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1993 Suburban Radiator Leaks

kimchow92kimchow92 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
We had a faulty radiator replaced with a new one
just last year; 11 months ago to be exact. Now our
radiator is leaking again in a big way; who knows
if it is stress from the way the chassis is built
or some engine concern? We have had THREE previous
radiators cores and ONE water pump; AND of course
Frequent coolant changes!! So now we are feeling
TASKED and are wondering if anyone has similar
experiences?? Thanks a bunch;


  • subbymansubbyman Posts: 3
    GM radiators are junk. I don't know if you replaced yours with a factory unit or not but I had a lot of trouble with ours. Go to a good auto parts store and get a Modine rad. I think the one I had on my 93 subby was the 4 plate job (about $400). It FIXED the problem. I'm now in a 2000 subby. GREAT! Good luck.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    In 1989 I replaced the factory radiator in my Sub (1985 model) with a Modine 4 row heavy duty one. The radiator shop said the original was shot, not worth repairing and wouldn't last after rodding out. Now, 11 years later and who knows how many miles and long towing trips, the Modine is still like knew. Another point, just picking up the old radiator and the new one you can tell the difference. The Modine seems like it's twice as heavy.
  • I've got a '93 K2500 with 147,000 miles on it. In summer '96, I had to have the GM radiator re-cored (aftermarket shop thru the GM dealer - about $300). Last month (June), I noticed a very small leak at the edge of the tank and the dealer pulled it for a repair (without calling to quote new vs. repair). One week later, it's leaking again (MUCH bigger). This time, I elected to get a new radiator but GM was not available in less than 10 days so I went with an Everide aftermarket item. A week later the brand new radiator is leaking - got that replaced two weeks ago and so far it's holding. My conclusion is that they are all shakey.
  • Get a Modine, and forget it!
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