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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • dc1225dc1225 Posts: 53
    post the info on here if you guys get anywhere....I'll throw my hat in the ring
  • I'm with you and have been waiting for someone to start this process. Acura continues to ignore the many complaints about their transmission even with vehicle under warranty. I have tries many times to discuss transmission issues among other things but they have simply refused to listen. I don't think Acura believes we the consumers can impact their image and sales but we can if our voices are heard collectively.
  • Just dropped off my 2004 with 79k for dealer to test. Had the standard 25-45 mph rumble. Car drives and shifts fine...but noise was getting worse over the last 30 days. Dealership is claiming they have had very few come in with any issues (10 over the last 5 years). Told Acura my expectation is for a large percentage (if not all) be covered under recall or warranty. They said the recall was merely to "flash" (reprogram) the system but this did not include my vehicle. Service rep was nice about the process and gave us a loaner car as well. Hoping for the best regarding Acura picking up the tab but will keep you all posted.
  • carsmine01carsmine01 Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    Well guess what...they came back and said they found some metel shavings in the transmission fluid and said the tranny and torque converter needs to be replaced. They quoted over 4k for the repair with no discount. They are going to corporate to see about getting Acura to pay some or all of the repair. More to come.

    Funny though....questions they asked me.
    (1) Where do you have the car serviced? (Firestone & Acura)
    (2) Where did you purchase the car? (outright from individual)
    (3) What # owner are you? (2nd)
    (4) How long do you think the transmission should last? (over 150k if not a lifetime)
    (5) How much do you think Acura should be liable for? (90-100%)
    (6) Do you have all the records? (Some - But not all)
  • Email sent. I'm in for whatever is needed to pursue Acura about this.
  • dsr6079dsr6079 Posts: 1
    I want to buy a used MDX but am afraid to after reading all of these messages! I have a 99 Acura TL that I've had for years and no major problems--love the Acura. I know there are always lemons out there so you can't go by just a few. However, this transmission issue has me concerned!
  • I too have been a faithful Honda/Acura owner with ZERO issues. The MDX WILL have transmission problems so factor the 4500+ into your car payment. Or...STAY AWAY. Check out the Mercedes M-Class or Lexus RX330+. Acura is not coming clean and confirming they have transmission problems. Corporate office refused liability and said they can only offer me 40% coverage so I'm stuck with a heafty bill. They are also saying the motor mounts are cracked so I need to pay for that repair too. I'm going to keep pusing Acura to do whats right....if not, i'm selling this piece of trash in along with my accord. SEE YA HONDA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi sotopla,

    good idea, after my software update, I am getting much less MPG - they just made the 5th come on at 45 MPH instead of 39 MPH!

    we need to talk to a good trial lawyer who will do the legwork to collect everyone from this list and other customer links.
  • All,

    I got the software "upgrade" done on my 2005, since then my MPG has fallen from 19 to 14!
    This is due to the fact that they simply made the 5th engage at 45 MPH instead of 37 MPH or so previously. This took care of the symptom of the chatter in the tranny, but did not fix the problem. This only made my MDX get me gas millage as poor as a huge Amarda or the Chevy Suburban! I bought the Acura mostly because it was an SUV with good MPGs!

    sotopla on these posts has a great idea - let's all get together and have a Class Action suite!
  • dmortazdmortaz Posts: 26
    I came across Service Bulletin : SB-06-050 on the NTSB board when I searched for 2004 MDX problems and this service bulletin talks about "Warranty Extensions" for 2002-2006 models as part of a class action law suite settlement. This one was filled on May 09, 2008.

    But I am not sure if Acura folks are honoring this settlement, since it does NOT specifically talk about "transmission" problems in the "summary" section of the Service Bulletin.

    Has anyone have full copy of this Service Bulletin and what it covers!?
  • dmortazdmortaz Posts: 26
    I came across Service Bulletin : SB-06-050 on the NTSB board when I searched for 2004 MDX problems and this service bulletin talks about "Warranty Extensions" for 2002-2006 models as part of a class action law suite settlement. This one was filled on May 09, 2008.

    But I am not sure if Acura folks are honoring this settlement, since it does NOT specifically talk about "transmission" problems in the "summary" section of the Service Bulletin.

    Has anyone have full copy of this Service Bulletin and what it covers!?
  • Hi, I don't have seat memory buttons on my door. Can they be added?
  • dc1225dc1225 Posts: 53
    That lawsuit was for Honda/Acura's "bloated" MPG statement. Basically the lawsuit said that Acura, actually Honda, inflated their MPG statement. So Honda said it got 18 mpg, when it really got 16mpg, so the factory warranty was extended from 75k to 76k.
  • Weird as I have the same problem - 2003 MDX 105k miles and tranny failed out of the blue on the freeway - called the dealership and they said to bring it in and see what they can do and since I have had service there they would call the company and see what can be done - any updat eon your problem as I go in tomorrow to see what they found - thanks
  • acroacro Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 mdx and just replaced the transmission at a cost of 4k. I can see people want to get a lawsuit going and that idea sounds good. how bout creating a facebook page with a name like acura problems or whatever name sounds good and will come up when typing acura in search..we can then share with friends and then inform acura headquarters that this can have a great affect on thier bottom line..unless they change their policy on fixing the issues that come with the car...just a thought and would like ideas or input ~ Thanks
  • There is a lawsuit facebook book page going and multiple complaint pages.
  • Hey I deleted my facebook acct and don't plan on signing up again. Can you give us updates regarding the lawsuit on facebook? on here?
  • My transmission is out on my Acura MDX. What the update on the law suit
  •!/pages/Acura-MDX-Malfunctioning-Transmission/18671587- 1347823

    that is the facebook page discussing people to gather for legal remedy.

