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Lincoln LS 3.9 engine problem



  • lividlsownerlividlsowner Posts: 26
    edited October 2012
    Ok, according to two different Ford/Lincoln Service Managers and other Ford mechanics I have consulted with, Ford changed the warranty after 2002 on the LS's from 50,000 to 100,000 miles due to the faulty coils problems and the loose tensioners or timing chains (those two words are used interchangeably) which results in engine failure. These parts are made of plastic in the 2000, 01, 02 models. Ford KNEW that these were serious problems that caused engine failure and refused to fix the problem after my 50,000 mile warranty expired. My car started having these problems at 55,000 miles. This is why Ford extended the warranty on subsequent models. The problem is related to the timing chains, period and that is according all mechanics that looked at my car and other Ford experts.

    My car is once again experiencing the same engine failure problem and it is because of the loose chains. It is misfiring too, AGAIN after very expensive engine coil and other ignition repairs. IT'S THE TIMING CHAINS, STUPID AND FORD KNOWS IT. I am not in any financial condition to buy a new vehicle or trade it in AND EVEN IF I WERE IT'S THE PRINCIPLE OF THIS MATTER. FORD SHOULD STAND BEHIND THIS PROBLEM FOR THE OWNERS OF 00, 01, AND 02'S. NO IF ANDS OR BUTS ABOUT IT. There are plenty on the road still that are road hazzards!!

    Stop calling people names especially if you have not clue what you're talking about.
  • cmaxcmax Posts: 17
    lividls owner:
    I am in your corner once ford knew they had screwed up and this car is a screwup no doubt.They should make some sort of retitution to the owners of previous LS's after all we were the test samples for their test market car.Dealers do not even want to work on this car.Its got more rattles and shakes than an old 78 olds i have that has close to 500,00 rough miles on it.Construction sites back roads it spent the last 200,00 being more of a work truck.It has some probelms but it has used tires on it,the shocks are 15 tears old the trans leaks a little and i am burning about a qt in or around 1500 miles.I take it on the road because it is a much bettter riding car.
  • Thanks Cartaker. Right now I canceled my insurance on the car because.... well my engine is in serious condition and I just don't have the money to get it fixed right now. It's a shame. I feels sooo cheated and duped by Ford. You're right we were test samples for their test market car and they owe us .

    I know about mechanics not wanting work on this vehicle. It's a MESS and one I have been stuck with and I WANT COMPENSATED FOR ALL MY REPAIRS THUS FAR AND I WANT A NEW CAR THAT IS RELIABLE, they owe me that.

    I filed complaints with Ford/Lincoln back in 2004 and demanded they fix the problem, they refused of course and I file complaints with other consumer rights agencies. This company NEEDS TO BE SUED. We need to start a multi-plaintiff lawsuit against Ford. Thanks for your support, cmax.
  • Most of these LS models have the same engine and electrical failures, whether it be from experience or reading, moving out of gear when in park, ETC Fail Safe Mode, Missing and Sputtering with engine to be rebooted by turning off and turning it back on, Car shutting off while in drive (which I might add is very very unsafe when it happens on bridges and interstates esp with my child on board!!!!), the wobbling from the air the tends to be taken in through the leaking air intake valves which throws off my O2 sensor and again causes sputtering. Lets also go to the over heating and constant mechanical issues thrown off by the computer which was placed in a spot where it is prone to take in moisture and heat, making all these cars eventually have electrical issues confused for coil packs, transmission issues, pcm issues, etc etc spark plugs, whatever they can find to keep you coming back to the dealer for repair. Ok SO PLEASE PLEASE report to the NHTSA, they will investigate these claims and hopefully recall I know Ive invested almost as much in repairs at this point as I have the car itself. Im very sad too being a single mom and having to be "taken" by Ford Motor company I plan on writing the NHTSA on a complaint where I have found hundreds of you folks complaining of the same issues. They must investigate if enough of these complaints roll in. Its wrong, and its a known defect and that particular model has its design flaws Ford is aware obviously lets make them do something about it! PLEASE PLEASE REPORT IT!!! There are only 8 reports on their website despite the many many that are out there online. Forums arent the place..
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    I know dozens of LS owners who are perfectly happy with their vehicles. If you don't like it - GET RID of it and stop complaining. Nobody is forcing you to drive it or keep it.
  • cmaxcmax Posts: 17
    We were dicussing the failure of the ford motor company to recall a vehicle that is a dangerous vehicle to have on the road.The idea that most people can just go and buy another vehicle shows lack of information on your part
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    You can easily trade it for another vehicle at any time. If it was really dangerous you wouldn't be driving it. These cars are 7-13 years old already. Fix it, sell it or park it.
  • Allen, you're talking to a ROCK! Why fix it if you can come to a place like this and gripe and complain? My (my daughter's now ) LS has almost 180K mostly trouble-free miles. My '06 has almost 110K miles and my wife's '06 just over 60K. No rattles, creaks or other annoying sounds; on any of the 3 LSes.

