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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • I feel that the bass/subwoofer is not as strong as I would like in this vehicle. I have the bass adjustment all the way up. Is there any other configuration to turn the subwoofer on/off? I am a hoping that I am missing something and that there's something else I can do to get more bass.

    I have a 2005 Honda Element and the subwoofer in that car blows this one away. I traded a 1994 Lexus GS300 and the subwoofer in that car also blew this one away.
  • 3rd4rnnr3rd4rnnr Posts: 67
    Hi hdfatboy - long time. Thanks for your trip story. I have 19,000 miles on mine due in large part to several long trips and a 80 mile daily round trip commute. You have always provided the best info for me - so here is another question.... once in a while my power side mirrors stop mid-fold. Have you ever had this happen ? After re-pressing switch sometimes it picks back up, but other it is several minutes later. Also, do you know if it can mess it up if you manually fold the mirror ? I don't do this but a friend did before he parked next to me. It didn't seem to effect operation but don't know how these things work. Any help would be great.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Hi 3rd4rnnr....Shouldn't be a problem to manually fold the mirrors. The design must account for manually folding in the event they are bumped in either direction or manually folded for example at a car wash.

    I've never had the mirrors stop midway when using the electric controls other than turning the car ignition off before the mirrors were full (un)folded or accidently re-pressing the mirror fold button midway through the folding process. If I turn the ignition back on, the folding continues from whereever it left off. Same deal for re-pressing the mirror folding button. I've never had the mirrors stop folding or unfolding midway in any other instance than these 2.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    What would you guess the tongue weight of your boat trailer was? Did the air suspension do a good job of keeping the truck level, or did the rear suspension sag?
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    "What would you guess the tongue weight of your boat trailer was? Did the air suspension do a good job of keeping the truck level, or did the rear suspension sag?"

    I'm not sure on the tongue weight although my guess is between 600-750 lbs when fully loaded for my recent vacation (8-12% of my tow wieght). The rear suspension was perfectly level and maintained its level position during the entire vacation. The rear leveling system was unphased by the load including 6 passengers, gear in the back and towing a 7500-8000 lb load. It maintained its level load with the auto system and maintained it better than my previous Denali XL.

    Plus with the manual controls, I can raise and lower the rear suspension from the dash to hook up my trailer. This is a feature everyone with a trailer will want.

    Lower the suspension first...backup the trailer using the rear camera until the tow ball is directly under the hitch...raise the rear suspension up to insert the ball into the hitch. Works like magic.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Thanks Hdfatboy, sounds awesome...
  • tommyc6tommyc6 Posts: 11

    We are looking at buying a 2008 Limited, I'm hearing that prices should be dropping after Labor Day, so I'm gambling that they will. In the mean time, I have a question for Sequoia owners. Regarding the DVD player, does the wireless remote work from the front seat or only from the back? Also, regarding the fuel door, I noticed when we test drove it that the door does not lock...this makes me nervous with the high gas prices! I did some research and found that there's such a thing as a locking gas cap that requires a key to unlock, I definetly will be getting one of them, they cost about $20.

    Thanks in advance, Tom
  • I just got a 08 Sequoia and wanted to add the sonar and found your post. I was wondering where you purchased the sonar from(aftermarket or toyota) and are you happy with the final product. Thanks Bob
  • Google the name in the photo. I forget where I got it. It pretty much works but I don't like how I cannot turn it off like in my Honda. If you tow a boat you want it off. And it does not seem as reliable as a factory system. Get a factory system if you can. This is probably better than nothing.
  • I have a 2008 Sequoia Limited and found out yesterday that my front defroster doesn't really work on the passenger's side. When I looked at the vents on the top of the dash I realized that they stop about 4 inches from the end of the track and don't extend all the way to the passenger's side window. Is this normal? I can't imagine why that they wouldn't put vents all the way across the front window. Even my '04 Hoda Pilot has them.
    Someone please let me know if my vehicle has a defect or if this is normal.
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Remote works from the front - although I can not for the life of me figure out how to restart a move for the kids after it has completed... one would think MENU/Main- Start would work not so much. Just got the Platinum so probably just need some more time futzing with it.

    With regards to the locking gas cap - I recall reading a post saying someone purchased an aftermarket locking cap and it would not allow the door to close - so you might need to try a few different versions.

    Wisdom would tell you that as we get closer to 09 the 08's will come down in price - as it sits the deals are pretty GREAT - especially if you factor in zero for 60. Best of luck.
  • Toyota will likely continue to offer substantial incentives on the 2009 model. I am waiting for the 2009 to hit the dealer inventory.
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    That's only if there is in fact a 2009 Model :-)
  • I recently saw a Limited with the Molded Dash and it looked really very good. I always thought that this would make the Sequoia look cheap and it wouldn't add a thing; I was wrong. The Molded Dash is made by Superior Dash and according to their web site there are lots of options for the Sequoia. They have both the simulated and wood applique' and lots of other types of dashes that I would not have an interest in.

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased one of these dashes and if so was it difficult to install. Also, were you pleased with the product and do you have any advice.