    Quote from the page "A class action suit is being started. Please send your contact info and reference this facebook page as the referral source. This is specifically for the transmission/ torque converter failures." the page referenced is as follows:!/pages/Owners-Dealing-with-Acura-MDX-Problems/1356847- 43139321
  • Hi there,

    So it's 2011 and we have a 2010 MDX with some weird acting transmission. Other than shifting not being as smooth as should be and choppy at times, the RPMs will actually go up and down sometimes when just cruising straight down the road. The RPMs may jump as much as 200RPM out of the blue or even starting to pulsate going up and down randomly.

    We did go to the dealer yesterday and they claimed there was nothing unusual. I asked to check if there was a transmission SW update and in fact there is one, that we got. However, it didn't solve the issue.

    They also made me drive another one with abour the same milage (just shy of 25,000) and it did NOT fluctuate in the RPMs like ours.

    Did any of you experience this or is everything fine now?

  • Your case is proof positive that Acura might still be selling defective transmission! I would recommend you visit NTSA website below and see what recall or Safety Bulletins have been issued for your specific model.

    Armed with that information, you might be able to get Acura to service your car which should still be under warranty.

    But if I were, I would sell it and get a Lexus before it's too late since this transmission will eventually fail you!
  • It seems something is def not right. RPM shouldn't be bouncing like that. Could be number of little things like timing belt, vaccuum hose leaks, valves, tachometer, etc...I don't believe that seems like a transmission related but Im not a mechanic unfortunately. In your case, maybe take it to another acura dealer for diagnosis?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Might simply be moving in and out of 6th gear lockup depending on varying road conditions.
  • I would love info on the lawsuit information for the Acura Torque Converter/Transmission Issues not being handled by Acura. I am experiencing the same problems with my local dealer on my 2002 MDX. Please help!!
  • Could be, but the 6th gear case I'm crusing at a highway up a small hill with a pretty stable grade, low enough to be handled in 6th gear. It has only started doing this recently.

    Anyhow, our local Acura dealer will now take the car in and have a look at it for a couple of days. Let's see what happens.

  • dfk4dfk4 Posts: 2
    Had a similar problem with my '08 MDX- did the same thing as yours plus it made a rattling noise in the tranny at low speeds (when in 4/5 gear), along with a "whinning" noise. Started doing this around 23K miles (now has 26K).

    Just got it back from the Dealer- bad torque converter (no hassles from the Dealer). Seems to be fine now.

    Stick to your guns as a bad TC will eventually ruin the Transmission!!
  • Acura definitely has a problem. My 2010 MDX has 25k miles and the EXACT issue you are describing (pulsating rpms, choppy shifting, searching for the "right gear") is happening to me. And it's especially noticeable when there is a slight load on the engine as you go up a small hill at a moderate speed (~40mph) and are in a low gear (5th or 6th). This transmission does everything it can to stay in 6th gear--even at ~35-40mph when it should go to a higher gear to get the rpms up & have more torque available. No doubt this transmission was programed to try to obtain better gas mileage-at the expense of proper/good performance. Taking my MDX in to be checked out by dealer on Monday 19th. Very concerned that this is a problem being "hushed" by Honda and can't be fixed. Does anyone think this could be a bad torque converter? I will bring this up to the dealer.

    ga2010mdx, let your dealer know the exact same problem is occurring to me, and at the same mileage. I will post what I find out. Please post your findings too. Any input from someone knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    edited September 2011
    "..(pulsating rpms, choppy shifting, searching for the "right gear")..."

    SOP. Throughout the industry.

    Several years ago the whole industry started trying to match the FE of a CVT with these new 6(10) speed automatics. That resulted in too much "shiftiness" and so now these automatics try to "hold" a given gear ratio even at times it is inappropriate to do so.

    Mixed bag.
  • The exact same thing happened to me with my 2010 MDX. I had about 26K when I noticed the same problem as yours. They updated the software and it did not resolve the issue. I took it back and I am now waiting on a new torque converter. I would take yours into the service department right away. There was another 2010 MDX in for the same issue.
  • We bought a certified 2009 MDX with tech package with 20K miles. We noticed that there is a delay in pickup and acceleration. In our typical DC commute, we want to change lanes quickly and takeoff. I noticed that there is a drag/delay with MDX that is quite frustrating when you try to accelerate from a signal, stop sign or change lanes. I took it to the dealership twice and they blamed it on the quality of fuel. I am using premium (93) and have been changing gas stations, so that is not an issue. They showed me the printout of tests they performed indicating that there is nothing wrong with the car. But I am still not convinced that a "luxury" SUV with 300+ HP cannot get good pickup. They said that these are "Drive by wire" technology to get maximum fuel efficiency! With all this technology, I am still averaging < 16 mpg!. I am very disappointed with our decision to buy MDX since this pickup issue is not getting resolved. Has any one else has this issue? What are my options?
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