    ANY first year car will have a few bugs, which are fixed as the model years progress; ergo the tensioners (which, BTW, are NOT the same thing as the timing chains) and window regulators. There is NOTHING dangerous about the L (other than the knucklehead behind the wheel). The problem has and will always be coils. The plug needs to be replaced with the coil (NO coil packs, grrrrr.....) as the coils will kill the plug and vice-versa. Yes, the '00-early'02 had tensioner problems. The plastic guide (have to keep the engine quiet) was changed to metal (more engine noise) late in the 2002 model run. The chain skips a tooth when the tensioner breaks and the engine runs rough (DUH!). Fix the tensioners and re-index the chain and the engine will be as good as new. The warranty certainly WAS NOT changed to 80K miles. There was a customer satisfaction program that extended the valve cover gaskets and coils to 10 years or 100K miles. That was only for (IIRC) 03-05 models. Both my '06's came with the basic 4yr/50K mile warranty.

    Simple/basic maintenance will keep these, or any other car, running for a very long time.

    This is why I don't come here often.......
  • lividlsownerlividlsowner Posts: 26
    edited February 2013
    Are you seriously blaming the driver of these vehicles for the manufacturer dangerous defects? A reader with any brains or common sense should know better than give your post any credence.

    Next, since I started this blog concerning Ford's FAILURE TO RECALL THE LS when they knew or should have known that this serious engine failure problem existed and chose to do nothing about it back in 2003 when I contacted them about my 2000 LS, please re-read all my posts concerning pasts engine repairs/replacements, etc. including the ineffective ones you outlined in your uninformed post. I am the original owner of mine and it is setting in my driveway inoperable right now due to another engine failure problem and I am afraid to drive it because it has shut down on me in heavy traffic before. I cannot afford another vehicle right at this time and I am not putting another dime in repairing the vehicle, I want compensation from LINCOLN for their defective product or I WANT a recall. I have all the necessary repair bills to back up my claim and Lincoln has my formal complaint originally filed with them back in 2003. Additionally, it's not a matter of basic maintenance. In fact Lincoln service managers along with other experienced mechanics will attest to the fact this IS A serious engine failure problem AND is unique to Lincoln LS's and Lincoln refuses to stand behind their product safety, preformance, and quality then as well as now. You have no idea what you're talking about, eaircon4jc. Lincoln has known for a very LONG TIME THAT THIS IS A SERIOUS DANGEROUS SAFETY ISSUE AND CHOSE TO IGNORE THE PROBLEM, now National Highway Safety and Transporation Board can do their job.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,054
    whatever you want to want. You'll get what you get.

    Calling the people who respond to your post uninformed tells us much more about you than them. Allen in particular has been posting since the first LSs hit the road and is about the only one of the "old timers" who still takes the time to respond at all. Several of us owned and drove LSs for well in excess of 100K miles with mostly minor issues. Sorry you weren't so fortunate.

    There's no doubt that the demographic of LS drivers has "evolved" considerably since 2000.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    Thanks Steve. I think it's time to put somebody on the ignore list.
  • garthmangarthman Posts: 42
    I have a 2001 (Aug-2000) LS8 Sport with 59,000 original miles. sounding like it's time for secondary timing chain tensioners. Some say the revised tensioners are the same for all 3.9 engines. I'm interested in knowing if this is true as the parts folks believe this might be true.

