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Jeep Liberty Power Windows



  • amy103amy103 Posts: 3
    Thanks so much! I plan to call on Monday and hope I get some if not all of the money I spent on the window back.
  • sherri9sherri9 Posts: 3
    Just got the news that my driver's side passenger window regulator must be replaced. I got a tip from a friend that they also had a Liberty and had multiple problems with their window. This is the first time I have had an issue, but was surprised when the window just quit one day, because I almost never use the rear windows. In reading thru these posts I sure hope that I don't start having the recurring issues with my windows as some of you have had. Mine is a 2002 with 80k miles.

    Can anyone tell me if they have had any luck getting reimbursed for their first-time problem? I am hoping this isn't the start of problems to come. I didn't know if I stood a chance at getting reimbursed when this is the first window regulator/motor I've had to have replaced. Also, can someone give me a number to call to contact them?
  • jdp2000jdp2000 Posts: 2
    I bought this vehicle from Clear Lake Dodge in Clear Lake Texas. It is a 2007 Liberty and has about 45,000 miles on it. I found this website before I purchased the vehicle and sent an email to the dealer with a link to this website. They stated that they never heard of this problem. I foolishly bought the vehicle and 5 days later the passenger side window fell and will not go back up. I bought a contract that will cover this though now I wish I never bought this !
  • gobucks14gobucks14 Posts: 1
    Hey guys! I have a 2002 Liberty and it looks like I have a different window situation than most. My driver's window still goes (and stays) up, but when I try to have it go down, the worm coil pops us from the seal inside and the window doesn't move. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance for all of your help!!
  • jdp2000jdp2000 Posts: 2
    I will give Clear Lake Dodge credit they fixed it and charged me nothing.
  • shannon31shannon31 Posts: 4
    I own a 2005 Jeep Liberty and I am on my fourth window to replace. I sent certified letters to Chrysler, Better Business Bureau and my Jeep Dealership explaining the situation. I am still waiting to hear back from Chrysler but wanted to get an update on your experience. This seems to be an ongoing issue with a product of Chryslers and they are responsible for fixing it...not just sticking a band aid over the problem. It seems like there are enough people with the same concerns to form a class action suit.
  • I just had my back rear window fall of track and luckily my boyfriend came across this thread. I immediately called my jeep dealership in San Jose, CA and asked what they can do for me. He said that Jeep is currently in the process of putting together a recall for 250,000 vehicles and they just haven't processed it yet because they are making sure that all the dealerships have the necessary parts to handle all the recalls (so they're in the process of ordering parts). As of right now Jason, the manager at Normandie Jeep in San Jose, CA told me that they will fix my window for $135 (instead of $500) and I should keep my paperwork. Once the jeep recall comes out, I should submit my paperwork and they will reimburse me for that cost. From what I gathered, Jeep will reimburse anyone who has their paperwork for the repairs for the windows and went through the Jeep dealership to get their cars fixed.

