Kia Rio Engine Problems

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Very occasionally, as in 6-7 times in 18 months our 2006 Kia Rio 5 (manual trans) has experienced a sudden 2-3 second loss in engine power. It feels like the ignition is suddenly cut and the car decellerates quickly, not really dangerous on the highway where momentum and 5th gear keep you rolling, but around town in 2nd or 3rd gear it's certainly a big surprise for anyone following too close behind you! If in a high gear like 3rd, 4th, 5th, if you just leave the clutch engaged the engine will restart within seconds as vehicle momentum keeps the engine turning, if in a low gear you are forced to disengage the clutch, the engine will stop, but banging the clutch back out will "bump start" the car immediately. We really like this little car, besides this and it's reluctance to go into reverse it's been tremendous. Thanks for reading, anyone have info about this power loss?


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    I have two plugs that I do not wknow where to put, one has a single brown wire going to it, and the other has a dark blue and red wire going to it. they are both located in the front passenger side of the engine department.
    btw this is in a 2007 kia rio with automatic transmission, but it should be very similar in most of the 06's. please somebody take a quick look in your car to see where these go, i really need the help!
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    so i have had my car for only 2 month took in today and they found the computer has completely blown up and needs replacing. The care has been stuck in 3rd gear now till I could get it in and running rough and loud with bad gas milage. this is crazy it only has 3000 miles on it. the dealership even said they have never heard of this happening before. my concern that i have a lemon on my hands. I did love the car till this happened.
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    This happened to my Rio 5 also. To make a long story short, we figured out it was the Keys. They security chip in the key failed and needed to be reprogrammed. We figured this out when I decided to bring my spare key to the repair shop in case they needed to replace the ignition but when they tried starting it with the spare key it started with no problem. Tried again with the first key, it wouldn't start. Then with the spare and it started.
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    Pls does any one know if the Hyundai Accent/Elantra.1.6 Engines can fit into KIA rio 2005. AS they are sister companies.ARE they using the same engine units. My daughter blew her 2005 KIA RIO engine.8 valves shattered 4 holes in each piston. The answer will be very much wellcomed and apperciated. Thanks in Advance.
    RIO in DISTRESS :sick: :

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  • 1biglemon1biglemon Member Posts: 2
    My 2002 kia has under 60,000 miles. Nothing in the owners manual says anything about needing to change the timing belt. Neither did my dealer.

    So, the timing belt broke in the middle of traffic and the engine is now blown. Our mechanic checked around to try to find a new engine and because the event happens so often and many are needed, an engine was not to be found, new or rebuilt. Besides, if a new engine could be found, it would cost more than the car is worth.

    The paint is also fading to the point that the primer is showing.

    Does it sound like I might be a little put out? You bet. So I am going to tell as many people as possible not to buy a Kia of any kind because they are hunks of junk. My family has had 2 generations of Fords and we currently have a 1991 Ford that is still running and the timing belt has never been an issue and the maintenance has been minimal.

