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Saturn Outlook Transmission Problems



  • lookie11lookie11 Posts: 14
    Yup! Power steering pump and of course the cost would have been around $1,300....luckily the dealer rep contacted GM to see if they would assist with the cost (since it was just put in last year) and to my surprise they did assist I ended up paying $371 and thanks GM for stepping up to the plate. Now I'm crossing my finger, toes, eyes everything that this is it for this truck....All seems fine for now on the truck but we'll see.......
  • Funny you mention the water pump. Turns out, my transmission is not what is causing the problems we are having. Took it to another transmission shop to make sure it was in fact the transmission. They hooked it up and the codes came back said it was misfiring. Took to an independent mechanic, and after diagnosing the problem he suggested we take to a dealership. Took to the dealership ($800 later) and have now replaced the three ignition coils and the six spark plugs. The list of repairs continues to grow.

    They did replace the shaft seal on the water pump for free - GM has a campaign to replace all those that come in. Might be worth looking into.

    Planning on trading this dog in - hopefully soon.

    Best of luck!!
  • jerry194jerry194 Posts: 7
    well 2008 trans is out only 2 months after replacing the control module $1,300. no word what the problem is this time. trans was rebuilt at 57k. now have 120k. it seems GM should recognize a problem with these vehicles. doubt i will consider another GM vehicle in my life time.
  • Jeremy, i went through replacing transmissin and numerous other items to have the same problem with my Saturn and now they want $7,000 just for parts for a new engine. That doesn't include labor. GM agreed to pay 1/2, but if the car was done right or diagnosed right the first 5 times as the dealership, I wouldn't have a non-working car. Count your blessing if it is a transmission at this point. The car is not worth $7k+. Good luck.
  • That's awful. We are trading our Saturn in (hopefully today) before we have to deal with any more of this nonsense. I love the stance and style of the Lambda platform models will never ever purchase one again. Best of luck to you all. So sorry everyone is having such an awful time with these vehicles. Seems like GM should at least offer an apology, if not some type of monetary relief.
  • chico53968chico53968 Posts: 9
    Yes nothing but issues with my outlook too and GM did nothing! I dumped mine at 86K after costing me too much to repair a poorly made vehicle! Ill never buy a GM again. I bought a Toyota Sienna and couldn't be happier!!
  • badoutlookbadoutlook Posts: 1
    Well now I fall in the same category as most on this forum. Dealer just informed me that my 3-5 Wave Plate is bad in my 2007 Saturn Outlook with only 77k miles to the tune of $2200.00. Sad that a vehicle can be made with such poor quality products. 23k under the 100k powertrain warranty but 10 months over the 5 yr in service date warranty. I already started a case # with GM but all I get is multiple care representatives emailing me and calling me saying that they are looking into the case and trying to work with the dealer and internal resources to get me a resolution.

    How hard is it to start a class action lawsuit? Does anyone have lawyer connections? After reading all these posts, I think there are probably thousands of people just like us who have had to fork out a lot of money to repair a bad quality product.
  • frs929frs929 Posts: 51
    My 07 Outlook had the transmission replaced at 87000 and 2 months beyond the warranty. I didnt take it to GM because when I called they didnt offer to do anything. I paid $3800 and when I talked to GM later they wouldnt do anything. Too cheap to stand behind their products
  • curly156curly156 Posts: 2
    In May 2012 I had my 2007 Saturn Outlook transmission repaired under the power train warranty (wave plate issue). It had just turned 100k miles. Now right at one year and over the 12k mile transmission warranty it will not go into second gear. Do you think the dealership will give me a break since the repair is just at one year?
  • curly156curly156 Posts: 2
    In May 2012 I had my 2007 Saturn Outlook transmission repaired under the power train warranty (wave plate issue). It had just turned 100k miles. Now right at one year (and a week) and 6k over the 12k mile transmission warranty it will not go into second gear. Do you think the dealership will give me a break since the repair is just at one year? Is there any recourse? Or is it a hard line one year 12k mile replacement warranty on the transmission.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hi curly156,

