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Mazda6 Engine Problems



  • al5000al5000 Posts: 12
    So far so good (about 5k so far). Just make sure you change your cats if they got oil in them.
    I preferred the idea of a remanufactured engine over a used one, given the labor involved.
  • al5000al5000 Posts: 12
    I should also add, if you were to buy a "new" engine from Mazda they would supply you with a remanufactured one.
  • mazda6s1mazda6s1 Posts: 6
    edited June 2010
    Interesting. May I ask how you know this (i.e. that the "new" Mazda engine they are offering is, in fact, a remanufactured one?

    Also, Mazda is charging $1700 for installation. If I decide to get the engine from Powertrain, do you recommend I go to Mazda to install it because they know the engine well, or would it be better to go to a different mechanic who would probably charge less?
  • al5000al5000 Posts: 12
    The book hours for engine replacement is 20 hours. I doubt your dealer is only charging $85/hr, but maybe. I used a local mechanic who only charged me $50/hr ($1000) and he took a bath on the job.
    The service manager at the local Mazda dealer is the one who told me the "new" $6500 engine was remanufactured.
  • racefanf1racefanf1 Posts: 35
    I would avoind Mazda at all cost. They have changed from best to worst. Just check the former Mazda Service Manager who added his thoughts here.
  • siccmadesiccmade Posts: 1
    i got an 04 mazda 6 2.3l. cyl. #3 misfire code. every time i fill up the mis starts and then goes away. i replaced coil, checked for vacuum leak, compression and wires and plugs. i dont know what it is and the injector is firing and ohmed out okay, any ideas would be great.
  • xwrdpuzlrxwrdpuzlr Posts: 5
    Include me, too. I have a 2006 -- problems with no oil in 2008 while the car was still in warranty. Mazda did nothing, up to the area rep. Rented a car for a week, repaired the car, and this week, at about 66000, the engine blew.
    Maybe we can get an investigative reporter on the news to force Mazda to do something. This car will cost me almost $3000 to repair - needs a new engine and clutch now. No warning lights, I've checked and changed oil religiously.
    How about the Better Business Bureau? Consumer protection agency of some kind ?
  • lrotalrota Posts: 18
    Can you provide more details about the "no oil"?

    Also, was the PCV valve checked for blockage?

    Any info is most helpful to understand what cause the "no oil".
  • al5000al5000 Posts: 12
    Count me in! There needs to be a lawsuit.
    2004 Mazda 6s (6 cyl.), well maintined, blown engine at 81k. Had been using Mobil1 and changing oil at less than the 7500 mile recommended interval. Mazda put on a charade of "reviewing" my situation, not even an offer of discounted work.
    Ended up going to an independent mechanic, for around $6300 replaced engine with a new remanufactured one (4 yr warranty parts and labor), clutch , starter, 2 front cats.
  • xwrdpuzlrxwrdpuzlr Posts: 5
    I just got the bill from my mechanic (independent, not Mazda) for almost $3000 for a blown transmission. According to him, something inside the transmission came apart and blew through the case. All the fluid drained out, of course, and soaked the clutch en route. The car is a 2006, with about 67000 miles on it -- out of warranty, of course.
    There is no way a transmission should blow in 4 years -- or ever, in this way. My mechanic assures me there is no way I could have caused the damage.

    When it was in warranty, in 2008, it lost all the engine oil. Mazda claimed it was my fault -- despite having the car at the dealer for a recall the previous day. At that time, they did their vaunted check, and the oil was checked off as OK. I went up to the area rep level, and they did nothing. Claimed my records of oil changes were not valid, or insufficient, or whatever.

    My previous Mazda, a 626, had an engine light on, which prevented passing inspection. Nobody could find the problem -- Mazda installed a new part, charged me a couple of hundred for it, and the engine light came on again on the way home. I made a U-turn and demanded that they remove the new, expensive part, put the old one back, and refund my charges. The problem was never resolved, the car never passed inspection (though it was running well), and that's when I traded it in for the Mazda 6.

