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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • Hi,

    I have a couple of blank spots on my dash where factory switches can be mounted. I have a loaded Platinum, so I assume these must be for options in Japan or something that is not offered in the US.

    I need to mount a switch for a project I am working on and am looking for options. I would like to find something aftermarket that would mount into those panels. The toyota switches are all prelabeled and really would not do what I want. I want to put a simple toggle switch in but I would like for it to look as professional as possible. Anyone have a line on a good dealer for something like this?

  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Ha - speaking about extra blank spots on the dash - I was just commenting on the ONE that I have on my dash - Same here - loaded 4X4 Plat but I have one blank spot to the right of the passenger heated seat scroll wheel. TO the left I have the AUX switch - so possible an additinal Aux Switch.

    Does anyone know what this blank is for?
  • I just bought a new 08 sequoia and after a week i heard the rattle. I agree its the duct that's loose but I made an appt to the dealer to have them check it out on thur. I will keep this site posted.
  • Please do let us know their response, I am debating on whether to call my dealer about it or is one of those things that is relatively minor, but just doesn't seem right. Especially given that the Sequoia is supposedly reknown for their quiet ride and refined interior.

    My biggest fear is having the dealer address it, and them attempting to do so (with all good intention) and either making the problem worse or introducing other problems.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I know this sounds crazy however are you alone in the car when you hear the rattle or do others also hear it? I had a rattle that I heard when I was alone in the vehicle. I thought it was coming from the dash, possibly vent area. I really couldn't clearly identify the location.

    It turned out to be the front passenger shoulder strap buckle which was flipped upside down and gently banging (rattling) against the seat. It was left rubbing against the upper side of the seat and simply needed to be flipped down flat against the strap.

    Problem solved...sound gone. May or may not be your issue however I thought it was worth sharing.
  • Yeah, I thought the same thing at first...I thought maybe it was a random loose item in my 4 year old's booster seat, or some other such thing!

    I honestly haven't gotten in the back seat with someone else is driving to really isolate it...but I can fairly confidently say it is coming from the ceiling, just behind the driver's seat...and I can also reach back and by applying a very small amount of pressure in the right spot on the ceiling actually eliminate/stop the noise. So I am pretty confident there is something loose up there...

    We have only had the vehicle a short period, and just haven't had a chance to get back there while someone else is driving to really search it out yet.

    I am definitely anxious to hear peoples experience getting this addressed...
  • I took my sequoia to the dealer this morning and they found a loose plastic insulation inside the headliner. they took the headliner out and remounted the loose part. i didnt hear any more rattle after that. It took them half day and was all covered by warranty. My advice is take it back to the dealer for proper repair. I went to Westbury Toyota in Long Island NY. :)
  • Does anyone know if the 40/20/40 second row bench seats are removable in the '08 Sequoia? I was told by a salesperson that the 20 portion of the bench seat can be removed and put back in when needed. I didn't get a chance to actually test it out but wondered if this is possible? Basically it would make captain chairs when needed with better access to the third row but still allow for a full bench seat later on.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    Congratulations. Good to hear it was fixed and that it didn't cost anything other than your time.
  • harboharbo Posts: 136
    How do you open the upper console control for the sunroof / garage door opener etc., on the Sequoia? My Shop manual says nothing. Thanks. Chs
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    It might be tough to get an answer to your question regarding how to open the roof compartment in an 02-07 Sequoia since you posted your question in a thread for the 2008 Sequoia.
  • I had bought a new Sequoia less then a month ago, and noticed the same rattling that you noticed in the roof behind the drivers seat. I took it back and they diagnosed it as some of the roof liner supports having broke and were moving around. I did notice that the roof liner was drooping a little right behind my head, so that made perfect sense.

    Whatever the issue, I'm sure it would be easily diagnosed and corrected.
  • Any luck on your question so far? I have the exact opposite question...My platinum has the captains set in the 2nd row with two bucket seats on either side. Wanted to replace the captains seat (whis is not really a seat) with an actual seat to increase seating to 8. Want to know how / where I could get that done? I have seen some options online for center console seat that could potentially replace the captains chair but don't know if that's the best way.
  • AWLAWL Posts: 1
    I'm investigating buying a new 08 sequoia and heard from a dealer they had stopped production on these and have not announced when it will start again.

    aanyone have any info. Was this because of a mechanical issue or a more of a sign of the financial times?
  • My dealer told me financial reasons. Said they make the 08 model year, skipped the 09 and will resume 10 production this summer. Sa,e dealer is saying that everything on the lot or in transit now is what we got. Nothing new until this summer.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    It's due to extremely slow sales, but your dealer does not have all his facts quite correct. Production at the Princeton plant was completely stopped from August to November last year, and now there are going to be some more temporary production stoppages. Here's an article from the Indianapolis Times dated 1/16/09:

    Posted: January 16, 2009 Toyota's two truck plants near Evansville will halt production temporarily this winter on the Sienna and Sequoia assembly lines.

