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Saturn Maintenance & Repair



  • jer78jer78 Posts: 3
    If she has the extended warrantly(i.e. Car Care Plan), she can return that through the delearship and recieve a prorated portion back of time not used. For regular warranty, you will still have to go through a Saturn Dealership. :cry:
  • jer78jer78 Posts: 3
    I have recently started customizing my 05 Saturn Vue, but have had little luck finding aftermarket items for it(other than what the dealership sells) I am just looking for items that would make my vehicle different and stand out.
  • My passing gear irregularity was diagnosed as a bad cylinder block - I guess it basically controls the amount of transmission fluid that allows the car to shift smoothly (either in and out of passing gears or regular). The fix cost me close to a grand - the part itself was close to $600. Good luck to all!
  • rkachmarrkachmar Posts: 2
    My 2001 SL1 with 42,000 miles has a very fast idle when you put in park after warmed up or sometimes at a stop light. I put a new cooling sensor in it, which did not fix the problem. This only does it when it,s cold outside. Any body have any ideas?
  • bustrbustr Posts: 1
    If this problem was during the winter months you may have had snow stuck or frozen in the wheels this could throw off the balance on the wheels causing a vibration. also mud will cause the same problems when stuck in wheels. maybe this will help!
  • I actually just had mine diagnosed as a problem with my catalytic converter by my mechanic. I had it towed to the nearest Saturn facility and it turns out the part was still covered under warranty, so the part, services, and towing were all covered. I was originally told by Saturn that it might be a bad cylinder block also, but my mechanic is amazing and took a look at it for me and found it was the catalytic converter. If the problem persists you might want them to take a look at that, and if your car has under 80,000 miles its warrantied.
  • I have a 05 Vue with the Honda 3.5. The engine will randomly mis-fire under the following conditions. Above 60 mph, below 35 deg. f. and after being driven 30+ miles at a steady speed. The dealers have reproduced it several times and attempted fixes but their scanners only show the mis-fires not a problem component. I have a case with customer service but they have told me that unless a dealer can reproduce the problem they will do nothing. The dealers will no longer drive the vehicle long enough to simulate the issue and now the weather is warming up. Looks like I'm caught in a "catch 22". Anybody else have a similar problem or a solution?
  • have you had this fixed yet. i am starting to have the same problem. just wondering what they said was actually wrong? thanks.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    I'm not sure why customer service has an issue. The dealer reproduced the problem several times but could not fix it. If you have a service receipt, it should be documented on there and this is your proof.

    The good thing is your warranty is to 36k miles, so I'm guessing with it being a 2005 that you will still be under this mileage next winter.

    You may want to read in the Pilot forum to see if anyone is having this issue.
  • We're about at the end of our rope with this car. It's a 2002 LW200, purchased brand-spankin new. Since we bought it, we've had it in twice JUST for recall issues and now it won't accelerate at a regular pace when trying to get up past about 35-40 without sounding like the engine is about to burst!

    Frustrating as we can't trade it in, we can't afford another payment as we own it outright, and the trade-in value...well, I don't have to tell you about that, do I? :lemon:

    That said, we have been loyal Saturn customers, we take it to the dealership when we need anything and this is our second Saturn after having first leased a new S series before this one.

    Sigh...anyway, I have an appt. to have it looked at tomorrow am, but I am stressing out that it will cost us quite a bit if it's the engine.

    Oh, and the door seal is messed up, too, when I drive on the freeway, it sounds like the window is partially down...but it's not.
  • My 2001 SL1 has a high idle and a misfire cylinder one. We have replaced so much stuff and it still isnt working right. I am really angry because I have not been happy with the service centers and have been going to other garages...but now I find out that the timing sensor or some such thing...might be wrong and the only place that can do a diagnostic on a Saturn is Saturn. I dont know what to do because they cost way too much and everytime I take my car there they say something else is wrong with it...or that there is no problem...until the problem gets worse. Any suggestions?? Any one else have this kind of problem. It doesnt affect my gas mileage. We take care of the all the maintenance. Just can't take care of this. :sick:
  • caza1518caza1518 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Relay AWD, and have been having a huge issue with the Alignment on this vehicle. It has been in and out of service more than (6) times in the last year for the same problem... unresolved, and to date they have had my vehicle (going on week # 3)and still have not been able to fix. :lemon:
    Then at about 15K miles, the vehicle starting making a clunking noise when you shift between gears. (thought is a bad rear end, or possibly transmission gears?)
    Because of the last year of run around the dealer has given, I did escalate to Saturn Corp. and do have an Area Mgr. following the situation, but has become ridiculous as his daily message is "they are still working on the problem, they are calling in other resources and hoping it will be fixed this week".
    They gave me a Demo car to drive in the meantime because I made such a stink about this whole situation.
    Has anyone had any similar issues with this vehicle? I did not see any Relay posts on this board?
  • Hi, I'm hoping some one can help me. I have a 96 Saturn SL1. About a week ago, it stopped running. I'd hear a clicking noise when turning the key. The radio, lights etc still all worked.

