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1998 Dodge Durango Problems

I have a 1998 Durango which toasted the tranny a year ago. It sat for about 6 months until we decided to fix it. We put a junk yard tranny in it and it was bad, well per an agreement with the junk yard they paid to have the tranny rebuilt. So I have a new tranny, and torque converter. But here are the real problems. The car was being driven and just shut off. We were able to get it started again by moving relays around in the electrical panel. Well it was out on a test drive yesterday when it shut off again. When I say shut off it was just like you turned the key off. ALL POWER WENT AWAY. They considered the fuel pump was drawing too many amps and shutting off. Attributing that to it sat for 6 months and the fuel went bad. Apparantly they ruled out the fuel pump as it was too sporatic in happening. They began to think the computer went bad since it sat so long. (Never heard of that myself) So they got a loaner computer to test. No luck. They have had a Dodge dealer mechanic come and look over the electrical system, no problems found. Currently the car won't run and gets no fuel pressure. I'm not a mechanic but I am looking for some feedback. I have a remote starter that was professionally installed back in '03, and worked flawlessly. But the shut off sounds exactly like what it does when you press on the brake with out the key installed. Could this unit have gone bad and be causing the shutdown and failed start issues? Possibly why the dodge mechanic can't find anything?

Ideas? Please help, I want my truck back!! :)


  • I've seen the same problem posted on a couple of other forums - search through Google. Also, could be emergency shut-off switch issue. Check Haynes manual for reset/replacement.
  • My 99 Durango head lights worked at one point and now they don't. The only way I can get them to work is by turning the high beam lights on. Now the high beam lights won't stay on and I have to put a piece of tissue or something to keep the stick back. Well what a work out for you but that is not the half. This truck had the nerve to start shutting off while in motion.. WHAT IS THAT? I mean one day I was doing 15mph and all of the sudden no speed no brake no steering no S*!? well the lights were still on. I didn't get a good roll on before it just went dead.. so, I pulled it over and put it in park, turn the key back and then try to start it start with no problem rolled with no problem as if it said "I need a break for a minute". Then it did it a few weeks or month later when I made a right turn off my street only got passed 3 houses and it shut down on me start and go with no problem. Now I am scared.. What do you do??
  • josh30josh30 Posts: 20
    its probably a bad headlight or multi-function switch, or a loose relay. get a wiring diagram for the headlights and trace the power source. then diagnose from there. but before you do that make sure you check all the apropriate grounds for looseness or corrosion
  • geejettgeejett Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a 1999 dd and its stall out like your does on the freeway or anywhere .I scared to drive the thing Ive only had it 2 months. The fuel pump has been repalced fuel injectore cleaner but no one can pin point the problems. Im going to give it back to the dealer before I get killed in it. GEE
  • The after market ones have had some glitches and some off their prob was cuting off while driving, have you tried just useing the key and did the same thing happen
  • do the lights go dimm right befor it happens?
  • jasjas86jasjas86 Posts: 1
  • For all these "shutoff" issues I would look to check and replace your PCM modules. The shutoff is an electrical issue. Also check the connections to the PCM. There have been some corrosion issues on older models.
  • mblastermblaster Posts: 1
    1998 durango while driving down the interstate with cruise on it was running fine tapped the break to get on the off ramp stepped on the gas once on the ramp and no go.Pulled on to the shoulder shifted to all the gears including reverse and it will not move.70 ,mph to not going at all,no noise like you would expect if the gears went.Any help would be great.
  • I have a 1998 Dodge Durango , recently I been having trouble starting it in the morning. I therefore went out and replaced the battery , sparkplugs etc. It then started fine for a day or two , but as of yesterday I have been having the same problem. The computer reads error code P1682 , I know what the code means , but cannot find any solutions for it online. What should I do????????????
  • It is the PCM for sure. I have been through the whole thing. Don't even think it's the crankshaft position sensor symptoms. I got a PCM at a fraction of the price from ebay. It's so easy to install a cave man could do it.
  • Aamco is rebuilding my transmission right now for the same problem. I watched em take it apart and show me what the problem was. Funny thing is the Durango I was behind in line for service was in for the same thing. I was glad to see that this guy was getting good at it. Anyway, I'm out #@%&; $1900.00 Ogden, utah
  • I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the catalytic converter was failing and it was partially blocking exhaust gases.
  • i have a 1998 dd and when i am driving it it starts to feel like it is going to die and then when i put my foot on the brake it will just die it will not idle and what is a pcm
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    PCM=Powertrain Control Module. For idle problems, the first place I would look is the Idle Air Control Valve, especially after this many years.
  • ok look iv been at this for a while now first my dd was takein to dodge dealer ship for intermeaid starting problem then the bill was 500 to tell me it might be the pcm 800 on top of the 500 with no garintee that was problem i took it home been playing with it now i have changed the crank the can sencors new cap rotor used pcm with a reflash my durango starts but stops after 5 seconds of running i call the dealership and they they have to scan it and i might bealling with other problems you know i concider myself a pritty good back yard mechanic but iam sick and tired of dodge telling me all they want is money there is not one honest mechanic out there and as far as iam concernd there not mechincis just part replacers no one can give a strait answer to a strait ? no my 98 DD starts and then stalls right away is there anyone out there with hart to help
  • dee64dee64 Posts: 8
    I have a 98 Durango Magnum V8. Recently, my exhaust fumes started to smell really bad. Especially in the mornings. So bad that one morning my neighbor placed an ENORMOUS/HUGE/GIGANTIC fan blowing right back into my driveway. (It looks like one of those wind test tunnel fans). He says it comes into his kitchen window and ruins his coffee. Occasionally I get a neighbor pinching their nose as I drive by.
    (Come On......are we all 8 years old again)

