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Saturn Maintenance & Repair



  • aim112aim112 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem and it was the fuel pump. Read my other message about the Saturn dealer... Id take it to a mechanic if I were you.
  • dawkdawk Posts: 2
    Will a compression test indicate if any valves are damaged? I have just replaced the timing chain, both sprockets, tensioner and both guides. I would hate to have done all this work only to find out a valve job is required. I don't think the car is worth the investment we only paid $1,200 for it 2yrs. ago and it has 280,000 kms. on the odometer
  • kguthkguth Posts: 3
    I just got off the phone with Tennesee and they said that the service mgr will not do an adjustment or discount. She said that she'll send me a gift certificate for 100.00 dollars to spend towards anything at Saturn. She explained that Saturn used to be an independent subsiderary of GM, now they're just GM. Dealers are independent. So I told her that I have never had one problem with Saturn of Clarance since 1997. Now since the beginning of the year both my Saturns have had less then acceptable service. The funny part is that I talked to two service managers for Dodge and Buick over the 4th weekend and they both said they would discount the service and apologize because it sounds like they put in the wrong part. And to be honest, at the end all I wanted was an apology and it would have made the difference. BUT since the service manager at Saturn of Clarance would not own up to their mistake, I told tennesee I will never take my car back their again and I am through with GM and Saturn. I WILL buy foreign.
  • jimmyrayjimmyray Posts: 2
    Finely Saturn had to admit Battery problems.3 failures in last 2 years. They had to jump start (thats 4 times) at service shop. Battery had 2 more years but Saturn only backs battery for 3 years (LW300 April 2002) Got no credit for remaining 2 years. Would not put in another Delco (Booo). Gave them Optima Gel Cell. Cost $130 (sears). Saturn wanted $150 for a Delco! (Boo). They said over 20 'codes were in memory all from bad battery. Guys at shop were great, but 'Saturn won't admit or back bad Delco's.!!
  • earldavisearldavis Posts: 1
    I currently own a 2001 Saturn L200 with 89,000 miles on it. When it was around 40,000 the gas gauge started registering about 1/4 tank less that was was in the car. The car was under warranty and I took it to my Saturn dealer and had them to fix the problem. They told me that they replaced the assembly in the gas tank that registers the gas. At my last service at the dealership, I told them that I was having the same problem with the fuel gauge and they said that they would replace the part the next time I was in for service.

    Last week, my car died in the middle of the road. No warning, it just quite like I had run out of gas. I had the car towed to a local mechanic as the dealership is 50 miles away and the warranty expired a while back. The mechanic said that the fuel pump is not working and he also noticed that the gas gauge was not registering the correct amount of gas. He then told me that the part was all made together and located in the fuel tank. The part costs about $500 and he can only get a listing for the part from Saturn.

    Has anyone else had a problem with the fuel pump for the L Series?

  • jmaconjmacon Posts: 1
    My Saturn L200 has 49,000 miles. From time to time the brake pedal will go all the way to the floor and no brakes. If I pump the brakes, I have brakes. Ease the pedal down - all the way to the floor - no brakes.

    First time I complained - still under warranty - could not get it to duplicate it.
    Second time I complained - out or warranty - 43,000 miles - could not get it to duplicate problem - new pads and rotors.
    Third time I complained - 49,000 miles - could not duplicate problem at shop - new master cylinder - split cost 50/50 with Saturn
    Today it did it again - I stopped for lunch all seems OK??
    How can I sue Saturn after I die in a wreck? Or does anyone know what to do to fix the problem.
    What rights do I have as a consumer? I cannot get the car to duplicate the problem at my will it only does when it pleases.
    I once owned a fleet of 30 busses, never a problem like this.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I read an interesting article by "Click and Clack" yesterday about a batterry dying very early. They attributed it to a bad voltage regulator in the alternator. The bad voltage regulator allowed to the alternator to overcharge the battery and reduce the life of the battery. Since GM has had well documented problems with their alternators in their mid-size cars, this could be the true problem. They say that you have to test the entire charging system to catch this problem.

    You may be able to do a Google search on Click and Clack. They are a syndicated automobile talk show.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    If you are out of warranty, go find an independent mechanic to look at the vehicle. There is nothing "special" about the vehicle that only Saturn dealership can work on it. Stop messing around with the dealership. They are simply guessing at the problem.

