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Mazda6 Engine Problems



  • My daughter has a Mazda 6 2007, 4 cylinder. She had a full engine replaced last year in December. The car is now knocking once again and the dealer said full engine replacement. This time they will not honor fixing as it was covered under warranty. I would also be interested in a class action suit.
  • My daughters was an I4 2007 Mazda 6....2 blown engines. Can you give me information on your suit?
  • Sorry o hear you are on of us. You were very lucky to have gotten one enging from Mazda. Does anyone here have a trusted attorney we can get help from starting a Class Action?
  • I have a 2007 mazda 6 3.0 motor blown up at 31K someone had that happen to them?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    I'm sorry, but while you're welcome to share your woes and any solutions you may find, our Membership Agreement prohibits using the Forums to organize lawsuits.


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  • My Story is very similar to yours 109K miles engine blows up and my life is in tatters. The dealer wanted $9,000 plus for a new motor, $6,700 for reconditioned. This is what my 2005 6 is worth. it's a no win situation.
  • WOW your quote is extremely high. I have twice changed the motor in my 2007 Mazda 6 for less than $3000 including laboe. I found the engines on and a local mechanic changed it. $3000 total.

    Mazda sucks! I've owned 7 Mazdas and never again after the way they treated me over this "in warranty" issue. Shame on Mazda. Avoid, avoid avoid Mazda everyone.
  • I have meticulously maintained my 03 mazda 6, 4 cylinder and at 100k the motor started knocking and i checked the oil and none on the dipstick. i was very upset considering i had just changed it 3k prior to the. why does't a 2003 car or newer have a check oil light on it makes no sense. so i replaced the motor with a 64k engine for 2800 installed. i do all the work on the car myself so thats why im dumbfounded!!!!!. many people are considering a class action A lawsuit against mazda and im with em. i paid 25k for this car with 5 miles on it new and shouldn't have had this problem. please get back to me and let me know what ya think
  • make sure ur checking ur oil constantly now this exact same thing happened to me and just put a used mi\otor in for 3k. this problem is bigger than anyone of us can handle im starting to contact lawyers if anyone is interested or with me. this company blows. why cant anyone do thier job right anymore and own up to the fact they put a subpar product out
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    edited December 2010
    Nice to see you read the Membership Agreement, which FORBIDS this!!

    In fact, you only need to look back only a few posts by one of the Hosts:
    I'm sorry, but while you're welcome to share your woes and any solutions you may find, our Membership Agreement prohibits using the Forums to organize lawsuits.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Thanks for that reminder - post removed.

    I'm not sure why everyone gets in a big toot to organize a class action suit anyway. The settlement awards to individuals are always much less than what a consumer could generally get by fighting on their own, and they can take years to resolve. This is fantastic, as long as you are willing to wait 3 years to be awarded 2 free oil changes. :confuse:


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  • yes i know the feeling just yesterday 8k over warranty mazda says can't help me what a joke first mazda and last.
  • I'm having problems with my Mazda 2.0 Engine. Less then 2 years has passed since i bought it, and i have driven 61000km till now. I started to notice big smoke coming out of the exaust pipes so i send it to a service center.
    They changed the oil and they saw that the oil was mixed up with the petrol. The problems according to them was one of the fuel injectors, which was coused by the dirt in the petrol.
    Its a funny thing to hear since there is a filter who is supposed to do this job, and a petrol leak in the oil is unaceptable.
    They simple cleaned the injector, filled up the engine with new oil and told me to keep an eye on the oil level. So i checked it out after 3 days and i've noticed that it raised again which means that there is still a leak. I've also noticed then when i put the engine in neutral and drive in downhill, the mazda spends up to 9 l, even that the GASS pedal is not pressed at all.
    I left it in the service center, and im waiting for a fix. I'm not planing to pay anything, and if the problems appear again im planing to sue mazda.
    I live in Macedonia, and if you know any good lawyer that can help me, please inform me,
    I loved my Mazda 6 very much but not any more.
  • I read your original post and skipped to the last page. I've never heard of a warranty requiring a vin number on a receipt. That's insane. Glad I read this thread. I won't be buying a mazda.
  • mazda62008jtmazda62008jt Posts: 4
    edited February 2011
    I have recently acquired the same problem and Mazda USA says I am Out of Warranty.Offered no help and i got this Mazda 6 2008 in OCt.1,2009 at Champion Used cars in Houston,Tx .It was running good ,I have did oil changes every 4months at Walmart and check my stick often .No problems till now ,BLOWN ENGINE.I read all you guys blog about this car and I am trying to locate some Washington Help on this Problem with Mazda USA.I will get to you all when I do find any kind of help. I have an idea lets all start an internet signup to protest these engines in 2003-2008 Mazda 6's,HuH?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    If by Washington help you mean government help, then there is already such a "protest site."

    That's where you should report vehicle issues. If enough people report the same issue, they'll do an investigation.

    You are, of course, welcome to start your own website, but you wouldn't be permitted to promote that site here.


