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SX4 performance parts

wishbeterwishbeter Member Posts: 4
edited June 2014 in Suzuki
I'm brand new to this forum. Just bought 2008 Touring II in copper on Dec 27, 2007. I've already put 250 miles on it. I LOVE THIS CAR! Only wish is that it had a bigger gas tank.

Has anyone found a performance exhaust for these? I've looked all over the internet, can't find one. I've seen pictures of high performance SX4's, like the ZUK and the SWT racers with what appear to be dual exaust systems of some kind. Probably custom made, but you would think they'd make them for the rest of us. I've found performance chips and air intakes if anyone's interested.

Let me know if any of you stumple upon an exhaust system.



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Check out the Speed Shop Tuning and Modification board too.

    And browsing the membership directory at SEMA can turn up some gems.
  • hondadave7hondadave7 Member Posts: 27
    What is the valve clearance for the 2008 SX4 2 litre engine?
  • xxhrdrckerxxxxhrdrckerxx Member Posts: 2
    I was on youtube.com and saw the AWD Rally edition.. it was modified by a company called "Empire Suzuki" they re-tuned the car for high out up. check them out. they might be able to email you about when you could find after market parts. Im sure most of you know that the SX4 sport comes in 3 trims. i think the best deal is the middle of the road option which cost about $15K US. One thing the car needs ..(beside a little bit of hard plastic behind the passenger seats) is a SUPERCHARGER. (or a turbo if you dont mind a little bit of spool up time) at 147HP the car isnt exactly a slug.. but lets face it.. the car looks like it should have a better 0-60mph time than its 10.6 seconds. does anyone know of anycompanies that provide a super charger that get about a 36% boost in power to make it about 200HP? i would also like a proformance chip to regulate fuel consumption when im just coasting along and dont need all that power.
  • allyct19allyct19 Member Posts: 2
    performance chips to do waht specifically??
  • xxhrdrckerxxxxhrdrckerxx Member Posts: 2
    well a chip that would either get me better mpg or an hp boost... i think thats what most people would be looking for. i think the SX4 really neede 200 hp with that kinda fuel economy.
  • wishbeterwishbeter Member Posts: 4
    I found a company doing some stuff, including the chip and cold air intake systems. They are called Road Race Motor Sports. Just type it all together and add .com and you'll get their website. I bought the intake system, but their chip is $ 300 or something like that. The air intake fit, looks, sounds great, and I'm getting about 2 - 4 mpg better and I can feel the power difference.
  • sx4dude1sx4dude1 Member Posts: 3
    go to this website


    they have just about everything for the SX4 hatch and the sedan!
  • mandi79mandi79 Member Posts: 12
    I have had experience with them, and their products are great. Customer service is awesome too!!!
    I am on another forum SX4club.com (you should try it out!!), and they our always on there. I would recommend them to everyone!!
  • starrider06starrider06 Member Posts: 1
    I saw the Zuke at a car show and asked about the exhaust on it. They told me that they "Y"ed the pipe and used two mufflers off of the hayabusa motorcycle.
  • reidduncanreidduncan Member Posts: 2
    I'm interested in performance parts for my suzuki sx4 crossover. does anyone know anything?
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