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Dodge Ram Audio/Stereo Problems



  • i have a 2003 1500 quad cab hemi and my radio all the sudden just went to all static, the cd player works fine but i can't get any stations. i checked the antenna and what wires i can see and i can't find the problem. i told my wife the stereo went out (reason to buy a new cd player ha ha ) but i put the new one in and i have the same problem. any ideas what it might be?...thanks!!!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    If the CD works but the radio gets static, could the antenna be loose, or the antenna wire itself have a break inside, or maybe the wire plug where it plugs into the back of the radio may be bad (short circuit)...

    If the entire unit had a short, or bad ground, would the CD player also not work, so I localize it from the back of the radio to the antenna...
  • Two problems: 1) Unit works but screen goes dark after driving for approx 2 minutes. When car is restarted, does same thing. Any ideas? 2) Zoom toggle switch not working (unit was replaced by Dodge while under warranty for same problem). Any good way to fix without full replacement?
  • msieversmsievers Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    I have two problems
    1. I just got the truck. The steering wheel controls for the radio do not work. The person who had it before me had an after market radio in it and now it has the stock radio. Does anyone no why it does not work?
    2. I have HID headlights in it they are of high quality. When I turn them on I get static through the radio. If I were to run another ground from the radio would that fix the problem. Or is there some other way I can fix this problem?
  • all you need to do is hook up the rem wire from the after market deck to the blue wire on the wiring adpator and they should work have the same truck and had the same problem. everybody was telling me the same thing but i got them to work. let me know if you need anymore help. alot of things are modify only on the 02 ram
  • Justim, did you ever figure out your problem, I have the same thing happening to me except the CD player does not work at all
  • dapflydapfly Posts: 1
    Just bought 2008 RV on Sprinter chassis. Manual for Sound 5 radio does not explain things very well. When I press button that gives options for tone, there are 2 displays that I do not know what they mean. One says "gal" and the other says "EXT". Any help out there?
  • jhaughjhaugh Posts: 1
    the speakers will shut off at random then a while later just come back on. Sterio stays on just all speakers shut off. we have changed the sterio and same thing is happening HELP
  • sirron64sirron64 Posts: 1
    WAMACKS any luck figuring out the problem, my 2002 has started doing the same things
  • I have A 2001 dodge ram and the same problem did you ever find out an answer for your front speaker problem
  • my front speakers in my 2001 dodge ram quit working first one thin the other any help would be nice . thank you
  • When I insert a CD into the player I get an "ERR CD" message and the CD won't play. I also notice when I start the truck or when I insert/eject a CD I get a buzzing noise from the player. The radio works fine.

    Anyone know what the problem might be?
  • maslomaslo Posts: 2
    My battery final went bad so I changed it out since then I have had problems with my stereo system had only one AM chanel I could get no FM,CD player worked but the speaker roamed from front to back and from side to side and faded in and out. now only the CD player works. Called the dealer and they have no clue what is wrong with it.
  • dodgemike1dodgemike1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 dodge ram 1500 and i replaced the cd player, all fuses are good but it does not work and i also somhow lost the power to the dome lights.. what would be causing the problems
  • I have a 2012 Ram , my problem is the sound only works with sat radio not with am /fm , I pulled the radio out to check all the wiring and noticed that if I put a little pressure down or up on the am / fm antenna it would work ,as soon as I let off it would go off again so I am thinking the problem is where it connects at that point or loose connection where it is attached inside of the radio its self . I am also going to run another ground to the radio to see if that might be the issue ,any how hope this might help with your issues ,I'll post later to let you know if the ground helped
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