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2009 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

hunter312hunter312 Posts: 22
edited June 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
Anybody know when the 2009 C-Class is coming out?

One dealer told me that the 2009 C-Class was getting paddle shifters and I also read it somewhere in a magazine. Anybody know?


  • 604doc604doc Posts: 182
    I'd also like to know if it will have a driver's seat with memory.
  • Not sure about the shifters but I hear they will offer a diesel engine in 2009. I recently drove one in Germany (C-Class Diesel) and the thing got really great mileage!
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,141
    when in 2008 the '09's will be introduced? If a C-class diesel is available, I'd certainly want to take a hard look at it.
  • Has anyone heard anything about whether MB will increase the HP on the C350 Sport to match the 3 series for 2009?
  • When driving the C-Class Diesel in Germany, what model did you drive and what was the approximate fuel mileage?
  • That is definitely something I would be interested in. I was looking into and definitely planning to get a c300 but if they are coming out with a diesel in 2009 I would definitely have to consider waiting for that. Does anyone have any information or time table on this.
  • The new SLK 350 is coming out in May, 2008 with its output boosted to 305bhp. Has anyone heard if the C350 Sport will be getting that same boost in power for 2009, and if so when it will appear?
  • I don't believe that would be a classy decision for MB.

    I like the shifter now, its simple and clean.

    My idea of performance is more of power & handling...less so on bells and whistles.

    I did howeever convey my opinion on a recent research call from Mercedes, they'd asked me what I thought could be improved.

    I told them moving the seat controls to the door panel (w/memory); a left foot rest on floor so the carpet wouldn't get worn out; move wiper control from signal light control [every time I signal the wipers go on]; make rear lip spoiler standard on 300 sport; on 4 matic give more choice for type of rim. I don't know about anyone else but the aftermarket selection of rims especially on OEM specs is hard to find.

    I own a 2008 C300 4matic Sport Palladium Silver all I did so far is add a rear lip spoiler.

    I've been debating if I should tint the windows? Any opinions? Also any link or ideas on upgrading rims, chrome, polished 18" or 19"...comments welcomed.

    Best to all. :shades:
  • sperrysperry Posts: 14
    The version of the C-Class sold in Canada is much different than the one sold in the US. The Canada vehicle has Memory seats, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel, power headrest, 4-matic for all models, park assist side-view convenience, Keyless go. Does anyone know why theswe vehicles are so different? Why are these options offered in Canada and not the US? :mad:

    Anyone else curious about this? :confuse:

    Mercedes Benz Canada
  • If you go to the Mercedes Benz web site in Europe/Portugal and look for the C class with the AMG Package, you will see the three spoke steering wheel with black paddle shifters. I don't know if the new US 2009 C300/350 models will have it, but I'm going to try to get them to the 2009 C300 sport sedan that I expect to take delivery in Stuttgart next August.
  • Hi All,

    I am new to this board. I just bought a new C300 with an iPod integration kit.

    I followed these instructions:

    1/ Open the glove box
    2/ With the iPod display facing up plug the integration kit connector into the iPod dock connector
    3/ Switch on COMMAND or the Audio system
    (i don't have a COMMAND operator'smanual)
    4/ Switch to the AUX mode using the controller.

    I am having problem of how to get to AUX mode. According to the Operator's manual. It said, Press button DISC repeatedly until the main menu for AUX operation appears.

    I pressed DISC but nothing appears. Not sure if I am missing something here.

    If anyone can help me with this, then please let me know. You can send me an email at

    Thanks in advance
  • On getting to AUX mode - I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but as it kicked my rear for a little bit (and I'm an IT guy!) I'll post it here for others in case they need it.

    1 )Press the CD button once so that it goes into CD mode.
    2) Now take the control wheel between the seats and pull it down (towards the rear of the car) once. This should activate the menus tabs on the bottom of the display screen.
    3) Now nudge the control wheel to the left so that it is on "CD".
    4) Press the control wheel down like a button to enter the menu.
    5) Turn the knob right to scroll down to "AUX" which should be in the list.
    6) Press the control wheel down like a button to enter and you should now be in AUX mode.

    I don't think they could have made that harder if they tried. As someone who deals with all sorts of different computer systems every day, I find they made some really odd choices here and there with where they buried some settings/features.
  • sandvipersandviper Posts: 2
    leased 09 C-300 4 matic. mem seats do not work like you might think, get a demo before buying. You have to hold a button on the door and not release it until the seat and wheel adj.
  • tmwalkertmwalker Posts: 1
    Good grief! You're a lifesaver. Thank God you decided to post these instructions. I tried to figure this out for over an hour. I was just about to give up when I happened upon your email. Worked (of course)! Now ... do you have any blessed idea how to convince the car to import my contacts from my iPhone? :-)
  • Last week I drove 500 miles from Bakersfield, CA to Tempe, AZ, with just a 5-minute gas and bathroom stop in the middle. The following day, it was 60 miles to Eloy AZ, then a 560 mile return trip, this time with two gas/bathroom stops along the way.

    I've done the same 1100+ mile roundtrip in a 2005 C230 Kompressor and a 2001 C240 (as well as in a 2007 Ford F-150 XL V6 and my wife's 2009 BMW X3) and this was by far the best such trip ever. The W204 is just so comfortable and solid, and the heated seats were a real life and back saver.

    Extremely long distance driving is where a minor annoyance becomes infuriating and where good design is really appreciated. The best example is the driver's seat. On a Mercedes, the seats are extremely firm, enough that many passengers tell me my seats are too hard. Of course, at the end of 600 miles that firm seat is still comfortable and supporting, something a softer seat simply cannot be.

    I arrived at the end of my trip relaxed and completely free of back pain.
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