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Nissan security plus warranty how much did you pay?



  • twiggy2twiggy2 Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2009 Murano SL with all the luxury add ons (navigation, tech package, etc.) I'm trying to decide if I should pay for the extended gold warranty. The dealership offered me a 7 yr. / 70K mile deal with a $50 deductible at over $2,300. That seems outrageous!!

    Does anyone else have any recent comparisons?

    Really appreciate the insight.
  • saffihsaffih Posts: 1
    Can you please let me know if I can purchase this contract and what do you mean in your message? please contact me ASAP thanks
  • I paid $1192 for an 84 mos / 70,000 mile Nissan Security Plus plan for my 2009 Altima.

    I found the following link that will provide free price quotes and the actual contract (from a Nissan dealer in Ga.) I would suggest using this link for comparison purposes:

    Here are the prices I received for a 2009 Altima (from the above link). This info let me know that I obtained a fair price from my local dealer for my service warranty.

    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 72 mo. 100,000 mi. 0 Deductble $1,677
    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 72 mo. 100,000 mi. 50 Deductble $1,513
    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 84 mo. 70,000 mi. 0 Deductble $1,647
    Nissan Security+Plus Gold 84 mo. 70,000 mi. 50 Deductble $1,483
  • tnicoltnicol Posts: 1

    I paid $2899 for the gold plan, after paying $2000 for a lesser plan a month ago. And was told it was not optional, but required for the financing. I told them I didn't want it, but they refused to remove it. I think I need a lawyer.

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