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2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano



  • tmakohntmakohn Posts: 2
    How is your progress coming along, I am having the same issue with my 2009 Murano
  • sdr5sdr5 Posts: 2
    My 2010 Murano LE has a audible clicking and popping noise, coming from the bottom of the windshield area. Occurs when driving, especially over small road bumps. This is very annoying and can be heard even with the radio on. Seems to happen whether hot or cold.
    Has anyone experienced this? If so, what was the fix?
  • I have a '95 Mitsu 3000GT that does the same - gone in the Summer, Fall & Spring, only appears in sever Winter cold. It's either the body flexing or possibly the w/shield or w/shield moulding itself possibly rubbing somewhere which if course may cause cracking. I's try some penetrating oil such as WD40 or whatever and spray in the area of the noise. Does it change frequency or noise level if you apply pressure in the area?
  • sdr5sdr5 Posts: 2
    Took the car to the Nissan dealer. The mechanic lifted the hood and installed foam material in a space on the firewall near the windshield. Drove the car. Not perfect, but much better. Probably will just live with it.
  • njjeff201njjeff201 Posts: 7
    edited September 2011
    Try the penetrating oil in the same area... pull the foam, soak down the sheet metal area & repl. the foam.. nothing to lose but $4.00 My 2 front doors had noise when closing like the door skin was flexing when shut. Took the car to the dealer and took the serv. mgr. by the hand outside and showed him. He ordered a latch assy. which didn't fix it. The noise went away when holding your hand on the sheet metal. Ended up bring the car there 3 times!!! The last visit they finally got it right. Went shopping and couldn't back in the driver's door, had to crawl over the passenger's seat. Went back to the losers and they had it another 2 hours to break in by removing the interior trim panel by ripping it off with the door shut. They fixed the lock assy. (prob. actuator arm fell off). Made them order a new interior panel and had another return visit. NO MORE Nissan's!!!!!!

    I haver another 8 or 10 stories just as scary. How they stay in business I'll never know.
  • What kinda foam ? Mines doing the same thing, clicking right at the bottom of the windshield 2010 sl. Right now it's in for a new transfer case it was leaking from the gasket 26000km love it.
  • Maybe foam was a bad choice to use... the interior trim on the "A" pillar may have to be removed to squirt the penetrating oil to the w/s area. It probably wouldn't hurt to squirt some also on the exterior area... maybe the wiper trim panel may have to be removed. The idea to soak the area as much as possible. Keep a clean rag nearby the dash to catch the overspray. My noise was in the front doors when they were closed.
  • rdkingrdking Posts: 12
    I have a 2011 Murano LE with just over 4K miles on it. Recently, I began noticing the squeaking/clicking noise you mention coming from the bottom of the windshield. After reading these posts, I agree with the post that the squeak is coming from the black plastic molding at the bottom of the windshield (the one with the washer jets). I pushed down on the plastic in the rain valley (using only my finger tips) and I was able to duplicate the squeaking noise. I continued to push down on it the full length of the molding from each corner of the windshield toward the middle. The noise was more pronounced in the middle.

    After pushing it down several times, the noise stopped. I'm guessing that road grime and grit somehow works its way between the plastic and the windshield glass and vibration causes the squeaking sound. Mine started after a couple of extended trips on the interstate. Cold weather might also have an impact as the plastic becomes more brittle.

    I would be careful and not be too aggressive on trying my "pushing down" method since the plastic is fairly flimsy and could crack given enough stress. I pushed down with my finger tips and only pushed it down about a quarter of an inch and that was enough to duplicate the sound. I think the more times you push down on it, the grit and grime gets dislodged thus the cause of the squeak is eliminated. Hope this helps. So far, the noise hasn't reappeared after two days of driving. It probably will come back, but if my theory is correct, it only takes a couple of minutes to take care of it.
  • Your car is under warranty - why wouldn't let the dealer look at it???
  • rdkingrdking Posts: 12
    For the reason I gave. I fixed it, why would I want to risk them screwing something else up.
  • bought a 2009 Murano about 6 months ago. not a good purchase. the battery keeps loosing its charge. had it to the dealer 3 or 4 times. they put a nissan battery in it. did not help. next they determined it was the xm radio. still did not cure the problem and it cost $2500 for a new radio. just last nite, i get in the car and try to start it. no luck. battery dead again. any ideas on what going on to cause the battery to drain?
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    Do you have any aftermarket equipment installed on the car? How long does it take for the battery to drain - hours/days/weeks?