    I wouldn't trust another Mazda -- the vehicle or the company -- if my life depended on it.

    Mazda has not stood behind their product or their customers. These apparent defects should go to the press -- at least Toyota makes good on its mistakes.
  • zebra06zebra06 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 4cylinder and I'm having idle issues. It revs up really high and then down to almost a stall when it is sitting still. I can't figure out what is wrong with it. It seems to be the Idle Control Valve, but that part has to be replaced as part of the complete throttle system. There is also, more recently, a high pitched squeal. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do??
  • Count me in on any lawsuits or complaints against Mazda. I have a 2005 Mazda 6 and the clutch went out at only 33,248 miles. Called Mazda USA who said they most likely will do nothing to help, but that I need to take it to one of their Mazda dealerships (17 miles away), have it diagnosed by them ($110) after which they'll take a look to see whether I was "loyal" by getting my car serviced at a Mazda dealership before they can determine whether they'll help pay for this. The dealer's repair estimate to replace the clutch is $1000 to $1300. I've been driving sticks for 25 years or more and have never had one go out until now. I can't stand Mazda right now and will never buy another one - EVER!!!
  • It is incredible annoying to read all these stories of failed engines, with no identification of the engine (or transmission). It can't be that hard to tell us what engine you have, how many cylinders, what year, etc. I've read several pages of the thread and no real idea what engines / model years are most troubled, which would be meaningful information.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    most complaints revolve around the 3.0L V6
  • Mine's a 2006 Mazda6, purchased new. 2.3L DOHC 16-valve VVT 14 engine, 5-speed manual transmission. At 42200 miles, it made a rattling noise on acceleration; the engine light came on. When I took it in to Mazda, they claimed it had no oil in it, causing the cam shaft to come out of position. I had checked and changed oil assiduously. It had had previous problems, with "oil sludge" according to Mazda, causing the engine light to come on, despite changing the oil more often than recommended in the owner's manual. Finally, this summer, something in the transmission blew clean through the case, taking out the clutch with it. Nearly $3000 to repair. In every case, Mazda has taken no responsibility. I'm unloading the car, and will never again purchase a Mazda.
  • 2004 3.0 V6, manual.
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    '05 6i 5spd, 95.6K miles. Checked the oil yesterday (first time in years, don't know
    what possessed me), the tip of the stick was barely covered! Put in 1.5qts, got the level 1/4" above the min mark.I get changes at the dealer every 5K like clockwork, next one in a couple of weeks. Engine runs fine, exhaust look fine, just wondering if others are seeing any oil consumption like this.
  • lrotalrota Posts: 18
    You should immediately check and probably replace your PCV valve. A clogged PCV has been often reported in these forums as a cause of excess oil consumption resulting in blown engines.