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  • mkay2540mkay2540 Posts: 2
    I am heartbroken! I, too, purchased the car new & did all the warranty maintenance & oil changes. All I ever had to do was routine maintenance-brakes, tires, etc. My 6 has slightly less than 80K miles. I loved my car right up until yesterday when the engine blew. I was quoted $5400 for a new engine. I was also told that I "may" need to replace the catalytic converter and the computer but they can't tell for sure because they have to have the engine running. Is that true? They also asked me if I had run out of oil recently. I had oil changed in the fall and there is still oil in it. So the answer is NO, I did not run it out of oil! I've been out of work for while & returned to college. I don't have 6 grand to fix this. Oh, look---there's an ad right next to this post for the 2011 Mazda6 0% APR. Think I'll just go buy a new one. NOT!!!!
  • racefanf1racefanf1 Posts: 35
    Sorry to hear about your Mazda 6 engine. Mazda will do nothing to help you. $5400 is about what I was quoted too. I replaced mine with a used engine for $1200 + $1000 labor. I had t do it twice so far. Car is nice engine is junk and Mazda knows is and is doing nothing until people sue them. I'm a Quality Assurance Manager and I know about quality systems and Mazda is hiding from this one. Shame shame shame on Mazda. avoid Mazda at all costs. They suck!

    I don't know if you guys heard about this but spiders are pulling an all-out assault on our car engines. After analyzing discussions that I have had with others, we can only conclude that Honda has bio-engineered a new sub-species of spider with the capability to not only locate, but to also destroy the engine by laying their acid-laden webs in the evaportative canister line. Now is the time to act.

    One testable theory to explore how we can potentially extricate these spiders was posited by "William" (name omitted for confidentiality purposes). He believes that a simple fix to the problem at hand would be to release birds into the engines to decimate the spider population. The next obvious question then is what are the exact dimensions of the engine so that we can gather a sizeable population of birds who can maneuver through the twisted metal labyrinth of the engine. The problem with this, however, is once thespiders are gone, then the engines will be infested with birds. Not a problem. Next we will release snakes into the engines to devour the remaining birds. After the snakes are done, we will need the assistance of many mongoose to get the snakes. I am not sure what feeds on the mongoose in the wild, so I will assume any large apex predator would work (i.e. polar bears) so we will use polar bears to finally remove the mongoose infestation.

    This is obviously the best strategy to combat those bastards at Honda. Now, it's up to Nissan to front the money and manpower to issue each owner of a recalled car a population of size-specific birds, a population of bird-eating snakes, one or two mongoose, and a polar bear. I think it is the least they can do. Please fix my engine.

    P.S. Is acquirement a real word? I would personally use acquisition but there has been much debate. Thank you, lords of industry.
  • My 2006 Mazda Engine finally got repaired. Despite perfect maintenance the engine blew up. I wish we all could get together and do something.
  • Yea,don't feel left out me too,mine blew 02-17-2011mazda 6-2008-69000mi,cll mazda can't help ,9k over my last of Mazda forever.If anyone out there start a class action plz contact me too
  • hey ,I just replace my engine,but I read r post on chnging PCV vavle,Fluids,etc,Thanks I'll do that on this engine.JoAnne
  • I will keep this engine i just boughtfor 6mths and i will get myself a Hyundai SUV,mazda6 sucks!!!!!
  • bflo6bflo6 Posts: 2
    I think the posts are all similar. My son has a 2005 Mazda 6 - it was off the road and in the garage for one year. I would go start it periodically because he was out of town. The engine blew after about six months when I tried to start it and replacement was $3700. Mazda would not take care of it. They said he didn't take care of the car. Before that he fought to have the catalytic converter fixed. The car has been problemetic from the day he bought it. He wrote corporate office they more or less laughed at the request because of his mileage of 91,000. Hope this replacement engine lasts a bit. :cry:
  • knight_ruknight_ru Posts: 10
    out of curiosity - for you first generation Mazda6 owners who have had engines blown - do you have the 6 cyl or the 4 cyl.

    Thanks in advance.
  • bflo6bflo6 Posts: 2
    For the record - between our family members this is the 12th Mazda to be owned. No other Mazda had problems anything like this one. This one as well as all the others were 4 cylinder engines
  • mkay2540mkay2540 Posts: 2
    I thought I was done dealing with this, but my saga the way, the engine I have is the V6. So, Episode II. I go to the dealer in tears over the loss of my '04. I'm unemployed I can't afford a new engine. What am I gonna do? Dealer says, Hey, we can get in a lease-no money down. You have some money in the bank we can put down as income. Not liking the idea, but no money, no job, not too many options for a vehicle. So okay. I got a new 2011 Mazda6 because they are the only dealer who would finance me. Couldn't use the 04 as trade in-they didn't want it with no engine. (Yah, well, that's why I'm here!)
    A few days later I go to tow the 04 off their lot and guess starts right up! WTF? I take it to a back-yard mechanic I know & tell him to find out what's going on. He is in the process of tearing it down, but he has told me I don't need a new engine! He thinks it may be a bad rod bearing.
    My question: Do they have really bad mechanics or is this a new way to sell cars?
    Now, if it was spiders in the engine I would dump the car like, snap, right now. Can NOT deal with spiders AT ALL! I'd have nightmares driving it! Arachnaphobia!!
  • I'm not sure how money in the bank counts as income. Not sure it was the best choice to lease a new with no job. I would have used the money in the bank to repair the existing car.
  • urkurk Posts: 1
    Did you find out what the problem was? My engine has been consuming excessive oil. In the shop now. Can't figure out what it is. Please help...
  • Define excessive. How many miles? More Infomation??

    Possibilities of oil comsumption are leak, valve wear, piston ring wear, PVC problem, valve cover leak, head gasket failure and probaly several other possibilities I haven't listed.

    Bottom line is let your shop diagnose the problem. On line posters cannot diagnose your problem only list possibilities which may or may not have happened to them and which may or may not be your problem.
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