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Nissan Pathfinder Transmission Problems



  • ncccnccc Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Hello everyone!

    We just wanted to pop in and let you know that we've been hearing all of your complaints about the radiator issue. If you are not aware, we are the North Carolina Consumers Council have filed an official defect petition for this failure through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asking for a full recall and redress to everyone who has suffered these damages.

    Anyone interested in reading our website article on the issue can do so. We encourage everyone experiencing this issue to continue reporting your problems to NHTSA. Thanks everyone and hang in there!!!

    NCCC Petitions NHTSA for Nissan Transmission Oil Cooler Defect - Claims Defect Can Cause Repeat Catastrophic Transmission Failure
  • Hello,
    I am a owner of a 2007 pathfinder.Like most of you I have transmission problems. I Took it to get diagnosed and results were confirmed that radiator directly correlates to transmission failures. Another problem was that the timing chain housing has deteriorated, is this a problem that you have experienced also? And recently my vehicle lost acceleration overall therefore it is out of service. I have filed an investigation with Nissan Corp and the regional director has yet to contact me. I have contacted a law firm,, that deals with "Defective Products." I am a college student and DO NOT have the expenses to afford an Nissan estimated $10,000 to fix all these problems. Nor can I afford to go to a third party garage. Does anyone have any more input as to what I should do?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    Also you can add that there is a bulletin on the swerl valve screws in th upper manifold on the Nissan VQ35 engine , the screws come loose and fall into the cylinders and destroy the engine.
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    the Nissan pathfinder and infinity strut tower recall is in the safety recall section , just goggle it
    when the strut tower rusts out Youu an loose control and crash, Nissan will inspect it and replace the rusted section free of charge.
  • Wonder if we should all contact our local news channel. Also I filed a report with Attorney General - Ohio.

    What wil get Nissan's attention!
  • gharpmangharpman Posts: 88
    The best thing you can do to get Nissan's attention, is NEVER BUY ANOTHER NISSAN. The dealer I dealt with was exc, but Nissan does not stand behind their product. I got a Hyundai Santa Fe. It's exc.
  • Thank You. Good Luck. Keep us posted. I was previously told there was a lawsuit pending but was unsuccessful in finding information.
  • I also will NEVER go back to Nissan and have shared my story with co-worlers, family and friends whom I am sure will share with people they know that may have a Nissan. I also recently purchased a Hyundai.
  • There is an effort in the background to combine the case in NY, along with the one from CA into a single case that is positioned to placed in a Texas court. What is really needed is evidence that the failure of the transmission due to cross contamination is a safety issue. And, if anyone got Nissan USA (North America) to cover the problem above the 80,000 limitation, that would be good also. The coverage by a dealer is not important. There have been stories where parts were sold by Nissan at cost and dealer provided the labor at no cost to loyal customers...and vice versa. What is not clear is whether Nissan USA completly covered the problem above 80,000 miles without an extended warranty coverage.
  • Yeah, I think the safety point has to be made. Did you know that a broken fuel guage is a safety issue? It's a safety issue because you could stall your car on the road. I see no difference to a stall due to a faulty transmission. I stalled (stall means trans slipped so bad that the car would not move) on a steep grade 2-lane highway in the worst possible spot - there was absolutely no where for me to go. I had to slowly back down the hill to get to a shoulder where I could safely get out of my vehicle and off the road. It's likely true that Nissan has covering some customers past the 80k miles. I was originally promised by one Nissan rep that they would replace my out of warranty transmission and radiator - they called it their "Good Will" promise. Then they suddenly diverted me to a different Nissan Consumer Affairs rep and they retracted their promise without explanation and the new guy pretended he didn't know anything about their "Good Will" promise. I have since paid the $6,000 to get a new transmission and radiator...the dealer felt really bad about it and said he couldn't believe Nissan would not cover this defect. He said their decision had negatively impacted his dealership. I have told so many people about Nissan and can personally be credited with turning several would-be Nissan buyers to something else :) It's all I can do at this point - I've filed with the NTHSB, the CA State Attorney Generals office, Better Business Bureau, Wrote to Nissan Consumer Affairs, Posted on blogs, sent a letter to the Class Action Suit and tell everyone who is willing to listen.
  • Please help me! I just bought a new 2012 Silver Edition Path Finder ... yes, brand new. But, after reading all this, I have to ask -- "Am I destined to have a bad transmission and radiator... and other problems?" A.K.A. -- Does it happen to everyone? Is there anything I should do NOW and along the way to prevent it? I did buy an extended warranty so maybe that will give me some added protection, huh? I love the PF SUV a lot, but this makes me upset.