    Also, while most people no longer check their oil levels between oil changes, one should really get into the habit of checking oil at gas refills,
  • So my car is at the dealer and has been for a week went in for a bad knock noise in the engine and service engine light. First week they took my engine apart to see if the could find the problem they said every thing looked clean and tight and well maintained no metal in the pan no sludge. So they wanted to pull my engine out to go through it they thought there was something in the combustion chamber. when they pulled it they found that the timing had jumped 4 notches and that vauvles were hitting cylinders that was the cause of the noise so i need a new engine mazda might pay half but the car just turned 51k. They said that it could of been caused by starting the car with no oil which has never happened. so all this consuming oil caused from a faulty pvc from mazda and blowing engines under 100k It might be time for mazda to be in the news for paying a lawsuit. Anybody had this problem of jumping time?
  • I am currently having a lawyer take over.. i had had a 2008 mazda 6 the first 3 months the axle clip broke off car had to be towed into mazda 3 months later we broke down again i leased a car so i wouldn't have these problems now it was sept 24 2010 and a loud noise started out of nowhere we had it towed to mazda > fyi boyfriend checked the oil just to see and it was full> after being towed to manfredi mazda they told me wounded like the engine i better have receipts since i unfortunately did not bring it to mazda i got a call 3 days later the bearing are burnt and the car need a new engine i did bring in my receipts and a few days later they said the warranty is not in effect so therefore 3 months left on a lease they want me to pay for rental and 75oo for an engine No way .. i called mazda corp. how nasty. the worst parts is they haven't even given me the same answer as to why the will not honor my warranty.. this Vehicle was a lemon from the start i hate mazda they have cost me so much financial and mental stress ... hope my lawyer can resolve this glad i am not alone
  • Good move. I finally dumped my Mazda 6 and bought a VW. Will never buy a Mazda again. If your lawyer wants supporting evidence, contact me -- or maybe it should be a class action!
  • I am the original author of this thread. So sorry to hear you are having the same thing happens as many of us did. The thread here from the former Mazda Service Manager is the one your lawyer should contact. I called Mazda USA with all my proper paper work in hand and they still refused my claim. I'm building this thread for evidence for a claim. So I'm with you if you need any help.
  • Hey so i have a 2005 mazda 6i 4cyl automatic, lately it has been giving me trouble every time i accelerate it makes a gurgling sound as i maintain higher speeds it goes away but when i speed up at all it makes the noise again. Any suggestions would be helpful i am a near broke college student and i need this for transportation.
  • By "gurgling", do you mean it sounds more like a "rattling" type sound (like a paint can or something)? If that's the case, I'm afraid you may have the same problem as me (and, apparently, many others on this thread, too). I mean, I'm not a car mechanic and offering a diagnosis or anything, but my car was making this rattling sound upon acceleration, and it's usually not a good sign. I didn't assume it to be a serious problem, only to find out I needed a new engine. I would get it checked out asap.
  • i would love help from anyone and i would also help anyone who need my story. We don not deserve this kind of customer service. I feel i have been violated as a consumer this has not only created stress it has cost me $ and agrrevation. i am sure you can relate to what i am going through. If given permission i will contact you as soon as my lawyer tel me.
    Thank You
  • ratleaderratleader Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    Like I said in the title, 72,000 miles -- too #$%^& young to shell an engine! Regular oil changes with Mobil 1, and at 63, all the racing was out of my system four decades ago. Engine running perfectly with a clean bill of health from the dealer less than a month before, a quiet ride in the morning, when poof, my motor died at a stop sign, and by the time we'd eased it the 15 miles home it was a sick puppy. Now they say, head problems and a pinata of failures down below including main bearings and wrist pins, etc etc, so much that replacing the engine is cheaper than fixing it. Good grief.

    Until now I've loved this little car, but now.....not so much.
  • al5000al5000 Posts: 12
    Yup, to reiterate my issue, 81k, car impeccably maintained, used Mobil1 and still changed oil every 5K. Without warning my engine blew. Mazda offered NO help. I received the perfunctory "let's look at it and see what we can do" from the regional manager, but he never did actually see the car before denying responsibility.
    I contacted the president of Mazda USA via certified mail, and he baiscally had a customer service rep reply to me with a F___ You letter.
    New engine, new precats, big bucks.
    Ironically, my MPG has increased from the 19 I always got to 22 with the new engine. I'm guessing things were NEVER right with the original one.
    If anyone's starting a suit, count me in.
  • I am the originator of this thread. I contacted Mazda USA and got the same F-U response. So this thread is being compiled for proof to Mazda's legal department that plenty of people are being abused by Mazda USA. Find the thread from the former Mazda Service Manager. He knows the truth. Let's get what we are due/
  • If I could ask Mazda one question, it would be this:

    You designed a car whose best characteristic is that it corners like it's mad at the road, then hung an engine in it that's known to starve for oil on hard maneuvers, and if that doesn't put it out of commission it self-destructs when a single $10 plastic air valve fails -- what were you thinking!?!?
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    edited November 2010
    ...then hung an engine in it that's known to starve for oil on hard maneuvers...

    Really? Got any proof of this? Considering I put 92K HARD miles on my '04 6 w/V6 (which includes auto-X, which has plenty of "hard maneuvers") and haven't had a SINGLE oil-related issue. Well, any issue at all for that matter, except for a faulty gas cap...
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