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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • snowbird127snowbird127 Posts: 9
    edited August 2011
    Just heard back from Nissan Regional Specialist. "...unfortunately we will not be able to provide financial assistance." Denied. I wasn't asking for assistance, I wanted it fixed fully. 130K and running great. Really enjoyed the truck and thought highly of the products.

    However, I'm appalled and amazed at the company's acknowledgement and arrogance not to recall and fix this problem. $5250 was the dealer quote. Will never buy another Nissan again. :mad:

    Steve Davidson - Littleton, MA
  • What was your Twitter hashtag???? Please broadcast... Just denied by Nissan... :mad:
  • Just emailed and added my name.

    Also found these folks too.
    I did call and they are real :)

    Any others?...
  • I just found these two class action suits...

    Kantrowitz Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. -Defect.shtml

    Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, LLC based in Essex County, New Jersey
  • I just thought I had horrible I am hearing all these bad things about Nissan! I have a Nissan Pathfinder 2007 and it started doing this "stuttering" thing. It has now got worse and the RPM's will go up with powering the car when I drive. When my mechanic checked the fluids, the antifreeze looked like chocolate milk!! The thought of having to put thousands of dollars into a car that I still owe over $10,000 on, well it makes me sick! Nissan needs to correct something if all these people are having the same trouble!!
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    Contact Nissan. they have an extended warranty (80,000 mi limit) on radiatir and trans. Be firm. keep going up the ladder if you have to.
  • A friend sent me this after hearing about my Nissan disaster. Seems that the word is getting out. nsmission-failures/
  • I post directly to nissan at @nissannews. I also use #nissan.
  • unrelentingunrelenting Posts: 42
    edited August 2011
    2006 Nissan Pathfinder..... Looks like I am another victim of Nissan's defective radiator issue. $6,000 plus cost...yet to fix. I was asked if I have had any Nissans in the past....listed 5 VIN #s since 1982. To no avail...not loyal enough for Nissan to assist. Yes, I have contacted a lawyer...defective parts, latent defect...pick a number. Nissans biggest issue may be that I am overly persistent. Not giving up yet. My prob...the TCM shorted out (transmission control unit) due to cross contamination of rediator fluid in the transmission. Hmm, let me think..... I went on line...evidently this is big deal. My warranty has have most everyone elses... What is the value of an extended warrant on a known defective part? I willl not give up......anyone out there want to get on board the train??
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    They have extended warranty up to 80,000 miles on radiator and trans. if no avail, screw 'em. I traded mine for a Hyundai Santa Fe LTD. Excellent. And I don't have to deal with Nissan Corp. anymore.
  • james... i'm in the same situation... i have a 06 that does not have contamination yet...went to the dealership for them to be proactive about it and replace the rad.... nope... since i'm at 57000 miles or sept. 2014.. they won't due anything.... ignorant.... send me a message if u hear anything else... thx.. greg.... vancouver b.c.
  • @nissannews just replied to a twitter again telling me to call their customer service. God they are such idiots.

    Keep getting out the message about Nissan in any fashion you can. People need to know how awful the Nissan company is to it's customers. Plus Nissan needs to feel the heat from screwing us.
  • parkcityxjparkcityxj Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    Pretty much all the auto blogs and car mags have been running the NY Times article. I've filed a complaint with the NHTSA and as well. @nissannews has ignored me on twitter, I posted a question on their FB page and it was promptly deleted. I'd like to think there will be a recall. I'm at week 6 w/o my frontier because parts have been on backorder!
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    Its about time the public knows a Nissan has made big mistake with both the swirl valve screws coming loose and the transmission and radiator being defective , :lemon:
  • What NY Times article....?? I am in Texas...not a real reader of the Times. Maybe I should expand a bit. Do you have a copy of it??
  • I have a 2005 Pathfinder. Recently I have noticed a vibration when I hit 50-60 mph, then the vibration stops when I go over 60 mph. I have been reading a lot of posts about radiator fluid leaking into the transmission fluid. I am wondering if the vibrations that I am experiencing are a early sign of this radiator fluid problem?
  • Our Pathfinder exhibited tranny problems at about 70k. Had the radiator replaced at my expense and was subsequently reimbursed by Nissan when they extended the warranty. Have been complaining to my dealership since that the transmission was not good. Now at 133k, it went. Of course Nissan has no interest in repairing it even though I have complained about the tranny from well within the extended warranty period.

    Considering parking it in front of my office, which is in a very busy, affluent area, with a big sign on it saying NISSAN SUCKS. Of course the dealer is a good guy and a friend so for that reason ONLY I'm reluctant to do so.

