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Dodge Caravan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • peavspeavs Posts: 8
    Picked up my new Grand Caravan, Friday last week. (9/26) Everything has been great so far. It is missing 1 option that I wanted (power 3rd row seat) :( and had 1 that I did not want (SIRIUS BackSeat TV) but, it was as close to perfect and as close to home that I could find. :shades:

    Here's the deal that I got:
    2008 Grand Caravan SXT Base price
    $ 27,140
    Light Sandstone Metallic Paint
    $ 150
    Customer Preferred Package 28M
    $ 3,785
    Swivel'n Go Seating Group
    $ 495
    Trailer Tow Prep Group
    $ 600
    Premium Interior Group 1
    $ 370
    Dual Screen DVD Entertainment System
    $ 1,525
    2nd-Row Bucket Seats with Child Boosters
    $ 225
    4.0-Liter V6 SOHC Engine
    $ 630
    SIRIUS BackSeat TV
    $ 495
    $ 770
    $ 36,185

    My deal:
    Employee Price
    $ 31,935
    Program Fee
    $ 200
    Go 1193 miles to pick it up fee
    $ 1,130
    Dealer "Customer Service" fee
    $ 149
    Trade in
    $ - 2,000
    $ 31,414
    TAX -- 7%
    $ 2,198.98
    $ 33,612.98
    Dodge Midwest Rebate
    $ - 3,000
    Chrysler Financial Rebate
    $ - 2,000
    $ 28,612.98

    I also got 3.9% for 60 months through Chrysler Financial.

    I bought it out of my state so, Title and Transfer were additional and I paid 3/4% higher tax.

    Obviously, if I could have found one closer and in my state it would have been cheaper. (around $1,436.23 :surprise: ). But the only one in my state, with the above minimum options, was fully loaded with 28N package, sunroof and navigation. That's almost $5,000 :surprise: more at employee price. I had a very hard time finding Trailer Tow and Booster Seats with in a 500 mile search radius. (Thanks to tedebear for the tip on how to use "Advanced Search" on the Dodge website.)

    Also looks like I bought at the right time. Dodge Midwest Rebate went up $500 (to $3,500) but, Chrysler Financial rebate is gone and 60 months is 5.9% now. (According to the Doge website.)
  • Trying to make sense of MSRPs and real prices. Most of what I've seen is for SXTs. Any experiences on getting the best price for a Grand Caravan SE?

    Also, if I look at an '07 what kinda REAl prices are people paying for those? Obviously, there are differences with mileages so include those with your answers.
  • subseasubsea Posts: 1
    The oldest post here is Dec 2008. I'm looking to buy soon and am thinking (hoping) that there are some screamin' deals out there given Chryslers recent issues.
  • phoenix67phoenix67 Posts: 3
    Hi, I am new to this forum. We live in maryland and are trying to buy a 2009 T&C Touring edition with the 28L package( 4.0L engine, 2 DVDs, backup camera, power & heated seats...), also navigation, sirius tv and uconnect and the security package, remote start. We have a quote from clarksville for $28K (of course excluding Tax/tags etc)

    Does this seem reasonable? Has anyone done better in maryland. please let me know.

    thanx. L
  • Hi,

    I was not in the market for Dodge Caravan, if there are good deals out there, I am interested. Any one with recent quotes or bought one. Please chime in.

  • nwglendalenwglendale Posts: 3
    Have been looking the last week here in Phoenix area at either the T&C Limited, or T&C 25th Anniversary, or Grand Caravan 25th Anniversary. Unlike other posters, none of the several dealers I've contacted will go below 6K off MSRP. And that not the out the door price either, that's what they'll go to before TTL, etc.. Some won't even go that much off. And that includes a couple dealers that are on the dealer cut list. They just keep saying they'll sell them to other dealers..So, glad some parts of the country are getting 7- 10K off the MSRP, but it's not happening here. (and yes, I can provide specific examples and dealers to back this up).
  • Thought I would try to revive this thread. I am looking into possibly buying a Dodge GC SXT fully loaded. Any one purchase one in the last month or so and what were you able to get it for?

  • pdampierpdampier Posts: 1
    Purchased a 2010 SXT last night with 28K package (4.0L engine) and power lift gate for $24k + $150 "doc fee" + TTL. MSRP was $28,530...
  • turbanskiturbanski Posts: 85
    edited April 2010
    Here is my recent (3/15/10) lease deal for a 2010 GC, base SE with no options. Stow & Go standard equipment.

    MSRP $23,995
    Rebates & Discounts- $5,750 + Dealer Paid 36 moth Maintenance Program + $3,000 cash down
    Adj. Cap Cost: $ $18,310 (Includes NYS Sales Tax & all fees)
    Monthly PMT After .0875 NYS Sales Tax & All Fees = $271.40 (36 mo.)
  • I just bought a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT from a dealer with 72,218 miles on it. It's really clean with a clean carfax and it drives really well. It comes with a 6 cd changer, satellite radio, sto go, automatic doors, no dvd. No dents, overall very clean, no crazy sounds, very smooth ride etc... Comes with a 90 day warranty powertrain....

    I paid $8943 out the door after taxes, tags, title etc... Was this a pretty good deal?.. I pick it up tomorrow or the next day after. Any suggestions on maintenance or what to do right after I get it? The dealer said he would put all new fluids in it. thanks for any comments or advice...

    This is my second minivan I already own a 2008 Kia Sedona which I bought new.. It has 42k on it and it has been great no problems at all....
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    Regular maintenance is important, especially the transmission fluid. Use only Mopar fluid recommended in the service manual. In fact, I would only get the transmission serviced at a Chrysler dealer. Good luck with your vehicle.
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