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Mazda CX-9 Audio, iPod, Bluetooth, MP3, AUX questions



  • lwb3lwb3 Posts: 5
    We have a new CX9 Sport. Im able to set up the bluetooth to work with the Handsfree phone part of my Iphone, but not the audio. I only see the phone icon on the display screen and the BT audio function is not there. On my 2010 CX7 and my 2011 Mazda 3, the Bluetooth audio works just great. Any ideas, Ive tried setting it up a couple of times and have had no luck.

    Thanks for your help
  • lwb3lwb3 Posts: 5
    Nope, still waiting. I havent been able to figure it out. From the manual, Im getting the impression that its not available unless you have the higher end system. Seems weird that both of my other Mazdas worked fine and this, the higher end vehicle on their line, doesnt offer it as standard on all models.
  • buddy938buddy938 Posts: 3
    BT audio is not available in Sport but optional on Touring and Grand Touring
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 160
    In the months since you posted this, did you find a solution? We have the same complaints about the Bose system - it's not "horrible", but it's definitley sorely lacking - no separation, muddy, just not very lively. Has anyone had luck just switching out the dash speakers? I'm probably not in the market for a complete replacement, and I'd definitley like to keep the stock head units for the stock look and bluetooth connectivity
  • cubanomxcubanomx Posts: 6
    Hi, I'm upgrading the audio of my CX-9 Sport. Unfortunately, i don't have the BOSE factory audio, so I'm planning to:

    - install a active subwoofer (Kenwood)
    - install a 4 channel amplifier (Pioneer)
    - upgrade all my 6 speakers (2 mid/high at front, 4 speakers at doors)

    Before start, I have some questions:

    - do you know the size of the speakers?
    - do you know where I can find a guide to remove speakers from the doors?
    - do you know if the Sport model Head unit have line out connectors?

    Thanks in advance for any response and I'm wondering if you upgrade any audio item in your cx9.

  • mfsign60mfsign60 Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    I just bought a CX9 and everything works perfect except for my iPhone 4S (iOS vers 5.1.1).
    It connects to the handsfree and audio bluetooth too. But, it doesnt show the data of the playlist, such as name of music, artist, folder... etc.
    Is this fixable? If so, does anyone have any idea how to fix it?
    Any other suggestions?
  • bdub3bdub3 Posts: 3
    mfsign60 -

    I'm a new CX-9 GT owner myself and I noticed the same issue that you reported (No song metadata shows on the stereo display). Did you happen to find any answers since your post on 5/22?

    On a related note, my wife and I both have iPhones (latest OS version). We have both iPhones paired with the CX-9, and we now understand how to switch between them, but the iPhones show up with a name of "UNKNOWN" on the display and it would be nice to name the devices (i.e. Tom's iPhone, Carrie's iPhone). Have you been able to name your iPhone during the pairing process?

    Thank you
  • ak1900ak1900 Posts: 3
    Hi There,

    Just wondering if there is any limit to number of entries in the
    Phone book ? I synced my Android based Samsung phone but not
    all entries are getting loaded into the system. First time it downloaded
    60% of the entries. So I deleted the device and added the device
    again. This time it exited after say 20% entries. I have around 1700
    names in the phone book with multiple phone numbers in each one.
    Is there a limit ?

    Let me know...Thanks in advance..
  • I have a 2007 CX-9 Bose/Navi. It has worked fine until recently. The bluetooth just seems to have disappeared. None of our phones detect any signal. Does anyone know what has happened or what I can do about it? Thanks
  • Has anyone else experienced a problem with the dash speakers on the CX9 working intermittently, They generally work when I first start the CX9 and will often times cut out as I am driving down the road. I have removed both speakers and re-installed them just to make sure the connections were not loose but that has not solved the problem. Would it be something with Amp located in the back, and if so how do I get that amp. The audio sounds great when they work and terrible when they don't.
  • I have a 2011 Touring model that was purchased used without Sirius service installed. Do I need to purchase a tuner/antenna package from Mazda to hook Sirius up to the factory unit or would one of the aftermarket tuners available from Sirius work? I had a hard time determining if the tuners on the Sirius site were even compatible as 1) I don't know the brand of radio in the Mazda (it's not the Bose unit) and 2) I don't know if the factory unit is considered a)Sirius/XM-ready, b)Siruis-ready, c) XM-ready, or d) SAT Radio-ready. Apparently, this is important as the tuner I found is compatible only with a but not b, c or d.

    Also, does the 2011 still have the issues found in earlier years with Sirius making bluetooth and/or the aux jack inoperable? And is there still the need to purchase a ground loop insulator when using the aux jack like in earlier years?
  • brendwalbrendwal Posts: 1
    Just picked up an '08 CX-9 GT with Navigation, Bose, and DVD Ent system. From what I can tell, it has almost every option. But dammed if I can find (not on the dash!) a CD Player! Can't find a 6-CD changer in the back anywhere either. How am I supposed to play an Audio CD? Reach behind me and put it in the DVD player on the roof?! That sounds too bizarre.
    Also, when I open the glovebox on the center console, the 3.5mm Aux audio jack doesn't exist - just a plastic imprint and label of where it WOULD go if there indeed was one. Odd as well? Any info on this would be fabulous. I found the Navigation unit CD/DVD player in the back under the tool compartment. And the Bose Subwoofer. NO CD ANYTHING. ARG!
  • e_zeee_zee Posts: 1
    Just got a '13 CX-9 and when I run the usb connection to my 5th Gen ipod (yes before the classic) it reads that there is an ipod connection but does not ever find the device. It contunues to search for an extended period of time, which at one point I let it search for about 15-20 minutes before I gave up. Has anyone experienced/resolved this issue with the older ipod classics?
  • I just had a repair done to my 2010 Mazda 3 and am having the same problem. I think the audio somehow got disconnected during the repair. Like you said, the system pairs with my iphone 5 and accepts verbal commands, but I can't hear any of the audio instructions like "say a command" or streaming music. Does anyone have a quick fix I can share with my mechanic, I think something didn't get put back right.
  • mrsc2mrsc2 Posts: 1
    I have the same year cx-9 grand touring. On the left side of the navigation screen, the very top button(load/eject), is the one you need. It is on top of the navi button. Press it and the screen will slide down and you can insert cd's.
  • I have a new 2013 CX9 Grand Touring AWD. I have a 16GB PNY USB drive with mp3 music arranged into folders. When I put the drive into the USB port, the radio scrambles the music into it's own list and won't display my folders or playlist also, it won't start where it left off once I turn off the radio power. Any ideas?

  • I have a Mazda CX9 with Nav and Sirius radio. The software for the Sirius radio (and the FM radio also) has multiple absurd issues, like if it had been released without proper testing. For example the "seek alarm" feature that does not work once the car is moving, although at most it is two keystrokes (how do you set your favorites, just spend hours with your car running until all your favorite artists play????), the fact that to go DOWN the list of radio stations you need to go UP in the steering wheel controls, the fact that one you get a seek alarm, it does stay on even after the song is no longer available, and many others. Does anybody know if there is a way to get an upgrade to this software?

  • I recently purchased an iPod and want to sync with my 2012, Mazda CX9 with Navigation/media centre, however it just want sync. I seem to get to the stage of entering in the password 0000, then it gives an error message. Thanks

  • I just bought a maza 2014, I went to plug my usb cord in to use my IPOD not in aux but in the usb..and it isn't loading my ipod at all..this is an ipod classic so it's supposed to be compatible ..any help would be much appreciated.

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