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Geo Metro Tire and Wheel Questions



  • colt1911colt1911 Posts: 2
    Did you read this whole thread? No offense, but how much simpler can it be than a set of rims an lug nuts??

    your way:
    1. Find a Conversion or late model geo at the bone yard that hasnt been stripped already (tough)
    2. buy conversion, or late model spindles ($$$)
    3. buy conversion, or late model calipers ($$$)
    4. buy conversion, or late model rims ($$$)
    5. buy conversion, or late model tires ($$$)
    6. Dont really expect to get all that for $100
    7. Do alot of work changing spindels, rotors, calipers, rims, and tires
    8. buy 8 studs for the rear
    9. pray you have a decent drill press to precision drill the rotors for oversized studs
    10. Install all this and do it your self
    10. have tires mounted

    My way:

    1. goto: (or google) search the forum there. There is a LIST that tells you every wheel that fits the metro for nearly ANY GEO. My '94 is 105mm 4 lug I think. But you can search out any conversion you want online and make you own list. This is easier than drilling rotors!!

    2. Go buy any set of 13 in rims that you can find off of multiple cars for multiple years. I bought 89-94 hyundai rims for $10 ea! Painted them they look great.

    3. All the 13" rims you find will be to accomodate a 19mm stud the originals are for 17mm, so the lugs are smaller, sooooooo, go buy some online!! They are around 75 cents each, and get a few extra. look back in this thread, and you will find the link I posted. The BRAND is GORILLA. The STYLE is BULGE SEAT. the SEAT is over sized, and you need this because the hole is larger on the 13 inch rims, and your old lug nuts will slip into the hole itsself.

    4. buy a set of tires and have them mounted.

    5. install the tires and new lugs.

    Just to recap, you can do all those mods with brakes, spindles, calipers, and drilling rotors, OR you can do it the EASY way:

    1. Get a set of rims, tires to fit, and ovesized lugs

    2.Have the tires mounted, and put them on with the new lugs


    I do not mean to be harsh. What seems easy to us is not to others. I have been working cars since I was knee high to a grasshopper (30+ yrs), have a degree in it, and dont mean to be rude to you. But you have to look at the fact that buying a set of rims availible from many cars, tires and lugs to fit is pretty easy for most people. What I consider easy is replcing the V-hold chip and channel in your TV, or rebuilding a transmission or engine, or engineering an idea from scratch and fabricating parts. Most other people do not have the knowledge, tools, or time to do such things. The fact that I 'discovered' there was a lug nut that would omit the 'need' for a conversion, and made it a very strong point to come back AFTER I finished the project so that the information could help other, really solved the problem for many people. Some have even posted so in this thread. I think its commendible that you took the time to post your ideas here, but I do not agree your way is easier.
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