    However it would start when jumped and be fine then not start again. I had the alternator cked and it was fine. The guy said the battery was ok for low charge but not for high charge. I bought a battery. Its started fine every since.

    The problem now is, whenever I step on the brake the light on my radio dims and cigarette lighter light comes on now. Also whenever I turn the car off to get out and open the door but press on the brake the car dings like its telling me the lights are left on or the keys are left in it..which neither is true.

    Also at the same time I had the battery replaced, I had taken it in to have the tires rotated and balanced, a 3 step fuel induction service, they replaced the air filter and spark plugs. I'm not sure if any of this means anything or not but never had any problems till after the battery was replaced and all this other stuff was done.

    Also I noticed before the car wouldn't start and before replacing the battery, the Check engine light would stay on, after replacing the battery, the light went off but now is on again all the time.

    Does anyone have any ideal's about any of the problems?Thanks again for your help its very appreciated.
    Debbie :confuse:
  • hey guys has anyone had this problem, i have a 2001 L 300, last week it stalled, the engine service soon light came on, car started back up 10 min later, drove it to my mechanic, he pluged his computer in, error code said 17/80, he did not know what that meant, so i took the car to saturn, they said its a code for transmission problem, but they were not sure. Just today the car died, it started back up again, now when it shifts from 1st to 2nd, it jerks, so i guess its a trany problem like they said.
    Has anyone had this problem, or any suggestions?
  • I do believe you are about to have to have your transmissions solinoid replaced. That or the air flow regulator. I had to have mine done at just 61200 miles.
  • I'm sorry you sell Saturns for a living. Once upon a time they were a great car for the money. Then they went back under the control of GM and the pride in craftmanship disappeared and less and less of the vehicle is actually made in the US. I RECOMMEND ANY OTHER BRAND OF CAR is you ar buying used. Hyundai would even be better than any Saturn made from 2000 forward. I have a 2003 L300 with a mere 65K on it. I've put in $2000 grand in the last 3 months and been stranded needing a tow. I can't wait to pawn this piece of crap onto an unwitting dealer!
  • pisulinopisulino Posts: 78
    You sound very upset and even got a name called "nosaturns".

