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Anyone have any trouble with their 2002 Chevy Venture



  • I have a 2000 chevy venture that developed a similar problem with a whirring noise (around 85,000 miles) which also completely abated when the gas pedel was released. At first, the problem would also go away if I down shifted into 3rd gear, and would again return when manually or automatically shifted back into OD. Tried all kinds of tranmission additives which helped minimally. After about 8,000 more miles, the whining got worse, even persisting when down-shifted to 3rd gear, and I noticed my OD wasn't really working at all. Wound up having to have a full transmission overhaul.....the problem was a weakly contstructed factory overdrive gear. Replaced with a stronger, aftermarket product and now my transmission works perfectly with no whining.
    I also recently replaced my a/c compressor and have begun noticing the same type of rattling sound when stopped in gear with the a/c on. Haven't diagnosed the problem yet as the a/c works fine and the noise resolves at driving speed. However, I tend to doubt that this a/c problem is related to your whirring noise (can't completely exclude that your the a/c compressior bearing isn't going out.) Perhaps of note, the belt-tensioning pully on my Venture started whirring recently (at 170,000 miles), and suddenly my serpentine belt broke, shutting off my power steering, a/c, alternator, and water pump......turned off engine immediately to prevent overheating. On replacing the belt, I noticed that the tensioner pully had actually frozen up and melted, ruining my old serpentine belt. Easily replaced the belt-tensioner ($50) and the serpentine belt, and problem solved. Ventures are great vans, but they require a lot of tinkering.
  • smeckysmecky Posts: 2
    Thanks for the suggestions. I had the transmission replaced last year, it completely went... I don't remember the name, but I saw the part... sheared down to nothing. I don't know that the a/c is the problem or just the drain on the engine. I've not got a squeal coming from maybe the back end. I've also got an occasional clicking or knocking come from the engine area. It does not always do it, sometimes it stops, I've been able to pop the hood and look under, but can't determine what the cause is or exactly where it's coming from. When I take it to the mechanic, it's not doing any of those things. I don't always mind tinkering, I just wish I could figure out what to tinker with. Thanks again!
  • msmimsmi Posts: 1
    Floor board pass side under the carpet is a wire harness. it might be in the harness or the connector into the BCM. I have the same problem. found when I push my foot on the carpet it comes back on or I can make it go off
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