    I would take it to a shop that specializes in electrical repairs and have them diagnose each fused circuit with an ammeter with the car turned off.
  • Being an X mechanic for 17 years locating a draw is very simple. First of all I'd return the battery & the radio and get a FULL discount. Their ignorance shouldn't shouldn't have to be paid by your wallet!!!! For a battery to die overnight it would take something other than a radio to pull that much current I would think. Why didn't they pull the fuse overnight and see what the result would be the next day?
    In order to locate the draw they need to remove one of the battery cables. Next with a volt meter or even a mechanic's test light connect that between the battery post & the cable. The test light will illuminate when the current flows thru it. They need to start pulling fuses one at a time until the lite shuts off... it's that simple. Remember if the door is left open the lite will stay on of course from the courtesy lites being on. All it is is process of elimination. In the old days I have even seen voltage regulators go bad... today they are internal to the alternators, so they will have to disconnect that too. Your dealer sounds like mine in NJ - total morons!!! No warranty????
  • Still dealing with the dealership with no luck in finding the problem. Just last nite I get into the Murano and it will not start. I was just putting the charger down to do a recharge on the battery and all of a sudden the lights (headlights, park lights and turn signal lights) start blinking off and on. I wonder if the problem is the security system or the computer. any ideas? The car can work find for days. Then all of a sudden it will not start.
  • Did they test the battery? Cell test & load test? They need to do simple and easy stuff first.. deceide either YES or NO if the battery is good. Once they know that they can start elsewhere... how old is the battery???
  • The battery is a Nissan battery less then 3 months old and was check again within the last 3 weeks. The alternator also checked out ok.

    It is too bad someone did not design an engine code warning system that would record a code for this type of problem. It would sure help in locating the problem. But I understand that a code number in an engine code warning system will only be recorded if the engine light stays on. Is that correct? With my problem there was no engine warning light.

    The reason that I wonder if the security system might be at fault is because all the lights started to blink off and on for a few seconds. I was just starting to set the battery charger down in the engine compartment (I had opened the hood already) when the lights did this. I did talk with the tech person at Nissan. He told me he did not ever here of this happening before.
    Now I am thinking maybe the battery was not dead since the lights were blinking. Could there be something that cuts electricity from the battery?
  • elena5elena5 Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Hi rasikha,

    I might be too late to ask that question, but will try.
    We also have Murano 2009, bought it last year, and my husband who mostly drives it, has the same issue. He complains about leg pain after day of driving it.
    I wanted to ask you if that change of foam on the seats really helped you on a long run? if you remember of course. Did you buy your own memory foam when you went to the shop to reupholster seat or they had it there. what height that foam was (2",3" or else ). I will really appreciate if you can provide more details (as much as you remember of course) about the whole process and it that was worth it. We do love the car, but started to think of selling it after less than year owning it only because that problem with the seat.
    Thank you in advance,
  • njjeff201njjeff201 Posts: 7
    edited March 2012
    There are fuses, fusible links, etc., that branch out to all the systems of the car. It could be a bad or dirty Ground somewhere. It could be as simple as dirty battery cables and battery posts. Cables must be removed from the battery and cleaned with a cable/post cleaner or sand paper which is not the best way to clean except in an emergency. Battery posts must be shiny too. Main harnesses could be intermittent also. You need a dealer that knows how to trouble shoot electrical systems - it's that simple. Call Ron Ananian from The Car Doctor... he's very smart and knows his stuff!
  • I am having this same issue with my 2010 Murano. The third time in only two months that the battery will drain entirely for no apparent reason. I replaced the battery the first time, second time took it into the dealer who could not find any issue, and now for the third time it will not take a jump and it is currently charging via a plug in charger.

    the only recommendations on repair I have gleaned from various forums having this same issue is to clean and tighten (i mean really tighten) the battery cables. However, we did that and still the problem persists.

