audodoaudodo Posts: 2
    i have one more question, for the SL, what is the video input jack for? does that mean we can play video through the AUX jacks and shows up on the console screen?
  • jakefl7jakefl7 Posts: 14
    I have a 2009 Murano SL AWD. Since the day I got the car I heard the squealing noise. The first time I went to the dealership they thought I was crazy. I than found out about the TSB and went back to the dealership and they performed the TSB repair. However the noise did not go away. I went back a third time and they said they made another adjustment. However the noise did not go away. I called my service advisor and told him it was not fixed. He told me that there was nothing else they could do and to call Nissan. I called Nissan and they advised me to bring the car in again to the dealership. I brought it in again and they called the Nissan tech repair line and was told that the TSB would not get rid of the noise but would reduce it and that they consider the noise as normal. I am really frustrated that I am driving a $40K vehicle that squeals when I accelerate. How can this be normal. I owned a 2005 Nissan Murano before my 2009 and it did not squeal. I believe that since the 2009 Murano was a new re-designed model that it was a design flaw and it has been corrected in later production. It is obvious that Nissan knows there is a problem since they issued a TSB. I do not feel that I should have to drive a car that squeals. When I bought the car it did not specify on the window sticker or brochure that the car included a squealing noise. I guess I have no choice but to file the lemon law. Does anyone have experience with this issue?
  • tspaventatspaventa Posts: 18
    In March 2009 when my lease was up on my 2006 SL, I leased an 09 LE. In about a month, when the weather finally cleared enough to allow me to roll down the windows, I noticed a "whistling" that seemed to occur upon low acceleration. I contacted the dealer, who like you, looked at me as if I was crazy, also telling me it was normal. I think I probably went back & forth with the dealer almost a half dozen times to finally get it taken care of. I did a search on the internet which is how I ended up at this forum. It was here I found out about the service bulletin. Kinda blown away that I had to tell the Nissan dealer what was wrong with my car and also how to fix it. I'm wondering if its the same, or different service bulletin. This is the information written up on my work order: "SERVICE BULLETIN NTB08-104 2009 WHISTLE NOISE ON LIGHT ACCEL INTERNAL FAILURE IN THE THROTTLE CONTROL ACTUATOR GASKET. PERFORMED SERVICE BULLETIN NTB08-104 REPLACED GASKET AND REPOSITION ACUTATOR GASKET.
    I LOVED my 2006 murano. Kinda pissed that my first 5 months in my new one were not that great. Good luck to you. Hope it works out okay
  • jakefl7jakefl7 Posts: 14
    They performed the same TSB. Did they get rid of your noise completely? I was told that the TSB was only to reduce the noise and not eliminate it. I was also told by Nissan that the noise is normal. How could it be normal? I was told by the Service manager that you can only hear it if your windows are down and the radio is off. I never owned a car that made this noise. I even had a 2005 Murano and it did not make the noise.
  • ck_2006ck_2006 Posts: 1
    I want to change the foam in my seat with memory foam because after 4 years it's very uncomfortable. I'm curious how much cost you and where you did it?!? ... I drive a 2005 model Murano SL. Thank you!
  • We just bought a 2010 murano and are experiencing the same exact vibration sound coming from the passenger side window area. The roof rack base is obviously loose. What part did they have to order to fix this? Did they replace the whole rack?
  • It's the plastic cap or chassis where the roof rack meets the top of the truck. It wasn't visibly loose, it only had 1 mm space showing btwn the cap and the body of the car. But it did vibrate at certain speeds and wind conditions. Very annoying sound.
  • Mom2gr8girl,

    We are experiencing the same problem. Our 2009 Murano has left us stranded two times now without warning. We had to jump the vehicle twice to get it started again.

    What is the Nissan reps name and number? We would like to start the dialogue with them.

    By the way, what was the outcome of your fight with Nissan on your Murano?

    J & MB
  • Mom2gr8girl,

    We are experiencing the same problem. Our 2009 Murano has left us stranded two times now without warning. We had to jump the vehicle twice to get it started again.

    Our Murano is at the Nissan dealership now getting looked at. We came home and looked on the internet and found these posts.

    By the way, did you ever get the problem diagnosed or fix?

    It will be interesting what Nissan says today about the problem. They probably will replace the battery on a two year old car. Wow!

    J & MB
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