    I am assisting Sarah here on the forum. I can not say whether or not transmission repairs are needed once you've reached 100k miles--each vehicle is different. If you'd like we can certainly reach out to the dealership to get more details about the repair and see what assistance can be offered to you. If you are interested, please email us at [ATTN Amber or Sarah]. Include your full name, address, VIN, current mileage, and your dealership. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • rickinvarickinva Posts: 1
    We have an 08 outlook, 77K miles, but past 5 year service date and this 50-60mph shudder is just starting to develop. Sometimes it is so violent the center armrest shakes like crazy.
  • kix3kix3 Posts: 1
    As a mom, I love the functionality of the inside of this vehicle but can't take the mechanical issues anymore. It's like having the benefits of a minivan without having to drive a minivan. At 24,000 miles - timing issue, removed chains and replaced under warranty, 43,000 miles - cylinder misfire, changed coil #6 57,000 miles - transmission replaced and power steering gear and pump. Still bucking at higher speeds. 59,000 miles found misfire on #6 cylinder (again?) Recommended throttle body cleaning and change air filter. Didn't work, so at 60,000 miles engine light on again - found evaporation problem - changed Solonoid, drove out of service and did not go 1 mile when noticing problem still there so husband drove right back and demanded refund. Had all other recalls done with melted lighting harnesses. Right now it doesn't shift right at higher speeds, the rear A/C blows Hot Air on my kids and the windows do not go up properly. Would love to have it run right and get more miles from it, but after reading this forum I've given up hope. Trading in this month and will never by GM again. Sign me up for the class action suit!
  • fdale63fdale63 Posts: 1
    Add me to the list of upset Saturn Outlook owners. We have had numerous issues from melted light wiring harness which kept blowing bulbs before problem was found, to power steering pump squeal, to faulty sunroof drain which flooded interior, to major electronic issues ( got a call from my wife one day and she told me she was standing outside the car with the keys in her hand but the engine was still running normally after several minutes). Now at 72,644 miles the transmission is gone. Will not shift into anything but 1st gear. Called Customer Assistance and they told me to take it to the nearest authorized dealer, 60 miles and $225 later they now say that I must authorize the shop to tear down the transmission at a cost of $600-$700 dollars before they can let me know if any assistance is available. The only problem is once this is done the dealership will have to do the repair since it will no longer be able to be towed to an independent transmission shop which has quoted a much lower repair estimate. That's my dilemma. Should I gamble that GM may offer some assistance for a reasonably priced repair and if not, get stuck with a $4000 bill? Or should I have it taken to a transmission shop for a $2500-$3000 repair. Any feed back would be appreciated!
  • frs929frs929 Posts: 51
    GM will not pay anything if you have it repaired somewhere else. I had a bad transmission at 87000 . Called GM to inquired about my warranty and all they said was we were two months past. Didnt say bring it in and might be able to do something etc. Took it to AAmco the tune of $3800. Tried to get GM to pay some of the cost. As of this date nothing from them. Said if they had a recall they might . I think your best bet is to stay with the dealer and fight them there over the cost. I wish I had .
  • roddy13roddy13 Posts: 1
    I still owe TOO much on my 07 Saturn Outlook, but I would love to get something new. My transmission went out last summer at 1 month over my warrenty at 72000 miles. Now the power steering box is whining, the tire sensor need to be serviced, an engine light is on again for a problem that I have had a recall service done on it before ...... I don't know what to do. GM doesn't car. The old Saturn dealer doesn't care...they sold it to me months before Saturn went under and when it happened they told ,"Oh well". I had to get a new Transmission from GM that was from a Traverse because they don't make after market it was over $3200 dollars. I don't believe that I will ever buy from GM ever again. :sick:
  • frs929frs929 Posts: 51
    Junk it. Not worth the hassle, GM Sucks
  • fkarasfkaras Posts: 14
    i also loved Saturns until i bought a new 2009 outlook by the time i had 6k miles on it,,,,, it had all the issues.................. Now i love Toyota 4 Runner ,, runs like a top i could go to Fl anytime i want to.... I live in Syracuse
  • I have a 2008 Saturn Vue. The transmission busted at 65,000 miles I believe it was because both lines had slow leaks and it ran out of fluid, overheated and broke into pieces. It was covered thank goodness. I never saw the leak and 3 months earlier the fluid was full. As for emissions error messages, I got a zillion. It tuned out to be some emissions valve that was stuck open. This gave my car all kinds of error messages and as a result the automatic start would not work as well. Once it was fixed, the auto start worked again. I also had months and months with the engine light going on and off because of what it said was backfiring. It suddenly just stopped and have had no problems with that since. My latest problem is that the power steering pump is going.(i have 125,000 on my car now) I have to replace it. I have never had to replace a power steering pump before and I have owned a zillion cars. And early on my steering also made some funky noise when I turned it but they said it was nothing. My other issue since about 30,000 miles was something with the suspension in the front on the right side. It makes terrible crunching kind of noises all winter long. They would not fix it. Now its out of warranty. So, your not alone.
  • 2008vuexr2008vuexr Posts: 1
    ::sigh:: I completely feel your pain!!
    I have a 2008 Vue XR- love this bright orange pumpkin of mine!! Bought it Jan 2010 used with 16k miles on it. In the past year to year and a half I started having all sorts of problems- just out of the blue!!
    Battery replaced, wiper motor repaired, exhaust leaks, 2 wheel bearings replaced, cracked windshield washer tank, new brakes, corroded wiper blades, rotted windshield washer hose, new tires, power steering issues, 2 clutch packs broke, transmission completely replaced at 60,000, no heat at times, fan doesn't blow correctly sometimes, automatic locks will lock by themselves while the car is running- a couple people told me they think the ECU has gone bad- and usually the CEL never comes on!!
    I know that some of this stuff is typical at its age, but really?! especially all at the same time #headache!!
    Out of 4 vehicles I have owned, this is my 3rd Saturn- I just love Saturns! I never had this many problems with my other 2 Saturns!!
    I still owe $8500 on the car, but am wondering now if it time to trade in and up for something new.
  • 5sumpters5sumpters Posts: 5
    Okay, here goes... We bought the '07 Outlook after my parents got an Acadia. I love the layout of the interior. I have 3 kids and seem to always have their friends tagging along! Anyway, then came the first issue. While stopped at a stoplight, the light changed green and we didn't go. Like many others have experienced, it turns out the wave plate had busted. Of course this happened under the 100,000 miles, but a few months out of the 5 year warranty. It took hours upon hours of my time dealing with the dealership, Sapaugh, GM, and my lovely aftermarket extended warranty company to get the transmission repaired and hundreds of dollars to cover all the costs no one would cover.

