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Chevrolet TrailBlazer Engine and Performance Problems



  • jay1310jay1310 Posts: 1
    2003 Chevy Trailblazer, 6 cylinder repair went from bad to worse:
    I had to change out what apparently was a bad battery. Upon doing so, my car's system engine lights and Reduced Engine Power lights came on. I had it tested, and
    was recommended to change the faulty Throttle Body. I bought a used one, put it on and now its still behaving the same, only now also I cannot shift out of park. Are these two related? I think I have a bad used throttle body, but now I can't even drive at 14 miles an hour to the shop. recommendations? Car just hit 112,000 and I did try to reset the computer several times.
  • katnap68katnap68 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer that I had bought brand new, and now 7 years later with 190+ highway miles, am looking at replacing the engine, almost have all parts replaced why not the engine right? supposedly cylinder 6 had no compression, got a second opinion, and was told pretty much the same thing, took it to dealer thinking they could just replace the cylinder only to be told that it can not be fixed (mind you paid off, no warranty) valves are clogged with oil residue, all sorts of other issues inside there on top of that, so was told best bet to replace engine, contacted GM to report issue as I can not phatom this from a Chevy, I have had Chevys in the past well over the 250+ mile mark, and never had to replace the engine, very disappointing and I am sad, upset and all the emotions that could go along with this type of issue.
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    I assume you mean 190K miles. With that many miles I'm not surprised GM didn't respond to your satisfaction. Anyway, I don't know why anyone would want to with that many miles, but your best bet is probably to get a good used engine and have it put in.
    Did anyone actually find out what was wrong with #6 cylinder? Bad valve? Hole in the top of the piston? Cracked block? Anything?
  • tblazingtblazing Posts: 1
    Did the map sensor and mass airflow sensor fix the problem or is it still occuring?
    When we use the electric windows we get a reduction in engine power.
    Thanks Rich
  • btr717btr717 Posts: 1
    I have had the same clicking noise (I do believe) for years. It is just the fan clutch trying to engage/disengage, so my mechanic says. It has not affected my engine power, nor has given me any trouble except the aggravating click.
  • I have a 2003 Chevy TB with 100,000 miles. Over the last couple of days my car will randomly die while I am driving. There is no check engine light or any clue as to what could be causing this. I have only owned the car for 3 yrs. and already replaced spark plugs, alternator, cat converter, starter, driver's side window (that was a weird one), and put a new (used) engine, and most recently fuel filter (hoping that would solve the problem)!! I have no code to check and nobody really knows what it could be. Any ideas??
  • try coil pack,i've had this same problem with 3 different Chevy's i've owned
  • Worst case id say fuel pump. I bought a 2006 that had a cracked flot in the fuel pump so the resevoir was emptying out at stops and right hand turns couldnt figure it out till it was low on fuel and kept doing it. Fixed my truck.
  • jaysgaljaysgal Posts: 1
    My 06 Trailblazer is making a knocking noise. its faint at first and when you accelerate it gets louder. I have taken care of my car it has 108,000 miles (mostly highway). Im a wreak over this. A yr ago i had the fuel pump replaced and they did clean out the entire injector system. 3 weeks ago I replaced the serpitine belt. the is no lose of power. and besides that the car runs fine. Can anyone here help me out. when we listen to it, we are unable to locate what part of the engine its coming from.
  • hsbsmshsbsms Posts: 1
    Just went thru the same thing. It turned out to be a broken exhaust valve spring. What did you end up doing?
  • Car starts and runs fine, but going down the road the door/key chime will ring several times then stop. Then the warning lights will all light up then go off then the gauge cluster ( speedo,gas gauge,temp and tach ) shut down . Then all is fine for a few minutes or miles and then cycle will start again ! It is crazy. Anybody else encounter anything like this or know of a fix . Thanks
  • lisa141lisa141 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out what was making the knocking noise?
    I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer with the same knocking noise and the mechanic just told me he thought it was a rod in the engine and I'd need a whole new motor.
    Please let me know. Thanks.
  • Two months ago. My keyless remote stopped working the locks. And at the same time both front panels to open the windows and lock the doors stopped working. The back doors you can still open the windows. Ive checked fuses and relays. All good. Any ideas?!?!?
  • i have a 2002 TB. recently i started to hear a tapping / pinging noise as well. The noise was only when the car was in drive. As I drove the noise got louder / faster. The noise did not happen when the car was in reverse nor when at idle.

    People told me it probably the fan clutch (which is a common failure of this vehicle.) Mine was ok.

    Other people told me it might be the CV joints. But CV Joints really only make clicking noises when you turn because it stretches the joints withing the boots (also bad joints usually have broken boots and grease will be seen EVERYWHERE).

    So I assumed it was either loose bolts or bad wheel hubs. So I took the driver side wheel off. Turned the wheel hub slowly and heard the noise. I tracked the noise to my front Differential (were the driver's side cv joint connects). Upon further review my front differential had a huge crack and all the liquid had poured out. It caused the gears to dry out and rust and break...causing the clicking.

    Hopefully your noise is just bolts, or wheel hubs, or the cv joints. The front differential is not something that can be done at home. Used one I got is $300 and about $300 for install.

    Good luck. Hope this helps you.
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