    Consulting a lawyer, hopefully we can strong arm them.
  • I have coolant in my trans. I spent $200, and replaced the radiator and drained the trans. Got it all out and refilled the trans. I drove my Pathfinder for about 10 miles and the same thing happened. I have freaking coolant in the trans. What do I do now? I called Nissan about this and they told me they don't know what could be causing this. They won't do anything about it. Does anyone know what this can be?
  • The color of the trans fluid is milky white. The radiator fluid is low and e trans fluid is way over due to coolant in it.
  • unrelentingunrelenting Posts: 42
    edited September 2011
    A new Class Action in process....I know, because we are the lead plaintiffs....details to follow. This will be filed in Texas.
  • If you changed your radiator and the same thing happened then you must have gotten a junk radiator between the years that Nissan bought from a different vendor from Nissan 05-07 , you should have tried to get a 04 or 08 an made it fit with a few modifications on the mounts and maybe- just maybe it would have been saved, now its destroyed and costly ,join the lawsuit club and hope the lawyer is as good as Johny Cockerin.
  • At first the automatic transmission of my 2001 Pathfinder started to 'clunk' with a few seconds delay in D. Someone suggested it would be the U-joints, but that's not it.

    Now it got worse: I can't pull up in D anymore. Now I have to put it in 2, pull up and then in D when it's in 2nd gear. I've checked the oil level of the transmission and that seems ok (assuming the level stick has to be pushed back entirely till it's in the clamp again to get the level? Not only till the rubber hits the pipe?). Could it be the oil got old and thinner? Or is it more likely the oil pump is worn? Or?
  • No cross-contamination to date, but I'm seriously considering an aftermarket radiator switch as a proactive action versus the much discussed bypass. For those of you that have installed either Koyo (quesocore), Spectra, or others - how are these aftermarket rads holding up? Realizing fully that there may not be enough history to comment at this time.
  • Nissan could have saved themselves a lot of trouble and maybe even kept some customer base (judging by this forum and my opinion) by offering to install a separate $50 +/-transmission cooler when this problem began appearing years ago. They still, to my knowledge, have not offered this option. Perhaps this is because it may be construed as an admission of a problem? Such a simple fix. I suspect that every 05 and above is at risk unless Nissan changed the design. I also own a 2005 Pathfinder that had this problem.

    Nissan's apparent decision to minimize the significance of this problem seems to be the tack of many businesses now - DENY DENY DENY. A calculated BUSINESS DECISION that ATTORNEYS can save more money than HONESTY and DECENCY. To Nissan and its execs (led by Carlos Ghosn) shame on you. At least Toyota bit a somewhat questionable bullet when the old folks that drive Toyotas allegedly couldn't find the brake pedal or something like that and offered a repair.

    My 05 pathfinder is still alive. I changed the radiator at 78k just when it began having problems. I did not repair the transmission - it was shaky but still functioning. Now at 100k the tranny hasn't died yet. Nissan reimbursed me for the radiator and 30+ quart blood transfusion (at $12 per quart) for the transmission fluid needed to get the contaminatants out. But - this doesnt change the fact that other Pathfinders have this same risk. My opinion is this is a safety issue that Nissan should have and should still PROACTIVELY ADDRESS. To my knowledge they have not. Just my 2cents.

    To Anyone with an 05+ pathfinder - add a bypass transmission cooler and you will never never ever have this issue (although the crappy defective Nissan radiator may eventually leak coolant through the abandoned transmission fluid ports, which would have ended up in the transmission had you not installed the cooler. That is when you know your investment paid back 100- fold) Why nissan did not offer this to its initially satisfied customers earlier is beyond me. Poor business decision. You cannot buy cheaper insurance.
  • yes they bought the radiators from an inferior vendor 05-07 and the coolant leaks into the transmission and it s destroyed at your cost $5,000, and to add the v6 engine loose the brass swirl valve screws down into the engine and destroy the engine another blunder, and now its a corrosion problem with the driver side strut and steering column rusting out. so everyone who loves pathfinders ,keep feeding Nissan and the engines are also the same engines that go into altimas and maxima's its a VQ35 with a timing chain that also eats up the plastic timing chain rails ,about a $2,000 dollar job.
  • hello, how can I be added to the class action. I have replaced my radiator once and completely flushed the tranny. Guess what, the new radiator has done the same thing (coolant in the tranny). I am tired of paying money to a company who think nothing about their customers!!!!!!
  • Call both of these firms...I spoke with Mazie a few weeks's case is in court awaiting a ruling from the Judge. Nissan asked the suit be dismissed (shocking I know)... My very non-legal understanding is the key for victory will be to get the class-action suits certified by the Judge. If certified as a class, Nissan will then need to engage instead of putting the blame and cost on its customers...I just paid $4,950 to have my 05 Pathfinder fixed. Will never buy another Nissan again...:lemon:

    Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, LLC based in Essex County, New Jersey

    Kantrowitz Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. - -Defect.shtml
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