    This is what they state as needing repaired at the time. Found the 3-5-r wave plate was broken. It scored up the 3-5-r piston when it broke. Also damaged the reaction sun assembly, 2-6 clutch springs, 3-5-r piston and backing plate. Needs new clutches throughout because of the amount of metal that was scattered through the transmission also needs to have all related gaskets and seals replaced along with filter.

    The first service advisor told me we needed a new transmission. Apparently some time after he assured me he would handle things, he was fired. Then came the next service advisor, Art, who said it would be better to fix it. I'm still not seeing how this was better, but okay. It is stated: overhauled trans and cleaned case so that it was free of metal. flushed cooler. 1b97eb5 cycle 737 1.1 gpm @68 degrees. reinstalled in vehicle and filled with fluid and coolant. then reset shift adapts and road tested. transmission is now operating as designed.

    Now that was in Oct. at 92,000 miles. It is now June and at 104,000 miles. I experienced the same issues as before except this time I still had reverse. OnStar gave me the codes P0700, P0717 (2x), and P0716. This was of course on Sat. 20 minutes after the dealership closed. On Monday, I contacted Joe Clemens, the General Manager of the dealership who had ended up helping me before. He sent a tow truck to pick up my Outlook. Soon after I received a call from the dealership asking why my vehicle had been towed there. Yes, I started to get worried at this point. After explaining everything, the service advisor said she would get back with me. After not hearing anything, I called to check on things. I was told they were going to check with my extended warranty to see if it was covered. I explained it was there because they were the ones to fix it already. She said she would check into that and call me back.

