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Kia Sedona Squeaks, Rattles and other Noises



  • I have. For me, the Check light also came on at the same time. Blinking at first, then solidly lit. I also noticed that I wished the transmission would downshift to accomodate the incline, correct? Yes, it has happened, but it has never materialized into a recurring problem. Believe it or not, it could simply be that your gas cap isn't screwed on properly or tight enough. Check that.
  • Yes the check engine light did blink and then stayed on for two days. It is at the Kia dealer today and they diagnosed the problem as "too much oil". I kid you not!!! I am somewhat car savy and this is an poor diagnosis to a hesitation problem. They have drained the oil and will be road testing it again tomorrow.

    Our problem has not been consistent enough and could be a gas cap (i hope). It is very strange the two times this hesitation has occurred is on the same hill but approximatley 15,000 miles apart and 1.5 years, that's why the gas cap seems unlikely. Also, the way the van started right back up after sitting a minute leads me to believe the computer reset itself and corrected the problem, but my real concern is that it will cause the van to stall and lose power steering and brakes with my 1 and 3 year children in it!!! That is unacceptable Kia
  • kia8kia8 Posts: 3
    After several useless visits at the dealer I decided that I would not drive this van anymore with that noise...

    In my case the awful squeaking was coming from both panels covering rear wheels inside the car. After spending hours in the back of the van while my wife was driving it (and laughing at me...) I finally found the source of these annoying noises.

    I inserted padding between the plastic and the steel body at 2 places and the noise has (finally) dissapeared.

    location 1 approx 2" behind the place where the 3rd row seat belt is attached (passenger side) close to the floor (it is possible to insert the padding thru the seat belt hole when the bolt is removed)
    location 2 appox 6 inches ahead the place where the 3rd row seat belt is attached
    (driver side) close to the floor (an access trap make this easy)
  • I have a 2008 Kia Sedona that I will have brought to the dealership 3 times on Monday with my TPMS light on. The 1st time I brought it in the service guy told me it was because the Sirius radio that I have in my van was messing with the signal, he cleared the codes, the 2nd time they replaced the sensor and now we are going for trip # 3, anyone had this problem?
  • Kia 8, hoave much padding did you add? What kind of padding did you use? The squeaking is killing me and my wife and it seems to get worse as the temperature get colder.
  • kia8kia8 Posts: 3
    First I should have said that I have a Sedona 2007. So my finding would only be applicable to that generation. In my case the squeaking noise was so bad that I was shy to get people on board. You can get this padding from....your dealer (you can probably find this somewhere else) it is square pieces of 6" x 6" of felt approx 3/8 inches thick (I used 2 pads). In my case the first and probably most important squeak was coming from 2 inches behind the place where the seat belt is bolted to the car body (near the floor). Is your squeaking coming from there? If you remove the bolt and put you finger in you will feel there is a molded stand off that is used to maintain a certain space for electrical harness.Inserting the paddind between this stand off and the steel body cure the problem on the passenger side. For the second place (driver side) I opened the access trap (easy to do with a flat screwdriver) and I inserted a padding way down to the floor I packed it to a point that I saw the plastic moving toward me and Bingo! no more squeak on that side either I hope the same miracle will occur to you...
  • I have been reading a lot about the different noises that these vans have been making. I have what sounds like a jetpack or dieing cow in the back of my van on the passenger side rear. I have had this problem for almost 4 years but it has been REALLY bad this last year. I am also having a problem with my doors locking by themselves and my interior light not staying on when I open the car doors. I have taken the van into the dealership SEVERAL times and each time they tell me they can not dupilcate the noise and therefore there is nothing to fix. Same thing goes for the locking doors. They have supposedly fixed the interior light switch but still am having the problem. Now here is the real problem. We bought the van in Oklahoma and then moved to Washington state. We have now had to move to Canada for my husbands work and I need to get the thing fixed and fixed right. The van only has 46000 miles on it....surely it shouldn't be having all of these issues already (we bought it new in 2004). HELP!! WHAT CAN I DO???? :confuse:
  • I have a squeak and rattle sound in my engine and it is not the belts. They told me to add an additive to the oil. It worked for about 1000 miles but, it's back. Help does anyone have any ideas.
  • This is seriously amazing. I have had the exact same squeaks in my 2006. They have dimmed down somewhat when Kia sent a Chicago rep out to my Ohio dealer to fix the problem. He put the felt in as you said, and replaced all the clips in the back end. The squeak is still there but not half as bad.

    I TOO WAS EMBARRASSED TO HAVE PEOPLE IN MY CAR..It sounded like a chalkboard being scratched.
    I have also had the ignition switch changed, both headlights and a turn signal. I have 36000 on it now.

    Anyway, I should have bought an Odyssey for 50.00 more a month.
  • Is your van under warranty? Any strange noises from the engine should be examined by a mechanic and not ignored or possibly covered over with additives.
  • kia8kia8 Posts: 3
    Happy to ear that I may have help you.

