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Volkswagen GTI Engine Problems



  • gregory42gregory42 Posts: 5
    Hello Frank,
    I can certainly identify with what your saying. Point well taken that VW uses cheap parts......which is why they can offer attractive lease rates that seem almost too good to be true. They do a great job of making the car look good, but I would definitley say that having an extended warranty is a safe investment with these cars. In my case, both of my VW's (a 2002 Jetta GLS & 2003 GTI) were purchased from owners that abused these cars and thus needed work when I bought them. However, since having the work done I have had no other problems with either car (I will keep my fingers crossed!). I have been in the automotive repair business over 20 years and what I have been seeing is not good for the consumer. Government squeezing car manufacturers to build cleaner burning & more fuel efficient cars/trucks, which means end costs to consumers will rise accordingly. The reactionary response from the manufacturers will inevitably be cheaper materials being used and car manufacturers denying more and more legitimate warranty claims by consumers. I litigated a 2100.00 repair bill to replace the motor in my 2003 GTI and I am waiting for the decision in the mail to see if judgment was for or against me. In my opinion what I think we as consumers can expect is for warranty claims to be denied more frequently as car manufacturers try to minimize their losses. Large, heavily funded car manufacturers squaring off with consumers in can do the math.
  • twanetwane Posts: 1
    It means "Acceleration Slip Regulation." It can briefly apply the brakes to a spinning wheel under acceleration to divert traction to the wheel with traction via the differential. (This action is referred to by VW as "EDL," or Electronic Differential Lock.") The other function of ASR is to cut the throttle if the brakes application function isn't effective or when driving at higher speeds.
  • I have a 2000 Vw golf gti 2.8L and recentely my oil pressure light turned on and i havent driven it eversense. im guessing i have a bad oil pressure sensor or bad oil pump. if anyone can suggest some ways to diagnose that please help. oil level is fine and the engine still ran fine with out any knockings or unusual sounds. could the type of oil effect it?
  • What VW/Audi will try to tell you is that the 2.0T will achieve less mileage on regualr gas which makes sense to me. However, it isn't true. I run my GTI on regular with spirited highway/city driving and achieve 24-25 mpg which is the same if I use even the best high-test, such as shell V-power. I will tell you this: They weren;t lying when they said the computer compensates for the lower fuel and restricts power... The loss in power is VERY noticable. You will notice gradually as you pass in 6th gear on the highway and everytime you let the clutch out in first gear, By now means is the car slow, it just doesn't feel as quick and it really isn't. Weigh out the savings verses lack of fun for yourself. I like SAVINGS!
  • xiphoidexiphoide Posts: 1
    The car acts as if it has a dead battery and does the click click click, but it starts after several attempts. It is not the alternator or battery had those checked. I have taken it to the VW dealership and they found nothing wrong and had no suggestions, but of coarse it did not act up for them. There is no pattern for hot vs cold weather, morning vs. night, consecutive days vs. time of day. Nothing, it is just weird. I need help to see if anyone else with a VW has experienced an issue like this. Anything will help. Thank you for you time.
  • I need to find a smog pump for a VR6 Turbo? I'm the tacoma area, no part stores have listings 2004 VR6 turbo's
  • i have a 97 golf gti and have a problem with intermitant missing,
    have changed plugs, fuel filter, new distrib cap and rotor, fuel additive added, , but very randomly the car will start to misfire.normally when first driven it is fine but after it has stopped and restarted how ever long after then it starts to misfire.
    any ideas of what i should try next
  • My 85 VW GTI is sputtering and sputtering. It starts and runs fine till it gets warmed up.

    If I shut her off then start her up again she will run like crap till I get through the gears and she blows black smoke like there is no tomorrow. Also does it if I mat her to full throttle.

    I have changed plugs, wires, cap, button, distributor, air filter, fuel filter, and had it put back in time, also had the plunger on the cis system adjusted.

    I've gone thought 3 sets of plugs in the last week cause they keep getting carbon build up on them.
  • :sick: :sick: :sick:

    Time to put her out to pasture...
    Sounds like she had a good run, almost 25 years.
  • I'm guessing since this post is so old that you've probably gotten it taken care of, but in case someone else has similar issues I thought I'd reply. My car was doing the same thing (it's a 98 GTI, not turbo) and I put some HEET in the gas tank. That solved it (I actually just put it in because I live in WI and it's what we do in the winter, but there must've been some moisture in the gas line causing the shuddering. It was an unexpected bonus, and super cheap fix!).
  • hud92hud92 Posts: 1
    I have 03 GTI 1.8T, while backing up car stalled would not start, engine turns over will not start. I have replaced all coils, engine crank sensor. No power to teh fuel pump or to the coils. Fuses OK. Not sure where ECM is or the relays to it. Fuel pump will run if power is hooked to it direct, but still no power to coils. VERY frustrated. Time belt done about 4,000 miles ago, it is fine.
  • buffy22buffy22 Posts: 10
    I have a '06 GTI which, of course, takes premium gas. Is it ever ok to
    add the less expensive gas? I imagine it might hurt the engine?
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    It will not hurt anything mechanical; your engine knows how to effectivly "de-tune" itself to accomodate the lower detonation resistance of the lower grade of gasoline. The only things you'll "hurt" are the acceleration and fuel economy of your car and your wallet (due to the lower fuel economy).
  • brudygtibrudygti Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with mine right now, I have replaced the coils 3 times each and also changed the spark plugs. I was talking with some guys from auto zone and they said that it may be the alternator spiking voltage and blowing the coils, my mechanic is not sure what it is. If you find anything out please keep me posted and i will do the same for you.
  • It sounds like the exact same problem I am having with my 2009 GTI. It sounds irregular when I start the car. My friend thinks its the turbo ignition, but i have no idea.

    Did you ever figure out what the problem was??
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,148
    There is no such a thing as "turbo ignition" so it is unlikely that's the problem. ;)

    Have you taken your car in to have the OBD-II codes read?
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