    Also, I'm looking for the company that made the cold air intake for Brian when he was with The smog inspections are wanting to see a sticker on it so they can pass it through the smog rules. I have the receipt but there's no manufacture info on it or anywhere on the polished intake.
  • cmaxcmax Posts: 17
    I am going to ask a very ignorant question to some but here it goes.Why do you think you need secondary chain tensioners at 59,000.
  • teazie03lsteazie03ls Posts: 1
    Mannnnnn, I have a 03 LS V6 AND have the same problems. I got the car in 06, 75k, 2nd owner. Within a yr or so of obtaining this vehicle, 5 of 6 of my coil packs blew and when the 5th one blew it fried my cpu also. I never knew that so many ppl also have had these same problems and I am experiencing them again. Engine like coming on, miss firing again, engine light blinks sometimes. Please let me know if Ford or Lincoln resolve any of these things or reimburse for these problems. I would also like to be reimbursed for my car repairs since it was not from my driving or my own negligence and for our lives being at risk b/c of some greedy, uncaring ignorance. And in that instance, FoMoCo/Lincoln SHOULD have fixed this problem and not kept manufacturing these cars until the problem had a solution. I mean, I value my life and enjoy living. I for one have actually questioned my own safety in my car and the value of others when driving my LS before because i have had these same problems and symptoms in my car before. Should dont even let my lady drive it w/o me incase something happened while she drove. Sould we LS owners look into a settlement case and take this to court or is it even worth it for us? What does it take? Signatures, enough complaints, DEATH? Obviously there is a lot of this going down w/ our specific vehiciles and should not have to go through these problems. PLEASE KEEP ME INFORMED WITH ANY INFO → ←
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,004
    I checked into it when I had my LS, and I think Ford just covered replacing the coils on some V8 models.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • cmaxcmax Posts: 17
    This car is almost perfect the only thing is a safety recall that had to do with the wheels falling off.The rest of the problems ford produced a lot of repair bulletins but no recalls that they felt obligated to stand behind apparently.Your wasting you time even the trained mechanics want to run.The coils and timing chain guides seem to be of low quality and probably the fact that (to my knowledge)no deaths were found to be caused by these issues,ford just walked away.If you like the car as i do just be prepared to pay a minimum of $500.00 plus at any time .If you do not get rid of it and move on,its not worth staying on the edge of your seat all the time. If you cannot afford another carat this time,just do the best you can and not stay upset.
  • garthmangarthman Posts: 42
    There's a slight noise in that area. Considering the age of the vehicle and the known tensioner problems that will develop, I trust the nylon is on it's way off of the metal plunger itself.
  • lividlsownerlividlsowner Posts: 26
    edited July 2013
    This is Livid LS owner and I finally got my nearly 10 year old problem fixed on my 2000 LS and it drives like a beauty. I am suing Ford/Lincoln for compensatory damages. I would love to sue for more like mental anquish, time, etc., but I'll settle for all my money back to fix a problem that should not have existed in the first place. ): Ford/Lincoln knowingly AND with careless disregard for the safety, financial welfare, vehicle engine reliability of the potential owner/operators DID manufacture, assemble, distribute, and sell 2000,01, & 02 Lincoln LS's with defective engine parts (including plastic substandard flimsy tensioners, primary chain guides, and cam chains) causing serious engine failures on many different occasions in the past 10 years for this owner. I have a name of a mechanic in Illinois who knows the fix so if any of you LS owners want his name, it will be available on public record after my lawsuit is over or I will provide his name then on this thread. The mechanic took his time researching to find the fix. He's reasonable too. Good luck all you LS owners. Piece of advice, do not allow mechanics to change your ignition coils valve cover gaskets, spark plug boot in hopes that will take care of your missing cylinder problems. Lincoln knew or should have known that defective tensioners, chain guides, and cam chains are the direct cause of the engine failures in this vehicle. Last piece of advice, don't listen to cmax on this thread he or she is a shill for Ford/Lincoln.
  • garthmangarthman Posts: 42
    What does your mechanic have to say about the intended fault assembly on chains etc?

