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Toyota Tundra Maintenance and Repair



  • tymtotrntymtotrn Posts: 10
    well, you got me on the purge question because I don't know very much about any of that stuff. I heard from a toyota tech here in El Paso that when they plug up their tool into your ECU, they can get a read out from your computer telling them if you need to change fluid in tranny or not. I wouldnt mess with it unless you were absolutely sure it needed replacing. sounds to soon. There are several air coolers(one for the oil, and one for the tranny) that are located in the engine compartment and the under carriage of your Tundra. They allow the oil and tranny fluid to be cooled using air, therefore increasing fluid life.

    My Unichip was 787.00 and the AFE cold air intake was 299.00... well worth it.

    don't forget, the computer on your tundra is so advanced and well thought up, that it adapts to your driving habits. fill up, and from the minute you start it up till the next fill up drive easy with no jack rabbit starts. avoid depressing the accelerator all the way down,or even 1/2 way down, and try not to speed. you will notice you should get 13+ mpg in city with the air on.
    Now fill up and drive more aggressively and make sure you floor it a few times while you blow by someone. you will immediately notice that the engine shifts at a higher RPM. Thats because you are teaching it too. you wont get more than 11-12MPG in the city with the air on. I get 13.5-14.7MPG in the city with the air on, in stop and go traffic. The chip and cold air intake allow me to just tap the gas pedal with my toe, because the engine is so responsive. You think ur Tundra is fast stock--imagine 40+ more hp and almost 50+ more torque. good luck
  • bbc123bbc123 Posts: 5
    That's some good info to know. Thanks! Another reason for my poor mileage is that my work requires my using my laptop computer & printer, a lot most days. I run them off an inverter, which I have wired direct, from the battery. Works great, but except for short use periods, it requires that I leave the engine running, a lot of the time. Of course, the "average mileage" reading, on the LED display will always reflect this, and show very, very poor mileage. However, on the highway, my Tundra will not average even 14 mpg, with AC on. By far most of my miles are highway miles. I live in a small town, and don't use the Tundra much, for driving in town. My wife's Sequoia, (also a 2008, with same engine & gear ratio, but 2WD) will average nearly 20 mpg, on the highway, and very good in town also.
    Anyway, I'll look into the products that you mentioned. Even at nearly $1,100, it would pay out, if I keep the Tundra for a long time (& I plan to).
    I guess I'll wait a while on the fluids, for a while longer. Thanks again!
    Bob :)
  • bbc123bbc123 Posts: 5
    I just stumbled across SLR Performance chips. Wow! The testimonials sound great, the company claims are great. The price is $69.99!!
    How can this chip do what they claim? Sounds as good as the $700-$900 ones. What can anyone tell me about these?
  • Hello,

    I just replaced my timming belt on my 05 4x4 limmited tundra 4.7L myself. Not hard to do, just time consuming. I followed a chiltons manual and researched online. Bought parts from costing around 250.00 if I'm not mistaken. There are a few tricks you need to know which the chiltons manual explains, one for example is when you put the belt back on there are marks on the belt and cam sprockets that not only need to be lined up but a second set of marks labeled T that you need to line up in order to take the slack out of the belt correctly. Another helpfull hint is to have an airgun with at least 480lbs ft torque to get the crank pully bolt off. I had only a 250lbs ft torque air gun and it didn't get it, had to barrow my brothers gun to do the job. When you feel that you have installed the belt correctly, I advise you turn the crank pully with a hand wrench on the pulley bolt two complete turns to see if the timming marks line up agian, if so you should be good. You can destroy your engine if you try to crank it and the belt is not installed properly, so doing this by hand can save you. Hope this helps, good luck.
  • Hey bbc,
    I have an '08 Tundra 5.7L with air intake cooler and Gibson performance exhaust. The two improvements push my horsepower up to around 400hp, improve torque, and I'm getting 20mpg on the highway. Around town I can get up to 16mpg but tend to give that throaty exhaust a work out which is also lots of fun. Hope it helps.
  • My 08 tundra has a faint rotational noise i think is spedometer cable as it seems to come from dash.
  • My 2006 Tundra makes that annoying clicking Noise as well - I really hear it as I slow down about 8-9 mph and sometimes I hear it at around 31 mph. I have it serviced at Larry Miller Toyota Boulder and they can not figure it out. First I paid $600 as they told me it needed a new front bearing - NO IT didn't - then last week I brought it back after another 2,000 miles and they replaced a rear bearing - still did not fix it - Now, they tell me that it is in the Front differential - WHATEVER. Very frustrated - Great truck other than that - The service on this truck from the dealer is poor - they are stumped and I am frustrated.

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