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Chevrolet Cobalt - Door Issues



  • kjack9kjack9 Posts: 1
    My 2010 Cobalt is having the same problem, driver's side. Why is GM not issuing a recall, and why is their moderator saying, "I'm sorry you're having the problem" when they know of the problem? All I can say is if I end up getting stuck in my car during an emergency, I will be the first one running to a lawyer. I stopped at a dealership today and they wanted $100 just to look at it. Yeah, um, no thanks. I just had to replace the throttle body, and both wheel bearings. I tried the slamming my fist into the outside near the seam. I tried using my body to knock it, nothing. What a hunk of junk this car has turned out to be. I bought it brand new and have done everything I'm supposed to, but am really tired of putting money into it. I also had to go to 4 different dealerships to be diagnosed correctly with the throttle body (which is a huge safety issue when you're on the highway and your car stops). I wrote GM about the problem, but they didn't give a crap. Shocker. I worked for them in quality (of all places) and actually was told to quit calling out the issues because I was stopping the line. Anybody that has an Acadia or equivalent with window issues, they know about it, and they knew about it when it was built. I know this because I did final quality and when the cars came outside in the extreme cold, the window motor stopped working. They told us to pass them anyway. Yep, that's GM for you. All about the almighty dollar. Disgusting!
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