    From now on I am buying American Cars (any one want to buy a Toyota?) and my next car will be a Ford. Save yourself. Don't buy a Kia and if you have one, sell it before it's too late.
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    Totally agree, sell it before too late. My 04 Kia stopped running on the highway w. 70 mi/hr and many cars behind me few days ago w/o any warning signs. It won't restart, acting like a bad battery but not. 10 yr warranty is a joke because it won't cover anything is broken. Had Honda, Mazda, and Toyota, never had such problem that dead on the road. No more Kia.
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    Your a riot! An 8 year old clunker with almost 60K on it craps out on you due to a broken timing belt and (now) the cars no good. The fact that you paid (assuming you bought it new) less then $10,000. for it, drove it for 8 years, what else do you want? You should have taken the Government Cash for Clunkers money last year and bought another NEW car. With or without a (dead) engine, your vehicle had NO residual value left! $50. from the junk yard and into the crusher! I have a 06` Hyundai Sonata and a 06` Kio Rio5 and love both vehicles. Trading in one of them in a few months for a new 2011 Ford Fiesta 5 dr hatchback, but would purchase another Hyundia or Kia in a heartbeat!
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    Its a sham KIA has let the suply run short.High demand means high cost maint.Anybody know what we the consumer can do.Im looking and no luck so far
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    Starting problems: I have a 05 Kia Rio with approx. 72,000 miles. Yesterday I removed the black beauty ring secured to the speedometer cluster in order to disconnect the speedometer cluster. The plastic lens was dirty and stained so when removed the 4 cluster screws, I pulled the assembly out just a little in order to unclip the plastic lens. I did this with no trouble. After putting everything back together, it would not start unless I used my “Jump Box”.
    I connected a Jump Box for about 5 minutes, resulting in no starting problems for the rest of the night. This morning the dumb thing would not start again. It sounds like the Starter is not allowing the engine to turn over. The battery looks brand new and AutoZone does not show any codes.
    Could I have disconnected something when I pulled the dash assembly out? If so what could it have been and how do I disassemble the dash to get a look at what needs to be connected? Could it just be a coincidence as far as time and the problem just is that I need a new starter?
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    My daughter's 2001 rio failed emission test with fault codes
    P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire detected
    P0303 Cylinder 3 Misfire detected
    P0507 Idle Air Control /system RPM higher than Expected
    P0171 System Too Lean Bank 1
    What does all this mean and are these fault something that can be fixed by myself.Or do i have to take it to a Specialist
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    I have a 2005 Kia Rio. at exactly a little over 60,000 miles the engine just stopped. I had it towed to Kia where I bought it. And of course the 10 yr or 100,000 miles warranty does not cover the timing belt. I have since found out that you better change the belt at 60,000 or youre up the creek. I will never,never buy a Kia. :sick:
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    kia seems to have a problem with their timing belts. They sent a bulletin to the nhtsa on 1/1/05 tsb#82,#10015272 so this is no surprise to them. The same thing happened to me. My postings to this web site keep disappearing, because of personal info. So lets see how long this one lasts. Get your complaints in to the dept of justice. You can do it online. THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE! Don' feel bad, I had the extended promised "bumper to bumper' and all my maintenance reciepts. It didn't help me. So kia must be doing allright since on a reg. car the timing belt seems to leave the engine undamaged, but not kia.
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    Yeah I need help... I got hosed on a rio purchase...6 wks of owning the car Timeing belt broke and F-ed up the engine. Kia dealer says its not covered under warrenty that i purchased for $800. they say it is a maitenance thing that isnt covered.. It doesnt fall under lemon law... So I think I might need a lawyer... Please help with any info of how i can save my wallet!!! TY
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    What's the mileage on your car? Kia required timing belt changes at 60k. If this wasn't done, then no extended warranty will cover the damages. It is the owner's responsibility to follow maintenance requirements. You can't claim ignorance here as the owner's manual clearly states when the belt should be changed. Hyundai and Mitsubishi had the same guidelines.
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    My Hyundai Santa Fe 2002 timing belt just went out 10,000 miles early and ruined my motor. This is a commone issue on Hyundai/Kias. I just realized after it happened.
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    I have a 2006 Kia Rio 5, automatic trans
    unable to get through inspection, it fails OBD 2
    Code of 496 comes up

    Other than the drive cycle needing to be reset, (have driven it 1500 miles),
    does any one know what needs to be fixed so that it will pass inspection.

    thank you
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    I replaced the cd player in my 05 kia and the car started the same night and ran fine. The next morning the car wouldn't start. This seems pretty similar so I was wondering how you fixed the problem. Let me know, my email is [email protected]
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    I also have a 2005 kia rio and the timing belt broke while riding down the hwy now the engine is no good and i have to replace it, they should disclose this information about changing the timing belt at 60,000 miles even though they said its in the owner manual, well who reads them before you buy a car i never had too but learned my lesson on this one, when buying this car people should have a choice to buy it or not. they have cheap parts in the engine. There should be a disclosure law stating that the sales man have to tell you about this problem before buying the product!
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    Long ago, I too had to pass emissions.

