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Scion XB Exterior Repair Issues



  • The handle on our TC broke off and we were not hard on it, just normal opening .The shocks went out first and it was so expensive at the dealer we got after markets but they were not hydrolic.

    It has been taped so many times it now looks like [non-permissible content removed]! We called Scion and they plamed me for the problem WHATEVER!
    I saw this facebook page with a whole lot people who all have the same problem

    It was called - Scion-tC-and-XB-Defective-Trunk-Hatch-Handle

    Thats so crazy that there are that many people out there with the same problem!!!
  • Did you handle this by telephone or were you persistent in person?
  • albany5albany5 Posts: 1
    Last month I purchased a new Scion d anxiously awaiting the Bluetooth capabilities that came with the car. The Pioneer system worked fine after I found out that the Bluetooth was never connected. Then I realized the Bluetooth was not working 100% with my Apple 4s.
    To make a long and unhappy story short: BUYER BEWARE!
    Toyota has decided to offer a factory installed BASIC Bluetooth system that only allows calls to come into the vehicle. It does NOT allow you to make calls without picking up your phone and using it either through dialing or speaking to SIRI! So, basically, you get half Bluetooth capability! Since I purchased this car for COMPLETE Bluetooth, I think this situation might have been explained to me BEFORE I purchased the vehicle. Yes, it's on the website-but it says BLUETOOTH CAPABILITY-NOT LIMITED CAPABILITY! Neither is this spelled out in the radio guide book-which of course is available to you anyway-AFTER-you buy the car.
    I am also having a problem with the song selection through the Bluetooth; it keeps repeating the songs. The Scion lady told me it's my phone's problem!
    After a month of phone calls and wasted time at the Dealership, someone from Scion called last night to let me know if I wanted to make calls out, I had to upgrade to their Premium radio-which costs app $479.00 and has to be installed at the time of purchase!
    Scion has offered me $200.00 for my issue. However, when I asked for a radio that delivers what they promised, I was told "Sorry"-no can do. That's up to the Dealer and you"!
    So, to all of you who are counting on this as an important safety feature-be warned.
    Shame on you Toyota! This will make me think again about buying Toyota cars and hopefully, I have warned other not to as well!
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