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2008 Toyota 4Runner

gmgarman1gmgarman1 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Three weeks ago I bought my first 08 sports edition 4runner. (Before I always had explorers) and I have a few questions and I hope someone can help me answer them. First how many miles does it take to break it in? Second when you put it in 4-wheel high do all 4runners make a loud clunk noise? (I always had all-wheel drive explorers). What is the best kind of oil, normal, synthetic, semi-synthetic to use? Also if anyone cares the vehicle listed for 37,500 and I paid 31,500 and it’s fully loaded for the sports edition. Anyone with answers is greatly appreciated, thanks!



  • First, congrats Gary on your new'll love it!

    Break-in (engine) is about 500 miles.
    Don't worry about the clunk when going into 4WD, that's normal.
    I use synthetic oil, Amsoil to be exact. I waited till I had about 2,000 miles before going full synthetic. I did the first oil/filter change (using dino oil) at 500 miles.

    Sounds like a nice price paid!
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Our '08 only has 700 miles on it so far, but it doesn't make any sounds when shifting from 2-H to 4-H (and, believe me, with the weather we're getting we've had to use 4-wheel drive often). As the previous poster said, it might be normal, but you might want to have the dealer check it out just in case.

    Break-in is 500 miles according to owner's manual. Also, the scheduled maintenance guide recommends oil changes every 5,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. The dealer provided a tour of the service facility for new Toyota owners, and I asked a mechanic about the first oil change. He said they are building engines so good these days that it can wait until 5,000 miles.

    It took a couple of hours, but sitting down and reading the manuals that came with the vehicle really helped. Turned every page. Having not owned a 4-wheel drive vehicle before, I needed to reread the sections regarding 4-L and differential locking.

    That was a heck of a buy you had on an '08 Sport Edition. Especially when the dollar is plummeting against the yen. I'm impressed!!
  • The clunk might be the slip driveshaft for the front diff. That is a problem with the 4R's.
    Grease with a good synthetic grease.

    I must, respectfully, disagree with the previous post.
    I've been in the auto/truck industry for over 30 years. While Toyota does make one heck of an engine, you still have metal parts floating around from machining of the engine. Even though new engines are washed to remove these filings, they are still present. In every engine made....
    So yes, I always recommend to EVERYONE that the first oil change be done at 500 miles.
    5000 miles is really pushing it for dino oil, I still recommend every 3000 miles.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I was prepared to order a Mitsu Outlander XLS but changed my mind when I saw that the rear seats do not fold flat to keep level with the third seat that indeed folds flat into the car’s floor.
    A friend has recommend me to try the 4Runner with a third row of seats, but a review made by Edmunds said that the third seat does not fold flat in the 4 Runner. This is a terrible disappointment for me because I am looking for a “macho” image car with the second and third row of seats folding flat onto the car’s floor, something like the Subaru Tribeca. You guys that have already experience with 4Runner could you tell me if this is correct, i.e. third row does not fold flat. If there is a step left when the seats is folded, how much is it in inches? Is the third row of seats easily detached? Help much appreciated.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I am more than puzzled when I review the specification of items that help the ride of off road cars when the car indeed adventures off road. These items are: Transfer case, center differential, limited slip differential centre, locking differential, locking hubs and descent control. A reviewer in Edmunds said that the Nissan Pathfinder competes with the 4Runner in off road ability but when I review these items (“off road”) the Nissan has only: Transfer case, and locking hubs. So, how can the Nissan compete with the 4 Runner? What the Nissan has is the same as the crossover Highlander. What does the Nissan have that replaces all these items to make it equal to the 4Runner?
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    The third row seats in a 4Runner do not fold flat. Actually, they're kind of weird. They fold up to the side rear windows. Probably not what you want at all. I understand they aren't difficult to remove.

    My wife and I were disappointed at all the entries that had the towing capacity we needed whose second row seats didn't fold entirely flat (we didn't really want third row seats). The pictures on websites and brochures are deceiving. They look flat, but when you actually see them in person, well, it's a different story.

    We needed something that would hold both kennels for our golden retrievers. The 4Runner's second row doesn't fold 100% flat, but at 95% its better than a Ford Exploder and close enough that I could put a towel under one edge as a shim to make that one kennel perfectly level.

    The Subaru crossover is nice, and the Chrysler Sto 'n 'Go would have been perfect, but we wanted a 4-wheel drive with an honest-to-goodness truck chassis for towing a boat and getting it out of the launch area.
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Your questions require an in-depth analysis of 4-wheel drive systems, and I doubt if there are too many here prepared to provide that for you. If you are thinking of investing the kind of money a 4Runner costs, it might be best to get that information from real authorities on the subject by doing some hard research.

    Overall, there's really no comparison between an all-wheel drive crossover built on a car "chassis" (eg, Highlander) and a 4-wheel drive built on a truck chassis (eg, Pathfinder, 4Runner).
  • I am about to buy a 2008 V8 2wd 4runner. Does the V8 use regular gas? Also I'll be towing a 7ft wide x 21ft long vee front trailer that weighs about 5500 to 6000 lbs. The V8 is supposed to have a rated towing capacity of 7300 lbs. Does anyone have experience towing a trailer in this size range? Is the power adequate? And is it stable?
    Does it bring the back of the 4runner way down? I have been pulling it with a V8 Grand Cherokee and it has been ok as long as the weight in the trailer is distributed properly.Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The V8 is fine with regular gas. You'll get more power with premium, however.

    I haven't towed that much with my 4Runner. When I got mine, the Limited trim model had the option of air-suspension in the rear. With your towing needs, I would definitely get the air suspension.

    But with the weight you are going to tow, I'd be looking at a bigger vehicle.
  • I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a kit where you can turn the hood scoop on my 08 sports editions into a functional ram air. Also my disappointments in my 4runner, the fact that the lock/windows buttons aren’t lit up at night which makes them hard to find and you can’t turn the back lights inside the vehicle on without opening the door or having someone flip the switch. Minor things but things I always used and liked in my explorer.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    I don' know of a commercial kit available for this, but I know it's been done by someone on another forum. He put some fine mesh screen in the hood scoop and then routed some hoses in to the air filter box.

    I too came out of an Explorer, and your right about the switches but it's a minor thing.

    I now have 45,000 miles on my 4Runner, and unlike my Explorer (2002-V6 2WD) it hasn't been back to the dealer for any warranty work. And unlike the Explorer, it has great refinement.

    Good luck!
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