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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    No prices. Dealer printed off sheets showing standard equipment and options for each of the three trim levels. Small print showed info was as of July/07 and stated it could be changed at anytime.
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I talked with a toyota dealer here in Folsom over the weekend about the '08 seq and what they had heard. He only kenw that the word they got was to expect them sometine in December. He knew nothing about the new trim level but did say they ahd offered that type of level on Avalons in the past. He thought that with that level trim it would be too close to a land Cruser and hurt those sales.
  • Do you have the sheets that the dealer printed off for you available for sharing? That would be great. Any idea if the second row capatin seats are going to be an option? Hopefully this time without the horrible wood trim included in the "luxury" package in the current model.
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    Yes, I have the sheets and am willing to share any of info on them. Shows second row captain seats only on Platinum model. Mentions woodgrain trim for Limited and Platinum models. Metalic dash accents on SR5 model. Interior chrome trim and chrome inner door handles for the Limited. Option Package B for Limited includes auto tilt w/ memory, rear seat DVD, driver's seat w/ memory system and mirrors linked to seat memory. Platinum rear suspension: indepentent double wishbone, adaptive variable rear suspension (AVS), load levelling rear air suspension. Most dimensions are TBD. Any other questions?
  • I went to the dealership yesterday, and actual drove the Tundra CrewMax with the 5.7V8 6 speed variable transmission that will be in the 2008 Sequoia. They told me that orders can be taken in November, and production will start at that point. It will also be bigger. The Tundra could not fit into our garage, but I currently assuming the Sequoia to be shorter, so hopefully it will fit. Any, way the new engine is smooth and quiet, and gets better gas mileage than the current Sequoias.
  • Do you know whether or not the power folding third row of seats will fold flat as in the Expedition? Thanks.
  • Check out the spy photo and video which shows a power flat fold down seat.
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    Yes the third row folds flat in all models. SR5 - manual. Limited & Platinum are powered. Described as follows: power folding (flat) 3rd row seat, 50/50 split rear bench seat, recline, split and stow 3rd row.
  • Thanks for the info. Is there any way you can scan and e-mail them to Thank a bunch!
  • Does any of the info reveal whether xenon or hid lights will be offered on any of the models?
  • also, what about keyless entry and ignition?
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    All models to have reflector style, halogen headlamps. No mention of an option for xenon or hid lights. Limited & Platinum have 'Light Control System'(?). All models have headlamp washers and fog lamps. I do not have access to a scanner. Platinum has Red Rock interior available w/ several exterior colors.
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    All models have keyless enty. Nothing indicated about ignition.
  • Kcoc, a few more questions on the Ltd vs. Platinum:

    -can you get the Platinum level with a 2nd row bench?

    -it looks as though you can get the Platinum level w/o rear dvd, correct?

    We need a 2nd row bench for the kids, and I prefer installing aftermarket rear video in the headrests. I'm not a fan of the ones dropping from the ceiling.
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    My info shows the Platinum w/ captain seats standard for the middle row. No indication if the bench seat is optional. SR5 & Limited has second row bench as standard. Also the rear dvd is part of option package B for Limited and standard equipment for Platinum. Please keep in mind the info I have shows an effective date of July 20/07 and appears to allow dealers to respond w/ comments and/or concerns about this product. Hope this info helps.
  • Very helpful, especially as it's the only info I've seen whatsoever on the '08's, besides the few spy pics and video that are out there.

    My wife and I are right now trying to decide whether or not to pick up on '07 denali xl, or hold out to see what the sequoia's about. we really like the denali, and i hear that they may be offering 0% interest on the remaining '07's as early as next week, which makes it a tough decision. But, the Toyota does seem to have all of the options I like best about the Denali (6 speed tranny, plenty of hp & torque for towing), plus the things that are lacking (independent rear suspension, fold flat 3rd row, bluetooth).

    Leaning towards waiting for the Toyota...
  • I see where the Toyota web site now has some info on the 2008 Land Cruiser. I would think some of the specs will be the same for the 2008 Sequoia.