    Well, no call back. I got ahold of her today and she said she wasn't sure what to tell me so she hadn't called yet. She said the parts they found to be bad were not related to the previous fix and that she had already called my extended warranty co to find they weren't covering it either. Oh, and to add the cherry to the top she said it would be $17??.00 for them to fix it PLUS, the cost of the towing! Seriously? When I informed her Mr. Clemens had sent the tow truck, she decided they would go ahead and cover that part.

    Here's my issue now. They are claiming the codes mean it is the Transmission Speed Sensor and the Solenoid Valve Pack needing replaced. Are these not related to the previous wave plate issues? Am I wrong that this was included in the Service Bulletin No.:09-07-30-012A? I have contacted GM, but was simply told they would look into it. Does anyone know more about this issue? I only know what I have recently found on here.

    Please help!
  • As a mom, I absolutely agree that functionality of the Saturn Outlook is amazing. I once owned a mini-van, but hated the "soccer mom" title.
    I had all the same problems as you with my outlook and I was happy to trade it in this month on a new vehicle.
    However, I did my research this time. I did end up choosing another GM vehicle, and I would encourage you to do the same. If you take a look, you will see the Saturn Outlook is primarily foreign engineered and only assembled in the US.
    Since their turn around in 2013, GM has been ranked as a top manufacturer. I could tell you horror stories about my other brand vehicles as well, but ultimately I've decided, my money will remain in and support the country I live in.
    Good Luck
  • shortyk7shortyk7 Posts: 1
    OMG!! I have a 2007 Saturn Outlook that I wished I would have never brought! Every single problem I've had was never fix correctly the FIRST time from GM dealer in Summerville SC. Just recently had the transmission rebuilt while I was out of town by AAMCO in Lilburn, GA. They had my vehicle for 11 days and when I finally got it back, they did something to my AC. It was working perfectly until they touched it. Now my truck shakes while I sit at a stop light or stop sign and it sounds rough. What a mess! GM "supposedly" fix the same gear slipping problem back in January. They repaired the transmission solenoid, when I went to pick it up-there problem still existed. They ended up keeping my vehicle again and finally said I needed to drive it a few days, needless to say, the problem seemed to be fix for a little while until recently. I'm pretty for sure my transmission was bad and they didn't want to the job correctly. They suck and so does my Outlook!! I'm paying out all this money for nothing.
  • Get rid of it now! back and forth to the dealer and $1,000+ later, I traded mine in for a 2013 Camaro, never have I been so happy to get rid of a car. Dont get me wrong, I did like my outlook until the whole car started to break down and the dealer would fix just about anything and charge me even if it didn't fix the original problem. Run man, run.
  • claytw05claytw05 Posts: 6
    edited July 2013
    Well I have read all of these posts and messages and I have to say sounds like we all have the same problems. I bought an 08 Outlook, used, with 47k miles on it. Got a great deal on it, and now I see why. 2 days after driving it off the lot I noticed a whining noise and vibration every time I turned the wheel. Took to my local GM dealership (because the place I bought it wasn't a GM place and 40 miles away from my house) and they refilled my power steering coolant. Luckily the dealership where I bought the car took care of the bill. Sounded great when I got it back and thought all was well. 2 days later, same thing, this time they decided to replace my whole power steering pump. Not too happy about it all I called the dealership I bought the car from and they again said they would take care of the bill. After a couple of days I got the car back, just to have the same thing happen (whining and vibration) 3 days later. I was besides myself, to say the least. I took the car back to the local GM dealership and they were in shock! I've had this car for just a little over a week now and have been back to them 3 times. After finally looking over the vehicle they said it was the coolant resevoir, for some reason wasn't working correctly. They replaced it, but this time I had to pay it. $330 for that replacement. Needless to say I wasn't too happy but my car was finally fixed and now I could enjoy it.........boy was I wrong..........that was just the beginning.