    perhaps you can provide more details of the problems:
    $2,000 in the last 3 months. What happened and why was not covered under your warranty.....
  • Oh yes I am upset AND the fun just gets better and better! Today, less only 4 days after picking my car up after having to have the fuel pump replaced (Saturn never changed my filter in 62K miles!) my engine light is on yet again. So.. I have myself a Customer Assistance case worker, now I'll be calling her and screaming at her to get my car fixed and to reimburse me for these rediculous repairs. My solenoiod and air flow regulator were replaced at 61700 miles (1700 miles just after my extended service warranty expired). That was a $1155 repair. Saturn felt no need to work with me on sharign the cost of this repair. Until my fuel pump, only Saturn had touched my car.
  • I am having problems with my 1997 Saturn SL1. It currently has just over 128k miles. I just noticed in the past couple of weeks that when accelerating quickly my car will start to surge - it is a manual car and I find it typically occurs in 2nd or 3rd gear (but has also happened in 4th). The check engine light came on yesterday but is no longer on. I have noticed the problem does not occur every time I drive - it has never happened before now until the last 2 weeks and I've owned the car for almost 3 years now. It occurs more when I'm speeding up and slowing down often (not while driving on the highway). It only has this problem when using the gas. I also noticed that if I release the gas when it starts to get jurky, pause, and then apply more gas the symptom may not repeat upon accelerating again. It feels similar to how a different car felt right before I ran out of gas - the jurkiness of the vehicle. Note that I have plenty of gas in the car. Any ideas what the problem could be?
  • rosiemrosiem Posts: 1
    This might be a stupid question and it probably is but here it goes...anyway, i'm a single mother of two and i have a 2001 saturn L200 and just yesterday i was noticing that my ac would blow warm air out everytime we stopped and when i would take off again the cold air would come out great. What could the problem be.
  • sharschsharsch Posts: 1
    My 2003 Saturn Vue purchased 37 months ago and with 44,000 miles has developed a problem with the all-wheel drive. The dealership has informed me that it will be $1600 to fix the problem. When I complained, they said that they would split the cost with me. I tried Saturn Assistance and the said the same thing. Has anyone else had this type of issue?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    What is the issue with the all wheel drive system? If it is driveable, you can always take it to an independent mechanic.
  • is it possible to take a single cam head and take it out and put a twin cam head on and bolt the head straight onto the motor? if soo please reply just wanted to know if its possible
  • satidlesatidle Posts: 5
    I'm sure many of you knew about this "solution" for years. But on the chance that it might save some other Saturn owners some embarrassment (and money!), here goes. Recently had some intermittent starting problems with my daughter's '97 SL1, making it unreliable transportation. I had no problems starting it, but she always did. Turning the key, you would get lights etc. indicating you had juice. But turning to Start position, you got nothing, no ignition sounds, no starter turning, etc. Nothing except what sounded like a turn signal clicker coming from the REAR. Of course, no turn signal was on. Every time this happened, the car would start fine for me, 3 or 4 times in a row. I suspected it was "operator error" but never saw her do anything wrong. Finally, the car failed to start one day and she came in and got me (and her mother as witness!). Sure enough, the car would not start, exactly as she had described. I had recently had the car in for LOF and safety checks. Also had them replace the batteries and clean the contacts in both remote key fobs, as they had not worked for a long time. Here's where you wise guys go "uh-huh...". Next day (car started fine for me), back to the Saturn service to diagnose the problem. For $82, I got to hear them start it 10 times and, they say, they tested the starter/alternator and battery. Diagnoses: Battery tested low under load; recommend new battery. Run-on during starting; fuel pump failing, recommend new fuel pump. Estimate: $202 to replace battery, $600 to replace fuel pump. Getting up off the floor, I responded. "First, I didn't have a problem with run-on during starting until I brought it in and you guys started it 10 times in a row, probably flooding it. So no fuel pump today. If the battery was low, it would indicate so and always have trouble starting, not just once in a while. What is charging the battery back up in between starts?" I asked him point-blank, "will replacing the battery solve this problem?" He said "yes." I said, "I can replace a battery myself for a lot less than $202!" I paid my bill (under protest) and thanked him for the $82 car wash! I replaced the battery ($65) and the next morning, of course, daughter can't start the car. Later that morning it started fine for me. I called Saturn rep and told him so. He said they couldn't diagnose problem unless it happened for them. The old "Catch-22": They can't diagnose it unless it won't start for them. If it won't start for me, how can I bring it in? If it will start, I don't need to bring it in. So here's where you guys (this discussion group) come in. Before I drop this car off at the Saturn service for weeks of them starting it without a problem, I thought I would check online for boards like this one. I read about similar problems with other (newer) Saturns and what people suggested. Then I saw a post about a "kill switch that locked out the ignition for 5 minutes if you opened the door with a key instead of the remote." Eureka! It confirmed my first theory that my daughter was starting the car different than I was. She had gotten used to manual locking and unlocking because her remote key didn't work. I always used my remote because it worked. When I got her remote fixed, she continued to manually lock (and sometimes unlock) the door, and so always had the problem. I was able to test and confirm this solution with both of our remotes. Thanks, guys. Problem solved. At least that one. As for what to do about a Saturn service dept. that was offering to (try to) solve this problem for over $800, I don't know. I think they should have known about this "feature" and the "problem" it presents. What do you think?
  • pisulinopisulino Posts: 78
    First of all, that was a nice troubleshooting skill.
    Starts for me, but not for my daughter...WHY?

    Secondly, real mechanics will know and most likely advise about why and how.

    Problem is that today's mechanics (are they really?)are as good as the computer they use in the shop. If they were really interested, they would of probably look at their knowleadge database and find your problem. I resist to believe you are the first one with that problem ! !

    If I were you, I would actually go back to the service manager, and ask him why the symptoms were not checked with their database. Normally, each vehicle has a top 10 list of
    common known problems.................
  • satidlesatidle Posts: 5
    My thoughts exactly. That's why I am going back tomorrow to address this with the Service Manager. I knew about the "knowledge database" but not the "top 10 list." Thanks for the tip. The way I figure, they at least owe me the $82 diagnostic fee. That would cover the $16.50 for remote transmitter batteries and cleaning the contacts, and the $65 for the new car battery I probably didn't need!
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,918
    Congrats satidle! I'd love to hear what the dealership says.
  • I have a 2000 L series, Saturn has tried multiple times to correct the tire problem with my car. 9 sets of tires in 74000 miles and the tires are making noise again. The other day I took it to the dealership complaining about the tires cupping again, they lent me a 2003 L series to drive for the day, and all 4 tires on that car were singing louder than the radio, and at 70mph the car shook violently...that car had 42000 on it. They have serious problems with these cars but they seem to want to ignore it. I am furious with them! Ask your local tire dealer to check the tires...I bet one or more of them is cupped.
  • melmel99melmel99 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 SL2 and my car is useless now that it wont start. I put the key in and it wont turn. I tried turning the steering wheel, pushing on the brake..and NOTHING. I am so frustrated! Any ideas???
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