    If you just do city driving, go for a 30 minute drive on the freeway. I don't know how much the KIA RIO fuel injection engines carbon up from just city driving, but my (then new) 1986 Nissan 720 pickup sure did.
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    check the ground battery cable wire that is bolted to the top of the transmission to see if its loose. next to the shifter cable
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    i wanted to know have you been having problems with your left park light and have there been any lights on inside of your car like when it be really cold in the morning like a big frost and you start your car to warm it did your tpms come on mines do .and i have also be having trouble with it starting up.I had to get somebody to give a jumpoff the other day Ithought i had left a light on but I know I cut them off this isn't the first time
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    What if your Rio is an automatic and not a standard? I am having starting problems on my 2005 Rio too. What it sounds like is that someone says to check the ground battery cable wire that is bolted to the top of the transmission to see if its loose. next to the shifter cable. Well is there a shifter cable on an automatic?
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    My friend just bought a 2009 Rio and would like to know if it has a timing belt and if it has to be changed every 60K miles?? She did not get a manual with the car so we need to know soon as the car already has 56K miles on it. Thanks :cry: :mad:
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    yes it has a belt, the manual recommends replacing at 60 months or 60,000 miles or 96,000 km.
    You can download any Kia owners manual from KGIS and its free.
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    The reason they want you to change the timing belt @ 60k is that is all they are good for. If you don't replace it and it fails what happens is the piston hits the valves and does a lot of internal damage to the eng. Kia is not the only manufacturer who requires you to change the timing belt. Almost every manufacturer of eng that have overhead cams require you to change your timing belt at a certain mileage. Some eng have enough clearance between the pistons and valves that it won't damage the eng if the belt breaks. This is one of those times when it really pays to check the maintenance schedule for your vehicle.
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    My experience with my Kia Rio doesn't seem to be too relevant to any of your guyses issues, except maybe Postman5's. Anyhow, I purchaed my 04 Rio base model back in 2012 with 68k miles on it. When i got it the engine was running a bit rough, it sounded like a diesel, and not too long afterward it would randomly die while rolling in gear either on the freeway, surface street, or stopped at a light. I don't recall any engine light, but i do remember a cylinder misfire code, this led me to replacing the spark plugs and wires which smoothed out my engine tremendously. I run 10w-40 mobil 1 synthetic only. Eventually I got a lean code which turned out to be the oxygen sensor. I wasn't too sure what it was so I ran injector cleaner and eventually changed the o2 sensor with one from ebay, this fixed the code, but the o2 sensor didn't last (do not buy non oem sensors). Couple years later I got an actual o2 sensor code. Replaced that ebay one with oem and it ran fine, but eventually the car just wouldn't start. It would turn over fine and initially sounded like it would start but it would only last a second before dying regardless of if i gave it gas or not. That turned out to be the mass airflow sensor. A week of scratching my head and eventually I got angery and started unplugging everything in the engine compartment one by one which is how I figured out that it was the mass air. With that unplugged it would start right up, a bit rough but I didn't have to bum a ride to work from my brother's gf. Tried cleaning with electronic or sensor cleaner or something, nada, tried ebay sensor, fail, tried oem, 25k later still goin. That was around 90k miles. Replaced my timing belt at around 70k miles. I'm now at 115k and it's squeeking again. Recently ran lucas oil stabilizer and it caused my valve cover gasket to go bad. Do not use oil additives. Combined with my 10 40 it was too thick and increased oil pressure to the point where it pushed through the gaskets, combined with the fact that the valve cover bolts had appeared to loosen over time. Back to pure 10 40 synthetic, no additives and tightened the bolts (one broke, whatdya know, now i'm researching how to remove a broken freakin bolt). Btw.. can anyone confirm if that cylindrical thing behind the fuek tank on the driver side is in fact the fuel filter? Can't find it..

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    A friend of mine has a 2005 Rio that has MAF, speed sensor, and  rear O2 error codes.  All these sensors have been replaced without fixing the problem.  The car jumps and runs crappy when first started.  Once the car warms up it runs great.  Some input on this would be appreciated.
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