    2 months later I noticed my car slipping and sputtering in between shift in gears. I thought to myself, well here we go better get it in the shop. Took it again to my local dealer, this time instead of calling me Mr. Clayton they called me Joe, I was becoming a regular. I told them my problem and they took a look at the tranny. They told me that they didn't have anytime to rebuild or replace it, but they would 3 days later. Department Manager told me that as long as you don't drive out of state, any long distances, you should be fine. I told him alright, we'll see about that. You ever get that feeling? Well anyways next morning, sitting at a 4 way-stop and nothing. Wouldn't move. I was furious! Called a tow-truck, luckily insurance took care of that bill. And got to ride along with my wife who was cussing up a storm! Can't blame her though. Got to dealership and manager told me, "Well looks like I was wrong about you driving it." "I said yea, No [non-permissible content removed] Sherlock." After sitting down with him and going over our 100K warranty, Car was currently at 50k (so 2 months and 3k miles after buying it), I was lucky enough that the warranty transferred with this car, so we got a brand new transmission in it. And now 2 years and 75k miles later it is now starting to slip and sputter again.

    I have had numerous sensor errors in the car as well. Low tire pressure, need my air bag checked, etc. Come to find out somehow or another my tire pressure sensor works completely backwards. When you go into your message board (at least that's what I call it) and check your tire pressure when my car says front right, it really is my back left. And front left is really my back right. Only way I figured that out was because I had a slow leak in my front right tire and for some reason when I checked the pressure it was perfectly fine, but noticed my back right tire was getting a little low. Checked pressure and compared to what it said in car and wholla! I would even take air out of tires to see what was going on and after doing everything over and over and over came to that conclusion. thought that was pretty comical. Never went to get it fixed, had already dealt with it enough.

    I have noticed all these messages and posts about the wave plates. Could this be something that GM is screwing up on with these transmissions? Maybe something i should bring up to my GM place when I take the car in next time? Any help would be appreciated. I loved telling my story just as much as I have enjoyed reading all of yours.' Any advice or suggestions would help.
  • crewfan20crewfan20 Posts: 6
    I feel you and have been there. I also have a 2008 Outlook. I had my transmission replaced at around 60,000 miles and about a year and a half later it went out again at 90,000 plus. Luckily I was under the 5years 100,000 miles for both. At the time I thought getting a new transmission was great, but it seems to me they only put in a new transmission with the same problem. Hopefully I will have no further issues since it was rebuilt this time. I also had to have some additional power train work done right before the 100,000 mile mark. The timing chain was replaced as well as the transmission assembly a couple of months after. I am really hoping and praying that all my major issues are over. I know I got extremely lucky that all items were covered as I was still under the power train warranty. Unfortunately I financed my car for 7 1/2 years and still have around 2 1/2 years to pay on it and I still owe more than it is worth. The value is dropping faster than I can make payments. If I could I would get out of this so I could have peace of mind.
  • ncherry1ncherry1 Posts: 3
    I am also a mom of 3 who loved the space in this car and could not afford an Acadia. I have had every single problem described on this blog. We have been reimbursed for all of the past problems, however, most recently, my power steering and transmission were completely SHOT as I was driving on an Interstate in New York City with my 2 month old in the car. This has not only become a serious financial burden but a HUGE safety concern for me.
    Something needs to be done about this. Saturn created a complete LEMON and they need to take responsibility for it. The current estimate is $3,300 and I just CANNOT keep laying out all of this money.
    Does anyone know how we can go about getting this situation resolved? Class Action suit? Recall?
    I am filing a complaint with the NHTSA. Everyone else should as well to get the numbers up.
    I am seriously at my wits end with this.
  • ncherry1ncherry1 Posts: 3
    How did you get GM to cover the costs, we have the EXACT same issues and I refuse to pay for a LEMON.
  • ncherry1ncherry1 Posts: 3

    I too am filing a complaint with the NHTSA. . . . . . this car situation is so extremely frustrating and costly. Is there anything else that we can do? This was a very dangerous situation for me and my infant this last time. Something needs to be done.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Ncherry1,

    I'm sorry that you are experiencing this issue with your vehicle. However, I'm glad that you and your daughter are okay after an experience like that. If you would send me, your full name, address, phone, VIN and the name of the dealership you are working with to (attn: Marlea) I‘ll do my best to look into your concern and find you a satisfactory resolution.

    Marlea Wilson
    GM Customer Service
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