    You can't sue anyone after you are dead so stop worrying about a lawsuit and call a competent mechanic to look over your vehicle instead. You also are responsible for your safety.
  • loganwolfloganwolf Posts: 3
    Yeah i have a saturn from 1993 and it overheats alot all the time, i also live in PR if thats any concern. im seeking to know what to do to stop it from overheating alot im not sure if its because it has a thermostat since most cars in pr don't have one down here so i'm not sure what to do if anyone does let me know... till then.
  • Hello,
    What I assume is a plastic guard for where the oil tank is and other parts of the engine, is dragging because one of the clips holding it in place has broken off. Is there any way I can fix this on my own? Should I just bring it in to a repair shop or the dealer? any advice is appreciated.
  • ruthe1oneruthe1one Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with 2001 L series. i have the L200 with 69,000 miles and last week my car just died like it was out of gas. a mechanic check the gasoline pressure coming from the fuel pump. sometimes the car will crank back up if it sits. this is the second major problem with this car. my timing chain broke at 45,000 and caused major engine more saturns for me
  • i have a 97' 4 door SL2 also. my car has massive overheating problems. i can keep them under control by putting water in it every few days. also my car does the not starting thing too. everyone has told me to put oil in it. the first time this went on for a couple weeks, then i added a couple qts. of oil, and what do you know, it started up quickly every time :) that was about 6 months ago