    I hope that helps. But for sure all our Jeeps WILL be recalled in the next few months! :)
  • shannon31shannon31 Posts: 4
    I hear ya! Glad to hear about the future recall as my back right passenger window is being held up by duct tape. I refuse to pay to get it fixed. I'm also in the process of having Chrysler reimburse me for the past two times I've had to pay $350 (x2) to replace the regulator....that is, when Chrysler decides to call me back. Good luck!
  • Woo hoo Thank You! I am on my 3rd falling window, the first 2 were fixed under warranty, this one is held up by tape, I just can't afford it now!
    Please post when you get any further info, should I contact my dealer or wait, ya think?
    Thanx again, you made my day!
  • amy103amy103 Posts: 3
    I actually called a number I got from someone else on this forum and spoke to a customer service person, they directed my called to another section who called me back within a day or two, heard my complaint, checked with supervisors, called me back again BUT ultimately said they would reimburse the total amount I spent on the 4th window...I sent them the info they required and now I am waiting to hear back OR get a check....Here is the number 1-800-992-1997
  • glen21glen21 Posts: 1
    Anyone pleasse help. I purchased a 2006 Liberty used from a respectable dealership. First few months great then it happened.Iwent to work and the sunroof wouldnt close,clear sky I thought I had nothing to worry about.I thought I had a blown fuse and would fix it after work.Well 2 hours later a major thunderstorm came through 2.5 inches of rain in less than 45 minutes.I could the sunroof closed and at the time windows wouldnt go down or move at all. now nothins as far as windows or sunroof work. Has anyone else had problems with sunroofs could this be covered under the recall. Left high but not dry.
  • lofjalofja Posts: 1
    I just got to work after another 3 hour visit to the dealership. 11 months ago my driver side rear window regulator broke and I had to have it fixed. They said it happens because of the heat. Fine, I forked out a few hundred dollars and a few hours of my time. Then Yesterday I got into my car and sure enough the window was down, when I tried to roll it up and nothing happened I immediately called the dealership. They set me up with an appointment for this morning. When I got there they told me that the warranty on the part was for 12 months or 12,000 miles. I was then told that since I had put 16,000 mils on my Jeep they were not responsible to cover it. Somehow it was my problem. When I complained the service manager told me that they reward loyalty, so if I had been a loyal customer they could have helped me, but since I don’t get my oil changed there and other maintenance, there is nothing she could do. Are you kidding me?
  • shannon31shannon31 Posts: 4
    Just got off the phone with Chrysler and they said that they will reimburse me for the window that I've already paid for (minus $50) and all I have to pay for CURRENT window repair is $50. I asked the representative about a future recall and he didn't have any information (I'm sure that's what they have to say). However, he did say that if a recall does come out, they will reimburse the copay of $50 for each window replaced. Bottom line...hold on to your receipts!
  • zoom_beezoom_bee Posts: 1
    3d time today the rear window just fell down in my 2006 Jeep Liberty.
    In 2008 both the passenger and Driver side windows dropped within a week of each other. The dealer covered the repair cost. The technician told me that there was a problem with these Jeep windows but no recall existed at the time. Sure enough two years almost to the day the rear driverside dropped. The rear windows are never used in the vehicle so it wasn't like it was warn out. I just set-up another appointment with the dealer any they let me know that the Jeep is not under warranty anymore.
  • aimeeeaimeee Posts: 2
    For the fifth time I have taken my Jeep Liberty 2007 to have the window regulator replaced... The two front windows sound like crap. The back one fell down and didn't come up again.. I am sick and tired of paying my hard earned money to have these window replaced. I am so ill and mad at Chrysler not repairing this or having a recall. This is not right.
    Does anyone know how to get help on this???!!!
  • aimeeeaimeee Posts: 2
    Are you still working on your case? I have had five window regulators put in on my 2007. I am sick of it and to the point I just want to trade it. I do live in Auburn, Al and it does get hot, I just wish they would fix the problem.
  • Call the Chrysler Corporate office, they'll give you a case number and demand that they pay for the repairs, as well as, reimburse you for the windows you have already paid for. You have to show proof of payment but they should be able to honor that request. I just picked up my car from having it's fourth window replaced. I asked the Service Rep is they replaced it with the same plastic peice and he said yes but he said that Chrysler is working on replacing them....whatever and how ever long that means. I will NEVER purchase a Chrysler product again...I can't believe they are still in business.
  • I am taking my 2007 Jeep Liberty back to the dealer for my 6th repair. I was just told today that Chrysler has authorized all window repairs free of charge and that this will be on going. I received this information from Jeep Lithia in Reno, Nevada. Ask your dealer about this. It is not a recall but is a service advisory notice.
  • where can I get these metal regulators?? I am tired of this window problem. almost a year to the day, my second window has broken. I was able to contact chrysler and they are supposedly going to refund some of the repairs. The representative said if I could find my paperwork from last year they can help refund that as well.
  • kenf3kenf3 Posts: 3
    Search the internet for
    "jeep liberty power window regulator repair kit" and you will find it. There is a different part number for left and right side. When installing, I had to grind or file down the end of the metal wire the window rides on so that it would screw on properly. The easiest way to remove the fuzzy stuff at the end to allow it to be screwed on is to use a propane torch for about 5 seconds.