    PLEASE let me know. Come on NISSAN, what is your stinking problem? Makes me want to drive the SUV back to the dealer and drive it through the Showroom window and tell them to stick it and give me 110%of my $$$ back., Of course they would not. Too bad, huh?
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 237
    chances are you vehicle will be fine
    just enjoy it
  • That certainly sounds like a safety issue. On mine, the electronic cable from the transmission to the main computer shorted out due to the water in the transmission. That is a safety issue also.... I did make one mistake on my prior posting, the suits are being combined to be played out in NY vs Texas. As far as the posting about the 2012 I understand the defective part and design was changed after (or midway) in the 2010 PF.
  • mrtheo1mrtheo1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 SE 4x2, 78,000 miles. Took it in on 3/14/2012 for 75k service and learned that Nissan has a recall for the radiator/transmission coolant leaking into the trans and Nissan is taking care of it....I recall something about the extension of orig warranty for this part to be 8 yrs and I don't remember the mileage cap...
  • akiluviaakiluvia Posts: 7
    Nissan extended warranty to 80K. There is no recall in regards to radiator/transmission that I am aware of because everyone on this blog are dying for it. Recalls especally due to safety typically do not expire. In this case radiator/transmission is a safety issue because your vehicle can stall at any speed.
  • dlavitadlavita Posts: 3
    Started vibration when travel at speeds 45-60mph. When foot is off gas pedal it disapears. Started at 83,000 miles. What is it? Anyone have this problem. What if any is the remedy.
  • barb_715barb_715 Posts: 4
    probably the everyone else. Remedy=GET RID OF IT and DON'T get another one!
  • luckyducluckyduc Posts: 17
    The vibration that you are describing is most likely a bad U-joint.
  • Water damage to the paper cluthes (yep paper) due to cross contaminaiton. Check your radiator, if there is an oily sheen in the surface under the cap...(check when the car is cool...DO NOT CHECK WHEN UNDER PRESSURE AND HOT!!) then quite possibly the radiatior line into the transmission has broken (allowing the cross contamination of the transmission fluid and the radiator coolant). The overdrive paper clutches are the 1st to show indication of the problem. It often feels like it's coming from the rear end...but it's not. Another way to check...when the vibration starts, depress the AT? on the gear lever (this keeps the transmission from going into overdrive), if the vibration stops when you press the button...chances are...the problem is coming from the tranmission. Good luck! If it is the transmission....come join our law suit...!! All are welcome!
  • joebanjoeban Posts: 1
    I have a Pathfinder 2006 with 110,000 miles. My transmission started making noises and problem shifting. took it to a mechinic for a quick check and verification and find out the radiator has leaked to the transmission. Since I have 110000 miles on the SUV there is no way Nissan will fix a defect that they engineered. Shame on Nissan. That will be the last car I ever buy from them.
  • You cant be careful enough, especially after reading all the posts, make a decision. I too had the extended warranty (WAS my peace of mind) which expired not too long before problem occurred and there I sat.
  • You've got a dealer who was not truthful with you. I've has a 2005 since new & fortunately bought an exteded warranty or else I'd be posting here with problems that were fixed by the extened warranty. #1 Nissan had radiator problems leaking antifreeze into the transmissions & finally in 2009 started replacing the radiators if you had less than 80K on your vehicle. #2 fule gauge problems are the result of the fuel sensor being unarmored in the rear fender well causing the unit to short out. #3 tire shake (and this is a bad one) mine developed at 55K & vehicle was dangerous to drive because the front end shook so bad. Its the front axle assembly for the 4 wheel drive & they replaced both axles. Fortunately all the above was covered by the xtended warranty I purchased for a whopping $1,695, but actually worth it because without it I would be out 7K in repair bills. Within a month I am purchasing another extended warranty because original 6 year extended will expire & I don't trust this vehicle on bit. Wife only puts 10K a year on it so its only in the mid 70s as far as mileage goes. I'd never buy another one I can tell you that namely because Nissan does not have recalls unless absolutely forced to by NHTSA & even then they only honor recalls on vehicles under 80K miles. You can find all these problems on line to verify what I am saying.
