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BMW 535i vs Lexus GS 350 vs Audi A6



  • flbimmerflbimmer Posts: 12
    live in fla, never missed the awd ever, and got better MPG
  • I have an '04 audi a6 2.7 quattro and am being told my turbos are bad. I have heavy exhaust smoke and I cannot even drive the car because it smokes so bad. I took it to the dealer and they want to charge me about $3500 for the job. That is way more than I expected. I have been looking at turbos online and can get them for less. I think I am going with another mechanic but I would like names of other mechanics in the Philadelphia, Pa area. Help!!!
  • Only problem here with the 5 Series is reliability. How long do you plan on owning the car? The cost for repairs throughout the years adds even more $ to the already high price tag of the BMW. Lexus is damn close on performance but BMW is no where near Lexus on reliability and overall quality. I'd prefer to drive my car instead of look at it on a lift in the shop.
  • jks24jks24 Posts: 51
    edited May 2014

    Ive owned 10 Lexus cars/SUV's, and it does not compare to how I am treated or how many times the car is in repair as my 528i. Lexus is luxurious! Hands down! BMW is exciting to drive, but it is a hassle to be in the shop, crazy expensive to repair, and the service center barely will give me a loaner! Lexus-first class all the way and I like that. I currently own 2 BMW's, and 1 Lexus. I wish Lexus would make a sexy car-then their would be no question.

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