    My understanding is, if you catch the secondary chain tensioner failure before the nylon comes off, is wound through the 2ndary chain and sprockets (stretching the chain) then that crushed nylon drops down onto the primary chain and/or tensioners causing more chain and tensioner damages before all the residue ends up at the bottom of the front cover area. Some folks are lucky, the nylon comes off, does not grind past the 2ndary sprockets etc and free falls to the bottom of the front cover.

    With that, the noise of the upper chain and tensioner are loud enough to alert the owner/driver something is wrong enough to no longer run the motor and seek repair. Those who aren't that lucky and both tensioners/chains are damaged, the resulting damage is from the pistons striking the valves bending them. Once that is done, the heads have to come off both side and the job is likely going to cost more than the vehicle is worth.
  • ezaircon4jcezaircon4jc Posts: 793
    There was NEVER a recall for the wheels falling off. The recall was for a possible wrong torque spec on a upper ball joint. The ONLY recall in the LSes production run.
  • cmaxcmax Posts: 17
    Why were they worried about the proper torgue?I have also heard of owners having the wheels fall off.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    They found out that the factory equipment and/or operator allowed some to leave the factory with improper torque specs so they had to check all of the ones produced in that timeframe to be safe.
  • iamdbldiamdbld Posts: 1
    Hey Livid - I am thinking of buying an 2002 with 135K miles on it. They did not say they had a coil problem but I'm worried it going to come up. How much was the fix by your mechanic? And how can I get his name/number in case I need him.
  • My LS began its serious engine failure troubles which were misdiagnosed as coil problems at just over 50K mark. Yes, you should be worried. I can't discuss the facts of my car's history at this time due to pending litigation. Ask the owner(s) if they've ever had extensive engine work done on the vehicle and get a Carfax report on the vehicle. Have a legal professional write up a Bill of Sale with a clause committing the seller to any claims made about the vehicle concerning its repair history. Some states allow for refunds on a sale between private parties if the seller has misrepresented the item being sold. Check with your local state statutes. Good luck.
  • My issue is the engine light keeps going on went off for a little while but came back on how can I fix the issue with out getting the run around from mechanics
  • My engine is jumping a little from time to time plus I'm having a electrical issue with my power windows and door locks I can only control them from my driver side door control..please help .
  • I have a 2002 lincoln ls 3.0 v6 with approximately 113k on it. I have changed the egr pressure sensor, all spark plugs and coils, and o2 sensors. It is at the shop right now and the mechanic is stumped. He's done tests on the computer, the wires that control the injectors, the ignition coils, and the injectors themselves and said all were ok. However, the engine is not firing on the passenger side. What else could possibly be the problem?????? Please help!
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,018
    My first thought would be a wiring problem since it's likely all of the wires for one side come together somewhere before being combined with the other side going back to the PCM. Second thought would be the PCM but I don't understand why that would affect one side of the engine only. If you could get a spare PCM to swap that would tell you for sure. But I would start with the wiring between the coils and the PCM.
  • My condolenscence, shanahd. My engine was doing the same thing for years with the same ole worthless repairs you've mentioned. However, since I had the these parts replaced no prob: plastic substandard flimsy tensioners, primary chain guides, and cam chains. My left side was misfiring for a long time and now it's smooth sailing no more chugging. The work is not cheap, but if you feel your vehicle is worth then, I have a mechanic who can do the work for you. Let me know, he's in Illinois. Lincoln really bit the big one on the LS's and they will not stand behind them not now or back when my car had much fewer miles. They knew the problem existed and have left we owners to our own devices suggesting that they have no responsibility to stand behind these engines even though so many are experiencing the same problems. I will never buy another Lincoln. I paid a premium for a luxury car and got Pinto quality in return.
  • I purchased this car new in 2004. It was good for the first couple of years. When the car had 45,000 miles on it 3 coils went. It was still under warranty. At 65000 miles the rest of the coils went and it was not under warranty. In 2010 when the car was only 6 years old and had 92,000 miles on it the seals were leaking and the compressor on the AC went. There had been minor things as well during the 6 years that were annoying as well. I got rid of this car in 2010 as it was not worth fixing (Forgot to mention the Transmission was slipping as well). I did not drive this car hard and it was always serviced at the dealer,
    I had two Ford Products before this and they were great. Lincoln would have to come up with the best warranty out there before I would consider another one. I now have a Lexus and am very happy with the quality of it.
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