    Maybe they will post the new Sequoia soon..... :)
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    We are also waiting to see the new Sequoia. Presently have an 03. We like the looks of the Denali XL but the rear doors are very small and even though it is bigger than the present Sequoia the rear seat does not seem to be as usable. Have narrowed it down to the Sequoia or a Mercedes GL320 CDI.
  • My wife and I are considering an '08 Sequoia w/ Platinum pkg. I have received the 7/20/07 info from the dealer but am frustrated by the arbitrary color and option choices they indicate will be available. First of all we wanted the Desert Sand Mica exterior w/ Sand Beige interior. It was available in '07, but not on the '08. OK, 2nd choice is either Arctic Frost Pearl or Black with the Sand Beige interior. That color combination is available in the Limited, but not the Platinum, only Graphite and Red Rock. I have seen the Red Rock in a Tundra and it is "orange UGLY". As all 3 interior colors are available with some colors, why not let the consumer have a choice of 3?
    Also, I would prefer the 2nd row bench seat. Why not offer it as a (credit) option with the Platinum interior?
    I am from Canada and I hope that now that the Canadian dollar has reached parity with the US dollar, the Canadian pricing will be comparable, rather than being $10 - 15,000 dollars more. Not fair if that is not the case as the vehicles are virtually the same, other than perhaps DRL (daylight running lights) and a speedometer in kms.
    I hope Toyota execs read this Forum and take our suggestions/wants into consideration.
  • Does anyone know when they suvs are coming to the market. I am very dissappointed with no bench row, since we are having another child and makes life easier...Looking at denali as well and tired of not getting any answers from my dealer
  • gananganan Posts: 20
    Is there any confirmation that the second and third row seats will fold flat and if so, how much inside height would be lost compared to current models.

    When traveling, I put a couple of bikes, standing up, inside my current Sequoia (with third seat removed and second seat folded up)and would like fold flat seats but am concerned that a loss of inside height might prevent me from putting bikes inside.
  • Yes, it has definitely been confirmed, with photos, and the fact that it's widely known that the truck will have an independent rear susupension...that's the key to the fold flat third row.
  • They are going to show the new '08/'09 Sequoia at the LA Auto Show in December. Expect them to go on sale early spring '08. At least that is what I have heard. When I go, I will be sure to take some photos and I will post them on here for everybody to see. :)
  • Does anyone have any idea how much bigger the '08 Sequoia will be? I know it's supposed to be based on the Tundra.

    Will it be a lot longer and wider than the current model Sequoia? I have an '04 Sequoia and the size is perfect.
    I think Toyota is making a big mistake if they make this a Suburban size vehicle without offering a shorter version.

    My lease is up in December on my '04 and I don't know whether to go for a 2007 model that will soon be outdated or wait to see the 2008 which will likely be too big for my needs.

    I looked at a GMC Acadia today hoping that this would be the perfect car but it sure seems like a difference from the Sequoia.
  • hate to disappoint you but it's going to be bigger..from the pictures i've seen it will be between a chevy tahoe and suburban..and there will be a hybrid model.
  • It is probably similar to the Armada
  • hazukihazuki Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum, but I've been eagerly anticipating the release of the new model Sequoia, myself. I've been waiting until its release to decide between it and the LX470. (huge price point discrepancy, but I'll be deciding between a used LX470 and a brand new Sequoia.) I'm not quite sure if pictures have been posted yet, but I have disguised pictures of the '08 model. They're watermarked, so I can't post them directly on this site. If anyone is interested, I can email the pictures.
  • Kcoc, Thanks much for very useful info on 08 Sequoia. Would you please email me the fact sheet you obtained from the dealer? my email is thanks again!
  • Does anyone know when the Hybrid version of the Sequoia will be coming out. I spoke to a dealer in my area (sacramento) and they had no clue other than the updated version of the Sequoia will be out first week of December.
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