    I have contacted Nissan corporate and will pursue the lemon law, as it seems as though they refuse to address this issue that many of us are facing.

    if any of you have rectified this issue with corporate, please contact me! thank you.
  • Has anyone been able to rectify the dead battery issue that seems to be fairly prevalent with Muranos?

    This is the third time in 45 days that my battery has drained completely overnight for no reason (no lights/radio, etc. left on).

    The first time I replaced the battery, the second time two weeks later I had to charge it with an electric battery charger for five hours, now the third time about five weeks later it will not jump or accept a charge.

    I took it to my Nissan Dealer who checked it up and down who said he can find nothing wrong with it. If anyone has had success dealing with this issue please contact me. thank you
  • Hi I have a battery that keeps going dead on my murano for no reason.When i have charged the battery overnight it works fine for a day or s,then dies again.Did anyone find out what the under lying fault was? Regards
  • I am having the same problem. So Nissan dealer told me it is the on board computer. It is getting replaced and after I get the car back I will see if it fixes the problem. I came back from vacation the car was dead as dead. Got it jumped and it lasted 1 day. Next day dead again. Took it to dealer and that is when they said it was the computer. What it is the computer is triggering the remote start when you press the lock button twice. But the car is not starting it is just draining all the power to kill the power. This is a widespread problem with this vehicle. As soon as it is fixed I am ridding myself of the car and thus Nissan. I have owned 11 Nissans but enough is enough. I dont care anymore. I have a Honda Pilot and have no problems both are 09 loaded out but Nissan is junk. I read all the posts about dead batteries and Nissan does nothing. What the real problem is that this was the 1st yr in the new redesign. That is the problem. I am done.
  • Bad battery. You need to perform: Load test & cell test of each cell with a hydrometer.
  • My experience tells me the Nissan dealers are ignorant, stupid & untrained. This comes with dealing with numerous issues with 3 dealers in Bergen Cty. NJ. They don't understand automotive basics and are very good at lieing to your face point blank. Being an X auto tech. for 17 years I know when I am being told the truth and not. What really pisses me off is when I have a dead battery and they tell me they don't have to honor the factory warranty. The NISSAN sign on his property doesn't mean they are an authorized dealer I am told - it's just a sign. I had to replace the battery myself and then fight NISSAN in Canada for almost 6 months to get my money back. Lie after lie and phone calls I never received to resolve the issue. NEVER EVER will I drive another Nissan again the rest of my life.
  • Question: This is my first Nissan that I bought. I included the extended warranty on the car. I bought the car a good distance from my home. We have kept up with maintenance on the car, however, we did not save the receipts for oil bought. I now have a problem with my Murano 2010, 28,000 miles, with white smoke when starting my car. I took it to the dealer and provided him with my service record of when we changed the oil. Because there was sludge in the oil, they want receipts for the oil purchased. We have only ever used what was stated in the manuel. We were never told to save receipts for such things as oil, window washer fluid, air filters, etc. Now Nissan doesn't want to honor the warranty. The dealership won't even diagnosis what's wrong with the car. Where is it stated that receipts must be kept for 'normal' supplies for your car?
  • Same problem with my 2009 Murano. The battery just dies. I had the battery replaced two month ago and the problem persists. It only happens once in a while. Each time I take it to the dealer there is nothing wrong, they say. The last time I had the vehicle towed to the dealer after one of these events. I'm out of warranty, Nissan failed me. Got to get rid of the vehicle.
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