  • Yes, more than likely you will have problems with your 2012 Pathfinder. If it's not the transmission it will likely be something else major like the engine. It's too bad that Nissan has become just another greedy corporation. The thing that Nissan has going for it is that they can make some attractive looking vehicles but the quality is terrible!! IF YOU BUY A NISSAN, a good RULE OF THUMB: The COST OF OWNING VEHICLE 1-2 YEARS AFTER WARRANTY=ORIGINAL COST OF VEHICLE. Keep the vehicle while under warranty if you don't mind bringing your vehicle into the repair shop often and you don't mind being stranded somewhere when it breaks. Unload it just before the Warranty expires. I wouldn't even do the extended warranty because they typically exclude many of the things that can and probably will go wrong with this vehicle.
  • Your radiator is leaking coolant into the transmission. The first symptom is exactly what you describe. Another dead give-away is that Nissan extended the radiator only to 80k miles because they know that nearly all will fail after 80k miles. Try driving in 4th gear (no over-drive). You will see the problem go away for a little while until the damage gets worse and then you will loose 4th gear. Draining and changing the transmission fluid will not help. I actually bypassed the radiator with the tranmission lines to stop the coolant from entering the transmission. I also ran many, many gallons of clean trans fluid through the transmission and even installed an aftermarket transmission fluid filter....all of this
  • I actually had some damage to plastic parts in my cooling system when the transmission fluid invaded the radiator. The plastic parts were the ones that on the fire wall that send the fluid into the heaeting system.
  • pathreepathree Posts: 1
    I'd report this issue (Nissan) to the Better Business Bureau at:
  • I am beyond fact...I am one of the lead plantiffs in the class action...I am unrelenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  • Please sign me up for the lawsuit.Just started experiencing the exact same problems that everyone mentions here. First noticed that I was leaking radiator fluid from the rear passenger side of the vehicle.Then came the vibrations at 45-60 MPH. Having issues now with the fuel gage. I checked the tranny fluid and it seemed fine, but I know this problem is what I have.Any advice on repairing on a limited budget. Need vehicle for job, not much money to repair. Would having the transmission rebuilt and fix the leak solve the problem?
    Thanks to everyone who posted.
  • alisonlalisonl Posts: 30
    Sorry to hear of your vehicle, this has gotten so bad now that if I am at a red light beside a pathfinder, I will put my window down and ask them if they had their vehicle checked. its terrible!!! My fuel gauge went out at 50,000 and its VIN is not on its recall for I am down thousands of dollars for that and the tranny...

    CALL THE HIGHWAY SAFETY ADMINISTRATION AND REPORT THESE PROBLEMS!!!! the fuel gauge IS a Safety issue because one minute you have gas the next you do not know..if you are alone, at night, on a highway....this could be a problem. Also, my digital reader went haywire w/ the fuel gauge causing me not know when I should change my oil.
    The transmission, although we arent crashing our cars, downshifting in traffic is not cool. Its a hazard.


    CALL YOUR STATE CONSUMER AFFAIRS AND DISTRICT ATTORNEY. Make a complaint with them because they must contact nissan and raise the complaint to a mediator. My mediator called me from Nissan (after I put in for the state of Pa) and she tried to accuse me of not understanding the warranty. I hung up on her. I said keep your negotiation tactics, I will get my money back for this, your company is a fraud and your working unethically in your position right now and its disgusting!

    So, carry on with this!! do not give up! we are out thousands of dollars as consumers and its truly sick and corporate hedge hogging.
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