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Rattle underneath 2003 Envoy

jaadsilverjaadsilver Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in GMC
Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I’ve had a place look at it and they were just really baffled. They even took the gas tank “down” and adjusted it and the rattle noise is still there. It really does it moreso when you slowly accelerate and on bumpy “side” roads.

Any suggestions?


  • maybe a silly question but i don't know much about cars in the front end are there shocks and struts or are the both one part :confuse: :confuse:
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Your Envoy has struts up front and shocks in the back. I had rattling issues on my 2002 Envoy and found that it was the front suspension links that had worn out. In the old days these links had grease points that let you grease them every time you changed the oil. Now, they are sealed from the factory and wear out. I replaced the links and the noise went away. If they go too long, the tie rods can also wear as a result of the bad links. I had to replace tie rods as well. After it was all done it was as quiet and tight as new. All could have been avoided if there had been the old fashioned links that allowed grease to be added. Good luck!
  • Have you had them look at the spare tire, its only held up by a stainless steel cable and mine had come loose creating a rattle over bumps, also had the door pins replaced at they were worn causing me grief

  • irishblueirishblue Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Envoy and have continuously dealt with the rattling noises from beneath the car. I have taken it to numerous GM dealerships, and each time they say it is something different. The problem has never been fixed, and I continue with my frustration over the mysterious source of this I drive a rattle-trap down the roads of Detroit. Sad. (I'd like to add that each GM dealership I have visited has been a nightmare to deal with. As a born-and-raised Michigan gal, I've tried to remain loyal to American car makers, but this last vehicle has pushed me over the edge. How many more customers can GM and the others afford to lose before they finally get it. Customer service is everything!)
  • I have a rattle that seems to originate from right behind the steering wheel, and maybe closer to the wheel arch. It sound like a metal heat shield that is rattling against something - it only happens on bumps. Crawled under the car and did not find any loose heat shields that were obvious.

    In addition to that, I now have developed a 'howling' noise from the front end, almost as if the 4WD is permanently engaged when it is not.

    Could they be related in some way? If I bring it in to a shop, what areas should I ask them to focus on?

  • We had a rattle in our Envoy which made it sound like a log wagon. It was particularily noticable when turning to enter our driveway.

    The dealer replaced the front bearings and this did absolutely nothing.

    On an internet board a member suggested that I open the driver's door and jump up/down on the sill. This duplicated the problem.

    Turns out the bumpstops under the hood needed to be adjusted. A no cost fix.
  • try greasing hood pin that are on the radiator support between the radiator its the two plastic pins that aligns the hood to the fender it sounds like a squeak or a rattle.
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