    Anyway the exhaust white/grey in color. My mileage is getting worse and it has lost some power.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by me and my entire neighborhood.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Is the engine light on? Is the coolant level normal?
  • dee64dee64 Posts: 8
    Coolant level is good. Check Engine light is sometimes on.....sometimes off
  • Check the fuel pressure regulator and find out what the code is and repost. If the diaphram is bad in the regulator raw fuel will be going right into intake.
  • If your vehicle has a security system have it checked, sounds like a possibility.
  • Scanman1- check the throttle plates and see if they are clogged up with carbon, in other words clean your throttle plates, Its also called induction system cleaning.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    Well, it could an oxygen sensor problem. If one or more is bad, the induction system will be set overly rich and it will belch out unused fuel, and your fuel mileage will be bad. This is just one possibility of many however. When you said it was putting out whitish gray fumes an internal coolant leak came to mind, but if the coolant level is good then that's probably not it.
  • dee64dee64 Posts: 8
    It deffinately is not coolant. It's an exhaust related fume.
  • maryemmaryem Posts: 1
    I have an issue and need help. First I thought the fuel pump was bad, but now we are being told that possibly the factory alarm may be causing the fuel to be shut off. Is this possibly be true? I didn't think we had an alarm because we never have had an alarm box or key less entry for it. Now all of sudden the horn blows and security flashes on dashboard after the truck cranks. The truck cranks over, but does not seem to stay on. It has all the signs of bad fuel pump. But when we took pump out and test the relays, power wasn't going thru on constant basis. There was only power on the relay on the crank only. We switched out the relays to see if relays were bad but had same issues. Can someone tell me what could possibly be the issue. Trying to see if it is the fuel pump, before I spend $250 for it. THX.......please help :sick:
  • the reason your check engine light is on and off is because of a misfire. i had the same problem in my 98 durango v8 magnum 5.2L, and i changed the spark plugs and wires, and it runs smoother and the check engine light is off now.
  • same problem with my 98 durango. i replaced the fuel pump and now it runs great. i did not have enough pressure in the fuel pump and that was the problem.
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