    If anyone has tried another dash applique' please share your experience with us.
  • I would hate to think what would happen to resale value if Toyota doesn't continue with the Sequoia. Does anyone know when the 2009 model is due at the dealers?
  • Luke, you need not worry about Toyota cancelling the Sequoia anytime soon. Although sales are well off what was planned, monthly sales are still way ahead of the old model one year ago. Also, they have a huge fixed development investment that they would not walk away from yet. I'm curious why you think that if Toyota dropped the Sequoia for 2009 that the resale value of the 2008 models would be hurt. I would expect the effect to be the opposite. As there is still a demand for the model (albeit lower than planned), some of the shoppers who would have bought the 2009 model would consider 2008 used units instead. Do you think potential used 2008 buyers would care whether or not there was going to be a 2009 model?
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    I agree with Luke - Toyota will come out with a 09 Sequoia. I'm sure they would like to delay it a bit but it will eventually come out - no question. On the other hand I would not be unhappy if it did not come out because I already got mine :-). Depending on how successful the Tahoe Hybrid is - one would think we may see a Hybrid version of the Sequoia before its model is up (4 years away possibly....)
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Off all the features on my 08 Platinum I think Sonar is one of the least that I want/use... I have a bike rack on the back of my Sequoia so the sensors in the back are useless -- and I find the front ones are annoying when going through fast food lines etc... - I usually turn them off at this point - and then when I really want to use it I realize it's off... With dealer installed you have a switch on the dash to turn/off on but again I would not bother adding - Just my 2 Cents.
  • Folks,
    I just purchased a SR5 4x4 and drove for about 135 miles (local and Highway mix). The Accessory meter keeps showing 10.4 MPG. Is this display accurate? I see some posts here for 18 or 19 MPG. Is anything wrong with my new car? Appreciated if you can share some experience with me.

  • Anyone else completely unhappy with the Nav system in the new Toyotas? We have a 08 Sequoia and an 08 Highlander and both have the same crappy NAV system.

    My local dealer agrees that it sucks and that a $150 Garmin or Tom Tom will beat it any day. After spending this much on 2 systems, I am fed up. The local dealer is pointing me to the "Toyota Experience" phone number to log a complaint, but I wanted to check here too. Anyone else feel the same? If so, I think we should get a group together to formally log a complaint. My dealer says that Toyots is investigating other companies and might be releasing an upgrade for these systems in the future. I would like to get numbers to Toyota to help them understnad the frustration we have with this system and the completely bad satisfaction ratings it will cause.

  • I agree that the 08 Sequoia Nav is really awful however there is a work around that has been very effective for me. Here's my post that addresses how I "corrected" the Toyota unit!keywords=allin%3Amsgt- ext%20spg#1578.

    Another step we could all take is to contact the Toyota Consumer line and ask them to pass on a message to their corporate lawyers...namely the same laywers that forced the designers to deactivate most of the functions of the Nav unit while underway.

    The message is that Toyota will be on the top of the list of those to be sued should your vehicle be struck while being safely stopped on the side of a road in order to input a destination or some other entry in compliance with the use of their Nav unit. I suspect with enough feedback from 08 Sequoia Consumers, the lawyers might reconsider their position on deactivating the Nav unit while underway.
  • I too have been having problems with my new Sequoia's Nav system constantly geting lost for no apparent reason.
    I've complained about it on this site before but received no responses.
    When I mentioned this to my service rep he looked at me like I was crazy and said he had not heard of this before and questioned if I was programing it correctly, right zone etc.
    There is little question that you would do much better getting a much cheaper after market nav system.
  • Thanks. However, thats not what I am talking about. I understand the legal issues and know why they don't let you adjust while driving. I can work around that with the local stereo install shop.

    What I am talking about it the horribly written software and out of date maps. The software engine picks terrible routes and does not have many of the roads around me that have been there for 3 - 4 years. Paying 2K for a Nav unit and then finding out a $150 Nuvi or Tom Tom can get you there better is not a good feeling.
  • Totally agreed... the Sequoia Nav system is terrible - both from a GUI and functional standpoint, the audio/video system integration is equally horrible, and the rear AC control is not well designed either. My previous vehicle (a 2005 Odyssey) blows away the Sequoia in all of these areas. So glad I didn't get a new Land Cruiser or LX, as I'm sure that they're just as bad as the Sequoia in this department.

    I have a long list of issues if anyone has a good phone number or contact at Toyota to complain to...

    Don D.
  • well that's how these dealers work...they suck you in on stuff you don't really need or could get cheaper...If i ever get a Sequoia, i'll remember not to buy their NAV
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    What rear AC issue do you have?

    NAV - I'm only on fill up #3 for my Platinum so have not used Nav too much but so far it works like ones in my other cars (ML, BMW etc...) One thing that is annoying is that I have to tell it what "CITY" I'm in.... this is new and I assumed there must be a work-around for this - again just got the Seq so figured in time this would sort itself out. On another occasion an address I was looking for did not come up on the NAV - but this happens from time to time on my garmen's etc...

    Audio Video - what kind of integration are you looking for/missing?
  • spheresphere Posts: 8
    Motor Trend:

    0-60 @ 6.2 sec

    1/4 mile @ 14.7 sec

    139Ft braking 60-0

    0.72G lat. acceleration (second to Armada)

    1800rpm at 60mph. ricing.html
  • Does anyone have any experience with a toyota installed xm unit on their 2008 sequoia? Does it display the typical information eg. artist, station, name of song etc.? Where is the antenna mounted? Does the antenna color match the car color or is it the standard black?
  • i have the system all the hardware is hidden under dash...really cool system and yes it was installed by toyota
  • I have the dealer installed XM which I assume is the standard Toyo issue. The antenna is the standard black, mounted permanently by the front driver's side roof rack rail. I actually had a rather hard time finding it as it really is hardly noticeable. No issue for car wash and can't be seen by normal height individuals.

    The unit has three screens of XM stations which can be set. In other words, pressing the mode button gives you 1 screen of AM stations, 2 screens of FM, 3 screens of XM stations and the disc player. All the usual info is available but you have to hit the audio button to see it. I can't seem to figure out how to make the Nav disappear and just keep the audio info. It times out rapidly to the Nav screen after pushing the audio button.

    Sound is great through the Plat audio system. I am disappointed by the Nav as are others as it is much less intuitive and easy to operate than any other implementation that I have used in other vehicles.
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