    The 4,600 workers will still report for duty and continue getting paid, or they can volunteer for unpaid leave, Toyota spokesman Mike Goss said.

    Toyota is cutting output throughout North America to halve the inventory of unsold vehicles on dealer lots. At the Princeton, Ind., complex, production has been canceled for 17 days in March and early April in the Sequoia full-size sport-utility vehicle plant, and eight days in February and 13 days in March in the Sienna minivan plant.

    During the Sequoia down time, the assembly plant will be readied to also produce mid-size Highlander SUVs, a model slated to enter production late this year. Sequoia output will continue on the same line. The Sequoia plant opened in 1997 for assembly of full-size Tundra pickup trucks. Toyota last year moved pickup production to the new Tundra plant at San Antonio, Texas.
  • The official answer from Toyota was that it can not be removed. However, several dealers told me it was possible as they have to remove it to change the carpet if necessary.

    However, I did read some where that the console in the Platinum could not be removed because it had the wiring and controls for the heated second row seats. Not sure about it though.
  • kiiwiikiiwii Posts: 318
    the dealer will say anything to have you buy their cars.

    I was helping family to shop for a new car 15+ years ago. I forgot if that's a V6 Camry or Cressida (spelling?). To save cost, I asked if dealer can remove the power seat and replace with manual ones. The low life sales dude said sure no problem.
  • I have an '08 Platinum and hear a rattling noise at back of hood at high speeds. i am pretty sure its the washer hose which is not well secured and for whatever reason there is no insulation. Anyone else have this problem? if so, how was it repaired?
  • What color is your interior.......I have captains chairs in Sand Beige leather and would love to put the Bench in. We have three dogs and thats the only reason I fold the seats down. Would be nice to have a solid back. Hate the opening between the seats when down.

    Wanna trade?

  • When I first started reading this string of complaints about the rattling I said I bet it's the same problem I was experiencing but never bothered to post because I said folks will not believe me or think I am crazy...Well hdfatboy is just as crazy as I am ;) was simply my shoulder strap buckle hitting against the side panel...I am just a fussin & cussin bout how I have spent 50+ on this truck for it to sound like a tin can, pulling over tryin to figure out where this most irritating noise is coming daughter says, "Mommy it the seat belt hitting the side of the door", duh...adjusted the seat belt problem fixed...Also, to the Plat. owners why are you guys trying to replace seats with the bench instead of purchasing a Limited there really that many more features in the Plat. to loose addtional seating...just curious
  • xierxier Posts: 99
    Plat Owner here and love the 2 Captains chairs in the back with the center console in the middle. Not sure why the other poster is calling the center console a Captains chair - its just a center console with a fold up/out lid that lays flat. We use this as a TOYBOX for the kids - versitle 100% for us. If I had more than 2 kids I would ahve not opted for the the Sequoia - I would have looked into a ESV ETC - to carry larger stroller etc...

    Hear some rattling here as well - assumed it was someting in the child seats but now will have to check it out.
  • I have the rear dvd entertainment system and know that once I was able to watch video up front on the nav system. Unfortunately I can't remember how to do it. I know that the vehicle has to be in park but thats about it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Apply the parking brake?
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755

    About 5 months back you wanted to get the Lexus LX570, did you go for it?
  • I have an '08 Tundra, same car and have the same noise. I think I identified something else which is causing the rattle a decent speeds. I'll see if I can get to the bottom of this and let you know.
  • ejtpaejtpa Posts: 5
    I had that same problem-it was the light between the first and second rows. I had the dealer replace it and the noise is gone. Try pressing on the plastic light cover and see if that makes your noise disappear. Very annoying! Overall I think the 08 makes far more noise than my 02 ever did, even at 108k miles.
  • vgermannvgermann Posts: 8
    Thanks, anxious to hear what you come up with, the noise is definitely coming from the exterior, near the base of the windshield not the cabin. I am in need of a service, so i will mention it to the dealer and see if they know what it is. I am really surprised that there is no insulation under the hood. It appears that there is provisions to have put some there, which is even more puzzling.
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    Regarding the lack of insulation, the engine is so smooth and quiet I was thinking it's just not silly as it sounds on a truck like this they do try to save weight for fuel economy reasons. Perhaps the provision for insulation is there for a future diesel engine?
  • jomer001jomer001 Posts: 6
    I have only 4,399 mi on my 08 sequoia. I took it for a road trip to Florida last week. On our way back in I-95 I notice a weird tapping noise (sound like a diesel engine on idle or starting a stick shift car on 3rd gear) coming from the engine during acceleration at high speed to pass another car. Now, even at city driving i hear the same tapping noise during acceleration. Has anyone experience the same? I dropped it to the dealer today, awaiting respond.
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