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Honda Odyssey Steering Problems



  • imoimo Posts: 16
    TSB 10-076 - Steering Wheel Is Hard to Turn Quickly at Low Speeds
    Applies To: 2005–10 Odyssey – ALL

    Google for TSB 10-076 and read about this fix in the Ody forum.

    I had this problem on the 2008 Ody. Hard to turn at low speed but pump didn't make any noise.
    I showed the TSB to the Service Adviser at the Honda dealer.
    They replaced the PS Pump with w/o any question since van still under warranty.
    Note: this PS pump is a newer version only available since November 2010.
  • sistarsistar Posts: 19
    edited December 2010
    I notice it was issued on November 25, 2010, less than a month ago.

    I spoke with my local service manager on December 9 during oil change, complaining about low speed/parking lot power steering failure, he said he did not know anything about that, and recommended that I change power steering fluid to start with.
    I suspect he probably already knew it is a pump failure that requires replacement with upgraded pump, 2 weeks after the issue date, but for whatever reason he choose not to discuss that with me.

    The car is 2006 Odyssey EXL/entertaiment and it has 68k miles. I bought it this summer from my neighbor who has relocated oversea. They knew this steering failure problem but did not take action.

    I spoke with American Honda this morning and the word is - it is up to the service manager to make any call.

    I am not able to sqeeze out extra $2k without a job right now, so I want try my best to get something called 'good-will' repair.

    Any suggestion is welcome

    Service Bulletin
    0„8 2010 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. ¨C All Rights Reserved
    November 25, 2010
    Applies To: 2005¨C10 Odyssey ¨C ALL
    Steering Wheel Is Hard to Turn Quickly at Low Speeds
    The steering wheel is hard to turn quickly when driving
    at low speeds, such as when driving in parking lots.
    The power steering pump is not providing enough
    Replace the power steering pump.
    Power Steering Pump Sub Assembly:
    P/N 56110-RGL-A03
    Power Steering Pump Outlet Hose O-ring:
    P/N 91345-RDA-A01
    The normal warranty applies.
    Operation Number: 512100
    Flat Rate Time: 0.6 hour
    Failed Part: P/N 56110-RGL-A02
  • We have a 2008 EX-L Odyssey that now has 32,000 miles, which we purchased new. We had the same problem with the power steering that others have had i.e. loss of power steering when trying to move the steering wheel from a fully left or right position. We took the van into the original dealer at about 20,000 miles, and they said since they could not duplicate the problem, they could not fix it.
    Months later, I read in this forum about another person who had the very same issue. They suggested a call be placed at the Honda America 800 number. I called Honda America and asked if there had been any problems with the power steering or if there had been a recall on it. The girl at Honda said she could not find anything, so I said I want to have a record of this conversation in case I needed to reference it in the future. I was entered into the database.
    December 22, 2010 we again took the van into the dealership to have them look at the power steering, for it has lost power steering a few times after the initial visit at 20,000 miles. The dealer must have looked in the Honda database and found my name and complaint, for this time the power steering pump was replaced under warranty, no questions asked. There is a brake recall and a transmission recall that was done under warranty as well.
  • rxp619rxp619 Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    My 05 odyessy with 90k started making that groaning sound associated with a bad power steering pump just befor xmas. took it to the dealer and the said they would replace the pspump for 460. I did some research and found this on you tube. Since the van has a very similar pump if not the same I replaced the oring this morning. It costed me 61 cents. So far the fluid is clean and its not making the noise anymore. looks like air was leaking into the system. Lets hope thats all it is.
  • Since all of you are complaining about a knocking issue, I am certain it will show up in my vehicle soon. I have a 2010 EX-L and I've already had the steering pump + reservoir replaced as well as the passenger strut replaced due to memory steering.
    Since the forum revolves around steering issues, has anyone noticed that the odyssey steering is wobbly around turns? It's hard to explain, but the steering wheel tends jerk back out of turns instead of a smooth return to straight. Any assistance would be appreciated.
    I've already had 2 dealers look at it and of course the usual answers resound, "it is a normal characteristic of the vehicle."
  • we have 2008 odyssey EXL same issue steering good thing I cought mine during warranty. They replaced my steering box. Now my other problem is axle it is popping once in while, I was complaining about it but they didnt diagnose the problem then, because there certain position and speed that would pop the sound. I have to drive the car with honda mechanics to diagnosed it, then they admit there was a problem on my right axle. But is too late now,warranty is gone, dealer courtesy doesnt want to honor it either, I have 46k on it right know. This was mention on the TSB a common problem. My axle doesnt have any split on the boots nor any leak. It is a factory defect that they dont want to admit. I am honda fan, but starting to hate it now. Axle would break for that number of miles! That's unacceptable..I even complain with honda customer service, still they didn't admit it is a defect.
  • Actually had my 2008 EX-L serviced yesterday for the same issue - for the axle popping - they replaced the right one - it is a known defect which is corrected in the replacement part - they changed the metal alloy. Even though I'm covered w/Honda Care - I was told it is orginally covered for 5yrs/60,000 from the in-service date whatever comes first - they also said to come back 6 months and they will replace the left one. Said they use to replace both but Honda corporate gave them a hard time about it. Also the service manager can also good will up to $500 at their discretion in certain matters. I would definitly take it up..
  • I have a 2006 EX-L with the same wobbly issue. We have been fighting with Honda on this since 9000 miles with no attempt to replace any parts to fix it.