    I replaced one of the windows with the OEM part which promptly broke again in less than a year. The two I replaced with the metal part are working just fine.
  • We have a 2007 Jeep Liberty and in the last 24 months we have had 4 windows replaced - one of them twice! It's my daughter's and when she tried to get the last one fixed out of warranty they tried to charge her an arm-and-leg, but my husband let them have a piece of his mind and they reduced it to $100. Now I'm hearing that they are covering the price of fixing them. Is this true??? She's off at college in another state and who knows where or when a window might just fall down and how quickly it can be fixed. This is a terrible situation for a young lady to have to deal with! Why do they keep replacing them with plastic regulators????
  • diana74diana74 Posts: 1
    Last week I took my Jeep in for the third time with this problem--the second time on this particular window!! I called Jeep and explained the problem, she told me to take the car to the dealer and the cost would be covered either through the dealer or through a re-imbursement check sent to me. The cost was covered at the dealer, and listed as a warranty item (the Jeep is NOT under warranty anymore).
    Needless to say, I LOVE Jeeps, this is the second Liberty I've owned, but sadly, it will be the last. I'll be getting a Ford next summer.
  • lionfoxxlionfoxx Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Everything I am hearing is leading to a recall, from online people been stating some dealers have already replaced their regulators even if not under warranty. In my case I have 2 already documented with Jeep replacement, and they did something another time right after fixing one that is not in the service system. Now I have another one failing, well actually failed 08/20/10 and I am being told by Jeep dealers I have to buy the window regulator combo.

    I just got off the phone from OEMJEEPPARTS, they are an actual Jeep dealer in Texas, the guy said the 2007 part number is 4589266AB for the original regulator if can be found is about $33.99, but he said there is actually a NEW part number that is 4589266AC, that says in process in their Jeep parts system, he said its a Chrysler part not released yet and price listed is $72.64, so hopefully they are back stocking the parts then will release the recall. In my case I probably will have to buy the dealer older model version that requires the window replacement which now is listed at $275 approximately. This sucks, I been told if a recall is issues I could file a claim for a refund, who knows how long that would take they probably will give us some run around that it was before the recall and doesn't qualify.

    Figured I would pass the information along.


    2007 Liberty Sport
    50,450 miles
    1st window Drivers Door September 2008
    2nd issue was couple days after first, dealer fixed but didn't put in system evidently
    3rd window Drivers Rear Door June 2009
    4th Passenger Rear August 2010<-Not Under Warranty

    I have also complaied about the shifting of the automatic transmissions , and how it grabs funny. I moved to automatic from standard shift and the dearler said they could not find anything, I get the same issues as others the mysterous vibration shutter feeling. The dealer said, "Oh thats normal they ALL DO THAT" ....

    Now I see a TSB posted about a Torque Converter Shutter? I Hope my Tranny doesn't die....
  • vicvillevicville Posts: 19
    Ok now my passenger window just popped this evening, and it wont go back up, the drivers did this about 4 months ago, now im under extended warantee, this pisses me off, so now I have to pay 100 ded. I have only had this jeep less than 3 years, i like it, but this window thing is pissing me off... now i have to have a wedge in the door to keep the window up... off to the dealer monday .. ugh..
  • Hope you are still around, I have the same issue on my 03 Liberty, the plastic case for the coil split open right below the top of the door. So far I tried clamping the two pieces together but that didnt work. Was wondering if you have had any luck with yours yet.
  • Sorry, I didn't fix my window yet. I found a way to stop the window to fall and I am not using the window at all...
    Some people give me this links that may be helpful:

    Check out this page:

    Go to
    They have a good fix for under $100 that you can do yourself
  • Thanks for the quick response. I'll check those out and let you know if I find a simple fix.
    I do think having the coil come out of the top of the door is a hazard as someone could get their fingers in the loop when it is being drawn back into the door on a window up activation. Thanks again
  • I live in NEW YORK I have an 06 liberty and the left rear pass side window crapped out on me twice, the dealership say's it could cost around 4- 500 to fix it again, I got it back on the last time but enough is enough
  • My repair came to $415. Chrysler reimbursed me half ! This too was the second time for me. The first time 2 yrs ago - all was reimbursed. It happens at the most inopportune time. I don't even use that window anymore - driver's side rear.
  • travlinsamtravlinsam Posts: 7
    edited September 2010
    Last Saturday, my drivers window crapped out. This.morning, as I went to leave for the dealership, I rolled down my passenger side window and POP it went! Two different windows in the space of 48 hours. Dealer says the fix includes replacing the glass & I will have to pay a deductible, but he's looking to get some relief from Jeep HQ. I will report what happens when I get the results.
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