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Hyundai Santa Fe Engine Problems



  • Hi, I own a 2006 Santa Fe Limited and the gas mileage is dropping fast. I took it to a auto center with this problem and $1265 later I still have the same problem. It's gone from 20.5 to 17.2 avg. There are no codes showing up and the suv is running great after having the power steering pump changed, and the timing belt. The suv has 107k on it. Anyone got an idea what's causing the decrease in mileage?
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    If you idle a lot or are in traffic a lot you will never see good mpg. I have an '07 rated for 24mpg. I did notice that I used to see 17mpg a lot and now it is more like 14-15mpg but I do more short trips now and idle more. If you are doing the same type of driving and you see a drop there is a problem worth investigating. If your driving habits have changed - that would be your answer. Also... try to do emissions system cleaning every 12k miles and throw some good fuel system cleaner in your gas tank every 3-4k miles to keep everything clean. Your best mpg will be when you do nonstop hwy miles. Also- between tune ups - even if you have some great spark plugs rated to last 100k - they will lose efficiency at some point - get tired - not enough to throw a svc eng light but you lose some performance incl. gas mileage.
  • I am having the EXACT same problem and was wondering if you ever figured out the problem? THANKS!
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    Hi, my Santa Fe 2007 is about 6 years old, has about 96,000 miles. It recently started having a random ECS light come on Then go off after turning the key again. This issue has stopped for at least a year now. ECS issues like this also have to do with Throttle Position sensors. go figure?

    But it currently has a problem, in high traffic at speeds between 30-40 MPH the car does not seem to want to switch gears, it gets noisy as though it stays in third gear. Then it decides at around 2300 RPM that it needs to switch gears and acts fine. But again I am in traffic and as I slow down again, it fights to get back into gear. The first thing I did was try to manually shift it in traffic and the gears worked fine.

    I took it to Hyundai today, I could not replicate the issue of course, with the tech in the passanger seat, but he did tell me my tires are out of round. Duh!!! I aint buying new tires again, these are only 2 1/2 years old, and they aint cheap.

    Anyway they put it on the scan machine and they saw an active code for the Throttle position sensor, when I asked if it was covered under the 100k mile warranty they said no?????? It's part of the drive train come on.

    Well I had also purchased the extended warranty and they had called Hyundai up to make sure it was covered like. I have the highest end warranty you can get it better be covered. Of course they want me to pay 100 bucks for the copay. I dont think I should pay anything.

    I checked online and bad Throttle position sensors are common with these models. Anyway why wouldnt this be covered on the 10 year\100k warranty in the first place. I havent gotten the car back but will let you know if it fixed it or caused more issues. I want this think checked over good since its close to 100k now.
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    Check your valve cover for leaking above the alternator, four years into my 2007 and it leaked all over the alternator, destroyed that and the battery.

    Hyundai replaced gasket and alternator under warranty. Had to get new battery under Sams Club warranty.

    I think this problem may be more common then you think, so check for leaks, perhaps check the torque on those bolts.
  • herrman71herrman71 Posts: 6
    I have a 2007 Santa fe with 75130 miles. 2 years ago i replaced the battery and an alternator. At that time i was told the value cover gasket had leaked oil on the alternator and destroyed it. All repairs out of my pocket. Current day. Same problem, dead cell in battery replaced battery $160. The first battery I replaced myself, sears die hard. My local sears is closed so im out the warrenty on the 2 year old battery. Everything is fine. one day later stuck along side of road. The battery appears to b dead. Now they will want to replace alternator. That will be about $500.
    I looked at the alternator and it looks to have oil on it.If the valve cover leak caused the problem then that tells me they are not doing a good job at fixing the leaky gasket. The value cover gaskets have been replaced twice on the truck both at no charge.
    Does a bad alternator kill a battery? or does the battery kill the alternator?
    I really need a solution to this problem this shouldn't happen 2 years later.
    I really thinking of selling it and going back to a Chevy product!!!!!
  • lars23lars23 Posts: 1
    I have had two occasions where the engine in my 20ll Santa Fe has stalled while driving at slower speeds. One was on a small hill as I approached the bottom and the second was on a city street where traffic was moving at about 25 MPH (40 KM). No warning each time and no warning lights showed up on the dash. I know others have had this same problem and I wonder if there is an answer or if Hyundai is aware of this problem before I take the car to the dealer.
  • Hi,
    I am from saudi arabia and I am facing the same issue , I sent my car to Hyundai dealer , I came to know that according to them that hyundai aware of this issue, to me it is been three years of frustration this issue and more like ESP and The 4WD are never solved not even with the new recall (replacing the break switch ).
  • Last week I had a recurring problem with our 2011 Santa Fe - I had slowed down to make a right hand turn and the engine quit - had there been a car coming out of the parking lot I would have hit it due to power steering not working. We have had this happen a couple of times before about a year ago and took it in for a diagnostic workup and nothing was found. I took it to the dealership today and they did a diagnostic and said that it was the throttle and replaced it. Obviously I am hoping that this is the problem as an engine stalling could be very dangerous - no longer will I try to make the light before it changes if I am making a turn. Apart from this we have satisfied with the 2011, although I do like the 2013 styling better. Our Santa Fe has just over 22,000 miles on it.
  • buzz52buzz52 Posts: 1
    edited October 2013
    I recently had a bad experience with my Santa Fe 2.7 V6 with the engine dieseling for over 45 minutes while I was at Menards shopping. I did have a problem with the car starting hard, but only after getting fuel. It didn't matter wither or not I put 20 dollars in or filled it up. It would run rough for about 4-5 minutes and then it would run great until the next time I got fuel, or at least that was the way it was before I had this big problem. The only thing that I did was change the gas cap with a new one that I bought from an auto parts store who assured me that it was the right cap for my Santa Fe. It was shortly after this that I had the problem with the car dieseling on me, which I never had before. There were other cars being parked around us at the time and did not think that my car was still running, after all I had the keys for my car out of the ignition and in my pocket so how could my car be still running, or so I thought. We went into the store thinking all was ok until we were done shopping about 30 to 45 minutes later and came back out of the store where I saw two gentlemen looking at my car and one of them had a fire extinguisher on him. I ask them what the problem was and they said that my car had been running for some time and must have blew out the radiator because there was antifreeze all over the ground under my car. I got into the car and tried to shut it down with the key by turning the car on and back off again, and still had a very hard time shutting it down. I had the car towed to the shop to find out what the repair cost would be to get it back on the road and they told me that they would have to replace the engine and will cost me over 4,500.00 to fix. So here I sit with a car in the shop that I am still making payments on and have to come up with 4,500.00 some how to fix it. Can anyone please tell me if they had any problems at all like this with any other Hyundai Santa Fe or any other type of Hyundai?
  • When I start my Santa Fe it makes a chugging, clunking sound for about 30 seconds. Then the rpm's rev up and then back down to a normal idle. The check engine light is on now. Any thoughts?
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