    At 68,000 miles, they finally replaced the left strut...not both, just the left. I don't see the logic in having one new strut and one with that many miles on it. They also replaced the power steering pump. The dealer had to get the blessing of Honda-Techline God to just do this. Issue still exists after both of the above replacements and our extended warranty expires next week (11/15/11).

    After giving a "3 out of 5" in a customer service call from American Honda for "any issues not resolved", I received a call from Honda of Spring (formerly Goodson Honda North (Houston) where I bought the Ody and have had it serviced at since the purchase. They obviously did not like receiving a "3" on the review.

    Anyway, my guess is that the issue is a combination of the remaining strut (the right side was not replaced) and the steering rack. These are the only two remaining items in the overall system that have not been replaced. My old service advisor (not with Honda anymore due to frustration with Honda-Techline), said it will take an act of Congress to get Honda to do anything until it breaks completely.

    I have owned 4 Hondas and have loved all of them...except this Ody. It has been the most frustrating thing we have ever dealt with. Want to continue to recommend Honda to my family and friends, but can't honestly do it after this experience with an obvious lemon vehicle and no support from American Hondas.
  • I am getting exact same problem and started about same mileage as you experienced.
    There is no smoothness when steering wheel is returning to straight on position either coming out of a turn or if simply moving sterrign wheel left-right-left. It has a shaky, shuddering feel to it. Not at all Honda-like.

    We had an 02 Ody and never experienced this. And this 2010 has been great until this. Very frustrating.

    Dealer has been receptive and replaced PS pump which gave no improvement. I rode with shop foreman and of course the steering didn't act up then. Not sure what to do. Might call Honda America and see what they say.

    My guess is not enough owners have spoken up about this.
  • I got a recall in the mail about my Honda Odyssey power steering pump in late November 2011. In December 2011 I took it to a local dealer to get it repaired/replaced. On completion, a whining noise could be heard at intervals. I returned to the dealer and asked that they take a look at the problem. They acknowledged the noise and checked their work and claimed that everything was done properly. The noise continued.

    In January 2012, I returned again and asked them to check the whining noise. They came back a day later and said I had a leak in the rack and pinion rack and the cost to repair is $1400.00. I blew my top. After going back and forth with local management and Honda Corp. customer service, the dealer is going to repair the vehicle and wants me to pay a "$200.00" deductible.

    This noise did not exist before I took my Odyssey in for the recall. I feel like I should not have to pay any money to repair this problem because this was not a problem previously. It became a problem when the local dealer handled the recall.

    What am I to do?

