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Mazda 626 Troubles



  • One of the belts are loose. Use a flashlight to inspect the belts. You may notice glazing on the one that's loose.

  • My '98 Mazda 626 ES-V6 had resent problems with the transmission. I took it in for a diagnostic and the codes pulled out (P0710, P0711, P1474, P1479). All this relate to a faulty PCM. How and where can I order for a PCM? What info is required for PCM ordering?

    Please assist!!!

    Thanks you all....
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Check website. They sell genuine Mazda parts at 30-40% below the retail price that most Mazda dealers charge. A genuine Mazda radiator is your best bet. Under no circumstances buy another Chinese made piece of junk from Autozone or the like.
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  • I have a 1998 Mazda 626 with a little over 91000 miles ...and it has weird electronic issues...if I role up the windows it shakes....sometimes when I turn on the AC it shakes ....

    ....Every time I take it to the shop it it rarely acts up or they say they don't know what it is. Has anyone experienced this?

    One last thing....I have noticed that after a long road trip my engine light will flash when I accelerate this a sign of transmission issues to come?
  • I have a 1996 Mazda 626 with 184,000kms on it. When I roll up two windows at a time, the drivers side goes faster than the passenger side. And recently, my car, when idle, smells like it is burning. It isn't oil leaking, and it isnt another fluid leaking. It only seems to happen in the winter. As for the engine light coming on, I can't say I have the same problem, so I can't help you. But mine is acting up as well, so you're not alone. :confuse:
  • hey thats weird i have the same car same year with 89k and i have the same exact problem it shakes when my window goes up and it shakes when my ac goes on it also shakes when im in park.. i know that my mechanic told me i needed an engine mount im not sure which one but i need to get that done asap sometimes it shakes so muck i think its goin to shut off...when i get the mount put on il let you know how that works out my mechanic said it could be the reason that my car shakes
  • maybe its your starter i know i need one right now and once it dies it dies but usually you would see a sign did it give you problems starting it or did it just die out of no where
  • Thanks everyone for the post it's good to know I'm not the only one with these issues...makes it seem as if there is a cure

    New Issue ---today I smelt coolant so I looked under the hood and a tube(right in the center and above the spark plugs) had come loose from the engine! I put it back in and it seems to have stayed throughout the day...How big of an issue is this?
  • Mazda 626, 1999, 100000 miles, 2.0L.">
    There is a weird noise that appears 5 minutes after warming up the engine and gets louder. Noise is localized in the area on the passenger side from the valves. Noise is dependent on engine speed.
    Does anybody know what is that?
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  • I have this same problem on my 2001 V6 626. It did not do this when the car was new but started getting worse after it was about 5 years old.
    But then my battery died this summer (2007) and when I put a new battery in the idle surge problem went away. Unfortunately it came back again after about 4 months.
  • My sister picked up a 1994 626 the transmission surges and the engine idles way too fast. she manages this by shifting up and down thru the gears.Neutral at stop signs and stop lights etc.
    Now the lock on the shift automatically locks on it's own, I am trying to help her with this problem.
    Can any one give me some insight on this transmission problem ?
  • As a follow-up, the problem was a bad ground under the battery. Wiring to the lights.

  • i just recently got a 1999 mazda 626 and when i started driving it sometimes the key wont come out and sometimes it will.
  • Hey guys, so for the past week or two my 626 has been up-shifting sporadically and on some of these up-shifts it will stall too, like it feels the car is going to die and then it gets a boost and keeps going (sorry if my explanation sucks i know nothing about cars!). So I took it my mechanic and he said it was the coil getting old, and it was quite corroded so he buffed it out and said that should fix the problem, but I'd need a new coil at some point in time in the future. On my way back home it did the up-shift thing again, but not as bad as it usually does (maybe i wasn't on the road long enough for it to get bad). I was thinking maybe it needs time to adjust now that its been cleaned out, or I dunno. So is this a coil problem? Old wiring ? Help please!!! lol
  • Mazda just replaces a tans range switch Code PO78. Now they have puleed a new cod PO731 which did not show up before.
    Anyone know what this code is and how to repair?
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    The code P0731 means incorrect 1st gear ratio, it is applicable to automatic transaxle only. To troubleshoot, check shift solenoids #1 and #2.
  • I have a 95 626 2.0L, 5 speed
    I'd like to know how to access the trouble codes stored in the computer.
    is there a cable and software that I could plug the car into a laptop with?

    ok now the question of the day...
    193,000 miles, at idle the engine runs a bit rough, new NGK plugs installed and didn't help. think it may be ICS? has a vibration at 1500 rpm in neutral, oscillating somewhere.... harmonic balancer?

    This is the first small car I've ever owned, I love it so far, but I really am not used to dealing with computer controlled cars. sometimes I wonder if I've got the rubber band wound too tight.. LOL

    thanks for any help ya'll can give...

  • my car wouldn't go more than 20mph so the mechanic told me to change the piston rings after he did a compression check the number 3 piston wasn't working so i replaced the piston rings, had the head redone, replaced the headgasket, did a full tune up, but when i went to turn it on the car doesn't start. I believe 100% that it's the timing but i'm a bit rusty at it can someone help me please?
  • Does anyone make a after market cooler for the tranny. I think the main problem
    with the trans of this era is they are too small for the weight of the car causing
    them to overheat.
  • My car make screeching noise when it is cold and when you start the car in the morning. The noise comes from the belt. I used belt spray for a while, which makes the noise go away for a day but keep coming back the next day.

    Is there a permanent and cheaper solution to resolving this noise from belt.


  • Several aftermarket coolers will fit; you want a small one with sandwich-plate design (looks like a smallish radiator) that plumbs into the existing fluid lines and fits in front of the radiator.

    Mazda at one time had a factory kit for these things, but it was pricey.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    No sorry the "belt dressing" doesn't really work very well. You can try tightening the belt up a bit but if it is glazed from slipping you have no other choice but to replace it. But check the tightness by all means.

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  • Do you think the main problem with these trans is overheating and what are the
    chances that this will fix the problem after it is rebuilt?
  • That's always been my impression. There were some design flaws early on, but most of them had been corrected by 1999 or 2000, and replacement parts have followed the newer, less fragile designs.
  • Ok I have a 94 626 and for some reason the battery continues to drain if the car set more than a couple of days at a time, I have replaced the battery and terminals, and had the alternator tested (it was good) and for some reason when I turn on the headlights it kills the car. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  • midgetmidget Posts: 2
    Hello ev1. I just got a 1989 mazda 626 Lx. It has a hold system button on the drive shifter.So me being me I pressed that button .Now my car won't drive.It goes in all gears but don't move.Anybody got any ideas I would love to hear them. :P
  • midgetmidget Posts: 2
    HELP ME I CAN'T MOVE :mad:
  • lid03lid03 Posts: 2

    Was wondering if anyone knew what this means.. I took my 2005 mazda 626 to get tested and this was the result. PO133 = 02 Sensor Circuit Slow Response(Bank 1, Sensor 1) and P1131 = Unknown Troble Code. I have no clue what it means please someone help me understand in plain and simple as possible

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    No such car as a 2005 626. Do you have a Mazda 6?

    Code P0133

    Possible defects:

    bad front 02 sensor
    front 02 heater malfunction
    loose front 02 sensor
    pressure regulator malfunction
    fuel pump malfunction
    fuel filter clogged
    fuel leakage
    leaky exhaust sytem
    purge solenoid valve malfunction (evaporative emissions system)
    insufficient engine compression
    engine defect--leaking coolant into engine.

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