    Concerning the Odyssey... Before this Kia I was driving a Odyssey 2004 (and before that an Accord for 11yrs and I put 300K+ miles on it so I was a fan of Honda products) and this product (Odyssey) has his share of problems too. Awful squeak from the dashboard after 2 years. At 50K miles their was a lot of clunks coming from the front suspension. My sister purchased the same product (Odyssey 2004) and it unbelievable the number of problems (some quite serious) she experienced with it (to a point that she would never buy an Honda anymore)

    Finally in my case the price difference was much more than 50$/months (for a comparable equipped car (my Sedona is fully loaded w leather) it was more
    like 200$/month

    My opinion is that the Kia Sedona is a good van and a good value but unfortunately some detail would need more attention Now that the squeaking noise is gone I pretty happy with my choice and I am 200$ richer every month

    Good luck!
  • i had this, got me in the 3rd seat area and the wife driving.
    sounds like rear bushes but mine was the rear hatch squeaking.
    dealer sorted it out.

    now if they can only fix the pull to the left................................ (all standard stuff tried)
  • Ask your dealer to check the TSB's for the pull. There were some vans with
    a similar problem. Had to do with a misssligned plate above the spring or something similar to that.
  • My 05 Sedona makes a creaking sound when shifting from P to R or P to D. It seems to be coming from the right front wheel area. Any help out there?
  • kttsslkttssl Posts: 1
    I'm currently having the same problem. I have an 04 Sedona, and there is some clicking or thumping noise on the front passenger side. It gets faster as I accelerate. I recently had my tires rotated, but I don't know if that did anything. I've driven ~2000 miles since having the tires rotated, but have only noticed the problem in the past 500 miles or less. Unfortunately my van is not under warranty. (~150,000 miles) please let me know what they say was the problem so that I can move forward with my issue with some type of knowledge. Thanx!
  • vince17vince17 Posts: 19
    Do not drive the vehicle until you have the front coupling or universal checked that connects drivetrain from transmission to both front axeles.You probably need new boots to cover the "knuckle".Not really a tremendous expense,get it done before you have to pay a wrecker for transport,A good tranny repair,auto dealer,even a mienike shop can do it .My guess parts (2 universals 2 boots ,and labor 2hrs) 385 bucks,tell me how you make out,shalome vince17
  • Did you ever get this addressed? I bought a used 05 Sedona 6 months ago. I am having this same issue. Creaking sound from front right when shifting into R from P and from R to D.
  • toonces1toonces1 Posts: 2
    edited December 2010
    When pressing the brake pedal in our 2010 Sedona when the vehicle is in Park, Drive or Neutral, a clicking sound is coming from the area under/around the gear shifter. When in Drive, the clicking sound only occurs when the vehicle is stopped or when the vehicle slows to a near stop (i.e. when coming to stop for a traffic signal/stop sign, etc.). The clicking sound does not occur when the vehicle is in Reverse (and the brakes are applied). Has anyone experienced this issue with a Sedona? If so, what was the resolution/cause? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • I had the same question and asked a mechanic. When you depress the brake or lift off the brake, a switch or something activates in the shifter area. If it is clicking constantly, or even more than once, there may be a malfunction, but if it just makes the sound once, it is a design issue in Sedonas. I guess they haven't changed that part of the design because mine is an '05.
  • 12planes12planes Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2010 Sedona and the tpms was on said they would fix it. Four times they have tried and now the tire pressure light is on also. They will try again . :mad:
  • I have the same issue. Kia nor a trusted mechanic can pinpoint the issue. I think it's either the motor mounts, trans mounts or both. I think I'm going to start throwing parts at it.
  • fatjoefatjoe Posts: 1
    Check your rear license plate frame or the plate itself ours was making the noise you are hearing . Put foam tape behind it and the noise is gone !!
  • deep9deep9 Posts: 1
    can you tell me what brand of silicon based lubricant did you use to get rid of squeaky sound from your Kia sedona hatchback.?
  • burt024burt024 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Kia Sedona with 150,000 miles on it. It makes a creaking noise from the front left when i hit a bump. Originally i though it needed new struts as the tires were also wearing very bad on the very inside of the tire. The more i thought about it though i decided against that as it rides good. If i bounce the front up and down the struts seem fine. I will push it down and it comes back up and stops. No extra bouncing. The tire wear could just be a coincidence and just need alignment. Could it be a bushing making the squeeking/creaking noise?
  • tomssoundtomssound Posts: 1
    edited July 2014

    burt024.. you might try replacing front sway bar end-links. I had a similar issue with my 06 Sedona.. althought it was more like a rattling/clunking issue over bumps on front left. It's a easy fix and not too expensive. Just make sure you jack up both sides of the van to the same level to replace them. And I recommend replacing both sides at the same time.
    Hope that helps.

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