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Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo



  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    Glad to hear that. So i take it that the alternator was doing its job. I don't know what the VIC motor is or what the abbreviation stands for. I'm sure i put a new one on my car but under a different name.. Thanks
  • ramonacramonac Posts: 5
    It's the Variable Induction Control Motor. There are two wiring harnesses attached to it those wires come from that motor and run under the Wiring Rail (which is above the Fuel Injectors). The purpose of that motor escapes my memory at this moment. The wires also exit the left side of the wiring rail, the vic motor is located on the Plenum ( right-hand side towards the back). I've taken in a lot of info & I'm still processing it all, but hopefully I've explained it good enough.
  • abrapoolabrapool Posts: 3
    I have a stealth that sat under a tree for over a year. At the time it was parked it was losing antifreeze and overheating, but running fine other than that. Now, I replaced the battery and can't get the clutch to release. I pressed the clutch switch/brake under the pedals and can get it to turn over but it isn't getting any fire. Is there some safety lockup on the clutch? It was towed but only rolled far enough to get it on and off of the tow truck flatbed with a winch. Also, where do you get a manual for this car?
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    After setting for a year. Your gas filter could be pluged up . It is on the fire wall behind the battery. Easy to get to. I would replace it anyway. As for no fire, maybe
    corrosion on the plug wires and inside the coils. As for the clutch there are so many parts. I have looked it up and can't find a specific cause. But check the easies first.. There is a check VALVE under the hood. Looking at the engine on the driver side toward the back next to the power steering reservor. See if it is moving freely It is inside the vacume hose.
    Not much help but a start. As for the book. "Books 4 Cars $93.90 I can't fine the phone number, but i looked on line. They are out of Seattle Washington
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    I just found the e-mail address to your dodge stealth.""
    Phone number=1-206-721-3077
  • abrapoolabrapool Posts: 3
    I have found so far like it looks like the neutral safety switch isn't connected and there was a box in the rear right of the car that had two plugs disconnected (is that the vic box?). The clutch was new when the previous owner bought the car so I can't figure out why the clutch won't disengage unless I screwed something up by pushing it without the key. I really am not liking the amount of vacuum issues with this car. There is a website that looks promising but I am going to bleed the clutch out and see if that releases the clutch.
    Hey, it looks amazing in my driveway even if it doesn't run.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Hey, it looks amazing in my driveway even if it doesn't run.

    I like your attitude. :D
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    that box you are referring to in the trunk of the car on the passenger side is one of the units that controlls the tour and sport suspension on the car.. Other parts control the suspension also. Can't be just on part to fix a problem, it has to be more........ I assume your car is a twin turbo, all wheel drive, dual over head cam? Did you get the e-mail for the book and phone number i had sent?
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    Did you ever get you idle problem fixed? and did the relay fuse fix it?
  • abrapoolabrapool Posts: 3
    Yes, I did thank you. The struts are brand new because the old ones were in the back, so maybe they disconnected it when they replaced those. The previous owner was a bit strange and had owned at least one other stealth. He had a bunch of work done on it right after he bought it two years ago, but ran out of money and moved out of state (for the fluid loss problem he had the radiator and a bunch of hoses replaced). After doing all of the work the mechanic he was using told him that he just guessed the heads had to be warped or the block was cracked. I maintain the pool and lawn for these folks and was given the car in exchange for some of the work I do. I personally saw the guy drive the car into the side yard and throw the pool cover over it. It looked and sounded fine at the time, but I was ticked because it was in my way. :-) I didn't have any interest in the car and can't believe I ended up with it. I haven't done any significant work on cars since the 80's. My teenage son thinks it is awsome, so this will be a bit more of a learning curve than all of my 4WD trucks and the old mustang. We shall see.
  • dkeimairdkeimair Posts: 3
    I ordered the relay online and have yet to receive it, but that is the next thing I'm going to try. I'll let you know the outcome.
  • ducvducv Posts: 1
    I have 92 dodge stealth twin turbo all wheel drive, when I shifted from G to N the rpm did not drop dowm, Its stay above 2000rpm, but when I slow down or stop then it drops to idle. what is the first thing that I need to check?
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Posts: 24
    Start out with the Throttle Position sensor Part # MD614405 $128.40 at the dealer
    Next or at the same time try the ISC Servo (Stepper Motor) I bought it a Discount Auto. Much cheeper. Number on the box MFG# 21987SK Also the SKU #18481643 $209.80 Total cost . I would put on part at a time on the car that way you know what part fixed it. This will be a start anyway. Its a darn hard car to figure out. I was never able to figure the problem i am having with my car I have put every new senor under the hood. One guy said it might the catalytic converter.
    I have taken a rest on working it. It runs great, just like a new one. But still have the one issue. Let me know how you make out.
  • ramonacramonac Posts: 5
    After my friend & I fixed the original problem my car started overheating quickly after starting it, my ole man figured out that it was the thermostat, so I replaced the thermostat w/his guidance & I've been back on the road since the 4th of July, we replaced the oil & filter yesterday. I just want to say Thanks again to all who helped during the Pain & Agonies I was having w/my car. I'm still praying that all stays good w/my Sweeeet Ride. Good Luck To All! This message is in reply to all who answered my pleas for help.
  • i have both cars 92 has pop up head light and they suck want to keep it smooth to the touch and eye
  • I have a 1992 Doges stealth./ 3000gt vr4. My AC controll unit which look like a little TV. The light went out. A/C still works fine. I looked in the manual and have asked many dealers if there was a bulb that can be replaced. No one new. HAS NAYONE Replaced the bulb or now anything about it. A new one is out of the fquestion $700.00. Junk yard is $100.00 Thank you
  • I bought a 91 Stealth ES about a week ago. I drove it for a week and it ran great. The other day I went to go away and when I went to leave my driveway, the car stalled...actually it shut off dead like someone turned off the key. When the car sits with the ignition turned off for a few seconds it will re start but stall again in a few seconds. When it is cold, like in the morning, it will start and run for a few minutes before it stalls. We replaced the Fuel Pump and Fuel Pump relay...NO LUCK. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  • I won't be by my note's for a couple of weeks, but you didn't say you replaced the fuel filter. I am sure you did! It is under the battery tray if it is the same as my R/T
  • i just recently upgraded my '94 3000gt sl to a '95 stealth RT/TT and when i let off the gas it always backfires, just wondering if anyone has any idea what that could be. also was wondering if anyone knows how difficult it is to adjust the lifters. thanks
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