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Chrysler Pacifica Headlight Replacement

madmacxxxmadmacxxx Member Posts: 4
edited April 2014 in Chrysler
I'm trying to replace the passanger side headlight in my 2004 Pacifica. The owners manual says to open the hood and remove the two screws on top of the headlight housing (which secure the headlight housing to the body of the car), and then slide the whole housing forward. Once this is done, I should be able to access the bulb chamber to replace the bulb.

In any event, after removing the two screws, I can wiggle the housing unit a bit, but can't slide the headlight housing forward as described. It "feels" like there is a retainer clip, or something holding it back. When I depress the plastic bumber cover below the unit, I can slide my hand under it, but I still cant pull it out. . . .I'm hesitent to be too forceful, as I don't want to break something.

Does anyone have any ideas for me? Anyone know where I can access a diagram of the assembly and how it is mounted? This is so frustrating - such a simple maintenance project shouldn't such a pain in the ***!

Happy holidays to all! Thanks in advance for any and all advice!


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    mrrogersmrrogers Member Posts: 391
    You can do this! Please place a towel or some tape on the bumper below the light to keep from scratching the bumper. Move the headlight slightly from side to side as you pull firmly towards you. There is a clip that will disengage with a firm steady pull. Good luck.
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    madmacxxxmadmacxxx Member Posts: 4
    Thanks Mr Rogers! I got it done this morning. I appreciate your moral support.

    FYI, to anyone else wondering about this, there is a plastic clip attached to the body of the car (at the bottom front, to the left of center of the headlight assembly cavity) that holds the assembly back.

    By rocking the light housing slightly back and forth while pulling it firmly, I was able to dislodge the housing form the clip. After that, the whole housing slid forward and out.

    Happy Holidays to all! :)
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    busgeekbusgeek Member Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info, worked great for me!
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    bigjervbigjerv Member Posts: 1
    I just did this last night. Someone put a nice video on YouTube to give anyone visual help if needed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZO8vbFlpQh8 Yes 2 screws and a little brute force and they come out rather easy.
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