    NOW, just the other day, i was driving on the highway, and some power seemed to be lost. so i pressed the gas pedal just a little, and my RPM gauge shot way up then went down to zero. the car never shut off. and there was gas in it. but when i pressed the gas pedal, it just would go straight to the floor, and no gas came through, no sound of reving enging, RPM gauge stayed at zero.
    i pulled off the highway, called AAA and had my car towed home. now it wont start. i put the key in, turn it, and it makes some kind of electricle noise.
  • loganwolfloganwolf Posts: 3
    I'm sorry but i am really in need of help. i have this saturn. had it for about two months the most.. it was running fine shifts were good didn't overheat. nothing... now about two weeks ago it just started overheating... and till three days ago it also started making this very very loud noise like birds chirping or something just very loud, and it does it till it get close to overheating then it runs just fine and then it overheats, so i stop for a bit let it cool off check the bottle for coolant and it like slightly pushes the coolant up. .I live in Puerto Rico, about for saturns are in the hole island i think. and no one knows how to work on it... now since i live down here i have been told several time(i mean alot) that cars dont have Thermostat down here i dont even know the name for it in english... but just cars down here dont have that and mine does seeing as it was imported. now i really need some help, i work and live alone, this is the only vehicle available to me, and i cant get a loan not 21 yet, lol.. so its either find a way to fix it or walk all the way to work, and i know this sounds needy.... and i am i really need help. please anyone. :sick: :confuse:
  • loganwolfloganwolf Posts: 3
    ah its a 1993 SL.
  • hdgt93hdgt93 Posts: 1
    Recently my 2003 Saturn L200 (45k miles) started hard shifting. Most noticeable when going from park to reverse, park to drive and when starting out going form 1st to 2nd. Tends to be somewhat intermittent when it does this, but is more frequent last couple of days. Check engine light has now come on as well. I also notice the fan seems to coincide with this problem. No problems are apparent when the cooling fan is not running, but as soon as it kicks on (and seems to be racing a bit too), the hard shifting starts. Any idea what this could be caused by? And....although this is outside of the 36/36 warranty, is there extended powertrain warranty which might help on this one? :(
  • check your radiator cap, it could be the seal is leaking. Happened to me
  • idling of car starts racing when the gear shift is put in neutral or park. gas pedtal is not sticking, only does this when it wants to. Can anyone help?
  • evajoesavevajoesav Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Saturn SL for the past few weeks it has been making a loud banging noise when shifting. It is especially bad going into reverse. It also does it every once in a while when driving down the road and the gears shift. If anyone has any ideas what this could be please let me know. :confuse:
  • I had the same problem for about a week, would run fine then it would lose a little coolant and water leaked out when i parked the car. i thought it was the water pump leaking , it was not that. it was the radiator cap .the seal was broke i replaced it . works finee and no over heating....check the seal on cap for radiator...
    hope this helped...........good luck
  • I have been tracking the very same syptom on my 2001 L100 (2.2L). I have noticed alot of 6 cyl L200 and L300 owners are finding that replacing the MAF sensor to solve this problem. The 2.2L doesn't have a MAF sensor but does use a IAT & MAP sensor. I replaced mine(The IAT) over the weekend (simple and cheap - 5 minutes and $10 parts), we shall see how it goes. There is a service bullitain on Grand AM's concerning the pigtail going to the sensor, I noticed the wirng to be kinda stiff also.
    here is the link
  • becky725becky725 Posts: 1
    Hey there!! I feel Your Pain!! My L200 is out with an "Internal Engine Damage" Just would not start one afternoon. No warning or anything!! It has just under 90,000miles and the dealer wants at least 4,000.00 to put in a rebuilt engine!!!
    Any one else have this problem?? Tried to get out of loan, but we still owe 18 more months. The diagnostic report was similar to Flood Damage!?!?! Never been any where near a flood or high water. I just don't understand. I love the car, and have never had any other problems other than normal wear and tear. Please any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! :sick: :cry: :lemon:
  • fairmr1fairmr1 Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    About a year ago I bought a 95 Saturn 2dr (179k) from a colleague and its been running fantastically. However, this weekend I had it out in stop and go traffic on the highway and everytime I went to go... not much would happen. I would give it gas (a little, a lot, and a whole heck of a lot) and yet the car would barely creep along for 30 secs to a minute then would slowly build up speed. Now I happily admit I know NOTHING about cars. A few friends suggested maybe it was the transmission ( a couple of times the week before it would take a sec or two to slip into gear) so I took it to a local mechanic who all my friends and family use (and trust explictly) and he tells me there is nothing wrong with the car. Now again I admit I know NOTHING about cars but I KNOW my car was not going anywhere when I hit the gas and I know about half a dozen cars nearly hit me because of it.
    Anybody have any suggestions???
  • gmfangmfan Posts: 188
    My wife used to have a 1993 Saturn and what you describe sounds like the alternator. I know, it sounds strange, but hers would creep along very slowly before building up momentum. Sometimes while starting on a steep hill, it would barely move. She had the four cylinder SOHC, not the DOHC motor. I also thought it was the transmission but the Saturn dealership said otherwise. Her vehicle was a very good vehicle but in the ten years she owned it, the alternator was replaced four times. We sold the vehicle to a teenager in 2002 with 110K miles. I don't remember if the Saturn had a volt measurement dial on the dash, but you may want to have your mechanic check the voltage output or check the bearings. Good luck
  • cribbagecribbage Posts: 3
    Can't believe I'm first on this!! When car sits outside in Ariz/ So. Cal July noonday temp. the car will crank and start but not run. Dash lights don't come on with switch, fuel gauge stays on empty (tank is full). doors will unlock but not lock. After outside temp cools off everything is ok. The first indication that everything is ok again is the dash lights go through their usual check and the gas gauge jumps up to full when ignition is turned on.If everything else is ok, The symbol on the dash for the security system may or may not stay on, but everything else works. Thanks for the help, I hope!!!
  • larryc2larryc2 Posts: 3
    I have a 1995 Saturn SL2,I am having a problem when I drive the car for awhile and the engine gets hot,if I turn off the engine it won't start(just a ticking sound,like a dead battery) I wait about 15 minutes for it to cool down alittle,then it will start again.I thought it was the battery since its summer and temps are in the 90's,but it still does it now after trying a new battery.Is this a problem anyone else has had??Thanks for helping...
  • suzanne4suzanne4 Posts: 1
    OK, this is my second Saturn Wagon. For several months now, when I get into the car and turn the key, the horn beeps once and nothing else happens. I hve to sit for a while, then try it again. Saturn dealership has replaced the starter and various other parts-$1200 plus-still it beeps, no clicking, nothing. The dealer has kept the car twice for a week both times and they claim IT NVER ONCE DID THIS TO THEM! I am scared as I work in dangerous parts of town and this is happening too often.
    Unhappy Saturn Owner
  • cribbagecribbage Posts: 3
    Should have noted in message 362 that it is a 2003 L 200.
    any ideas of what going to happen if this kicks in while under way? Is there a fuse for just the security sustem that I can disable the entire thing without messing up the operation of the car?
    this problem effectively takes the car out of service on hot days because I am afraid to park it outside for any length of time or I might not be able to start it until in the evening when it cools down. Thanks
  • yankeemanyankeeman Posts: 1
    Referring to problem #2 - I have a similar problem, the car is difficult and sometimes impossible to get out of park, and the most recent time, it seems I am out of park, but when I put it back into park after a drive I cannot remove the key. When I read your item about the shifter breaking, I would think I would not be able to move the shifter at all. Any ideas what my situation may be caused by? Is it possible that even though the car 'thinks' it is in park, it may not be, and thus the reason I am not able to remove the key? Any help would be great...
  • richs4richs4 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2003 Saturn Vue in February and everything was fine. Then about two weeks later the steering column started to make a ratcheting noise when I made a turn.I went back to the dealership a few times and got that fixed. Now the steering column is making a rubbing noise when ever I turn the wheel. I have been to the dealership several times and they grease it and it is ok for a few weeks then the noise returns. I feel like they are just waiting for the warrenty to run out then they will fix the problem at my expense.
  • I am having the exact same problem!
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