    The question is
  • jhs24jhs24 Posts: 22
    edited January 2012
    Perhaps a loose strut bearing or out of round rim or tire. Rotate the tires to see if the wobble moves. Could also be a wheel bearing or loose rack/tie rod.

    If it's more of a pull than a wobble then you've got an entirely different problem.
  • My 2005 Odyssey is at 99,470 miles today and I just got the fix for the power steering pump this morning. They said I'm lucky because Honda is only allowing the warranty extension for this up till 100K miles. So another 530 miles and I would have been screwed. It is like driving a new van now. The stupid thing has been difficult to turn for the last three years, so this is a huge difference!
  • Hello boyosan,

    May I ask what did you do please? Just found out today that my situation is very similar - i.e. power steering pump being replaced, and then they tell me, oh yeah by the way you have a leak in the rack and pinion and that'll be $1450 to replace!

    - mz -
  • I took out 2007 Honda Odyessy into Honda because when my wife brakes the car, the brake pedal goes WAY down and the van shakes like nuts. It is unsafe. We are at 76k miles and have conisistenty serviced the car.

    I get an analysis for repairs of $2500 and leaks galore!! I am not sure if it is the same issue that people are bringing up but would love help.

    They are saying that it needs a $1430 Rack Pinion repair for a leak, right axle seal leak repair, left rear shock leak, and resurface and brake pads even though at 60%.

    I mean for a top-notch vehicle, isn't this nuts to have at only 76k miles???

    I have never had a car that needed this much repair under 100k! Also I am getting conflicting info on machining the rotars versus replacing them. This just seems crazy. Anyone else having these issues and is there anything else I need to look into??

    The repair guy said that the Odyessy is known for pinoin rack and this just seems nuts! Any advise is welcome please!
  • jbensjbens Posts: 1
    We delayed taking the car into the shop and now find out the recall ended 1 month ago. Anyone else run into this? Is there an actual expiration date? We are at 88K miles.
  • clwmikeclwmike Posts: 1
    I bought my Ody back in 2006. Since day one I had already noticed this issue when applying brake at 65 mph or greater. Brought it in and they said they could not find anything. I've heard some people just replaced the front rotors and that fixed it. I have not tried this yet.
  • ody6ody6 Posts: 1
    Sounds like the same issue I'm having with my 06 Odyssey touring. The van only has 68,000 miles and we keep in garaged. Got the power pump replaced under extended warranty last December (2011). After the replacement the steering at low speeds still didn't feel like it was working 100%. Wife started complaining about the whining noise when turning at low speeds. When I took it in for servicing last month the dealer told me I had a major power steering leak in the rack & pinion that would cost $1400+ to fix. Haven't had it fixed yet. The service rep said they only get around one of these a year. Obviously really disappointed in Honda. This is on top of the negative experience we've had with bad harmonics, droning, and shuddering issues that have had multiple attempted warranty fixes; replacing collapsed engine mount a couple times, redesigned exhaust 'A' pipe, and the recent transmission software upgrade.
  • Goodness, I thought I was the only one having the hard steering issue until I found this thread. I have an 08 EXL and had the PS pump replace when it fails to gives power assist, it failed state inspection because of it!
    Honda Irving replaced it since its still under 30K warranty, now I'm experiencing a signs of hard to steer during slow parking. Im afraid this will end up losing the power assist again.
  • gosox1gosox1 Posts: 17
    Hi, here is the prob that we had with our 08 Ody Touring with non pax tires. The steering wheel would vibrate back/forth 1-2 degrees around 70mph, then after a rotation of the tires, at speeds around 40mph. After much investigation, the dealer determined that it was the original Michelins LX4 out of round or with slipped belts (35K miles on the tires). So new tires have solved it, went with Michelin MXV4, which were better rated on tirerack.
  • After an oil change at 52,000 miles, an engine whining noise started.

    A mechanic said that the power steering pump needed replacing.

    I researched this online, and it appears that the Hondy Odyssey van from 2005 onwards has this issue. However, it is unclear of the pump needs replacing or if it is the O ring that needs replacing - (it costs 50 cents online today!) see the post on Edmunds below.*

    We are covered by an extended warranty, but I want to know other owners experiences, as it seems that just replacing the power steering pump does not solve the problem.

    *"DO NOT TRUST THE HONDA STEALERSHIPS. They told me my high pressure line and power steering pump were leaking causing the whining noise when cold. They wanted $550 plus to install a new line and pump when the real problem was the inlet O ring which has been superseded by an orange viton type to stop the air leak which cause the whine and foaming in the reservoir. Honda should recall all V-6's with this problem but will not as it involves 100's of thousand Odysseys from 2005 to 2010. Research online to do the O ring repair before letting the Dealer Rip You Off. It is very difficult to get to the one single 10mm bolt to replace this defective O ring on the inlet line of the pump but a small swivel socket and 10mm stubby wrench works good. New Honda O ring part number is 91345-RDA-A01 and is a whopping $1.62. You also will need to top off your powers steering fluid with ONLY Honda/Acura Type." source:

    and here is the O ring source =11&yearID=41&doorID=3&gradeID=5&areaID=2&transmissionID=7&originID=-1&colorLabe- lIDs=-1&colorLabelID=-1&sectionID=&idAndImageID=13332%201248482
  • marinesgt1marinesgt1 Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    Just had PS Pump replaced under extended warranty last week. Hmmmmm? 2007 model
  • wdycuswdycus Posts: 2
    What I did to correct the steering issue with my Odyssey.
    1. Had one of the Michelin tires replaced that was pulling.
    2. Had Honda replace both front strut assemblies (51601-shj-a19/51602-shj-a19) to replace the troublesome top bearings and top and bottom cap assemblies. Almost same cost as individual parts.
    3. Had Honda replace power steering pump AFTER struts to allow less pressure on the pump.
    4. Had Honda do a complete wheel alignment.
    Drives much better now. I paid for struts and alignment.
  • wdycuswdycus Posts: 2
    More information related to the original post.
    The strut assemblies (51601-shj-a19/51602-shj-a19) are complete assemblies with springs and all hardware including bearings and caps. Not just struts. The key to the fix is replacing the bad bearings that keep the steering wheel from easily returning to center. It was a lot easier to get the entire assembly replaced without going through the details of issues with the factory cap placement and such.
    I also had to have the idler pulley, pump pulley, and belt replaced after they started making noise shortly after the power pump replacement.
  • skinhealerskinhealer Posts: 33
    edited June 2013
    Having problems with my odyssey steering since my rear drivers side tire blew, got it changed at the dealership and they you have to get the handling and aliment done otherwise one of the tires will wear-out. Since then my van started swaying to the left. Spoke to the dealership and they said they tested it and it wasn't there. But on a daily basis i can tell esp. when going on the local roads. This was a big difference from before.

    Anybody have any ideas in regards what can be the problem.
  • I had the power steering pump, reservoir and serpentine belt replaced to a tune of $719.00. Today I was sitting at a light and I hear a narley sound like chewing up metal and then white smoke coming from under the hood. After being towed, because the steering wouldn't work, I found out it was the belt tensioner? I now have 92,000 miles on my 2007 Honda Odyssey. They obviously have major issue with their steering system.
  • Our 2010 Honda Odyssey has been making a whining noise for some time now. It seemed to me that it was clearly the power steering pump. That said, I read this thread and then called the dealer. He did a VIN check on my vehicle and told me this:


    Thus, do not go spend money to get this fixed without talking to the dealer. When I saw above that people have spent money to solve this problem, I was surprised that I had not seen a post like the one I am making.

    Good luck to those with a whining power steering pump.
  • 2004 Honda Odyssey. This is my first and last Honda. I cannot believe the amount of money I've had to sink into the pos. I love the van. What I don't love is every time I fix something, another issue arrises. I've spent almost 2k this year and now the ps/ rack and pinion is broken. I've dealt with the front end shaking violently since I bought it over a year ago.  I went thru the records and both previous owners spent A LOT on repairs as well. I'm now convinced, I'm stuck with what was probably a lemon. 
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