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2009 CTS



  • Thank you for your response Pao. I did not know about the 25%. I also am not familiar with GMOL. I looked on the GM and found reference to it but no meaning.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    GMOL is the General Motors Oil Life Monitor/System - intenance_040104.jsp

    here is the GM site with all the details

    The 25% is the level on the GMOL that generally change my oil at....
  • The CTS owners manual says to change oil when the monitor says or once a year, which ever come first. That is good enough for me. Synthetic oil can last a lot longer than 3k miles.
  • I was surprised to read of your problems. I have an SRX that has been virtually bullet proof for 40,000+ miles and the local [Austin} dealer has been great to deal with. I hope your problems are resolved soon.
  • I went to the dealer and looked at a 2009 CTS DI with 3200 miles that they are listing as new, it was driven by one of their VP. It has Nav. and Lux. 1 package and they are asking for $45745. I'm not sure if that is a good deal or not. I KBB it and with all the same options KBB came back at $40,500-$41,500. So my question is what should I ask for. I understand they need to make a profit too but to me this isn't even a new car bc it has 3200 miles. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    They would have to give me a much bigger price break than that to take a used car like that off their hands.
  • To me it is too high. And in particular because of my last new car purchase experience. I bought a new car that that was driven by the owners wife on a cross country trip. Well it turns out that even though they sold it to me as new and was financed and considered new by Ford, in the state of Wisconsin the car had to be titled to the dealer. So in fact I am listed as the second owner which caused a lot of confusion and aggravation on my part.
    But we were looking at a 08 cts di with both lux 1 and 2 for for the kbb price you have listed for the 09.
    So to me personally if I were making an offer on that car, verify that it has not been titled and offer them $39,500 Remember new or not the car was at very least a demo and price needs to be reflective of that.
    I know that some dealers must still be sitting on 08's and if you're not concerened about the year, the deals on on 08 should be significant. But if not at least stick with the kbb price and shop around and you will find a dealer who will be at that price if offered. But talk to the dealer and treat the car as anything more than a discounted demo and see what you get.
    What is the sticker price on the car?
  • The MSRP is $48245. Just this morning they dropped the asking price to $44245 plus there is a dealership discount of 2500 or at least there was last night. So I'm looking at $41745. But I think your right Beerme1, they need to look at that car as a demo so that is how I'm going to approach it. Thanks for the heads up on the title issue. I'll let you know what I get.
  • A lot of Caddilac dealers have the manager or owner drive a car and keep it under the miles limit that they can sell it as new in that state. These demo cars should be bought at around Invoice or less and you also get any rebates available.
  • Still love my 09 CTS. It now has 14,200 trouble free miles on it. I just drove from Indy to Montreal to Hellertown, PA and back to Indy. Averaged 30.6 mpg for the trip (about 99% highway).
  • That is great that you got a car that gets above the EPA highway!
  • I have two minor problems with my 09 CTS: The usual occasional GM problem where you cannot turn the ignition key "on" unless you jiggle the steering wheel. The other one is a little odd. If I try to charge my Mp3 player while it is playing, it messes up the AUX cicuit. It only happen on my CTS. Everything works OK on another car. The problem is in my car somewhere.
  • I just bought a new 2009 CTS and am finding that the seats are making the backs of my thighs sore and cutting off the circulation. I've tried adjusting the seats, but haven't been able to fix it. Anybody experience the same thing? Is it just the seats are not broken in and too stiff?
  • i have a 2009 cts with the luxery package in it and the seats are fine, no problems of any kind. i am 6 ft. 2 in. tall.
  • I too am 6'2" tall & I find the seats to be very comfortable.
  • I'm taller than either of you and find the CTS seats (and knee room) very nice. The recaros in the CTS-V are better thanks to the thigh support. The new CTS Coupe will get the recaros as an option, V-series or not. Maybe at some point the sedan and wagon will get them too.
  • psdesertrat, that's an awesome idea. I just bought a CTS with the translucent sunroof shade. If the Houston summers prove too hot for it, I'll borrow your sunroof tint idea. I'm surprised no one has ever mentioned that before. The Corvette's removable targa top is tinted, so that should suffice for the CTS.
  • Thanks Joey245. I had no idea there was a key inside the remote. I just bought my CTS a few weeks ago and I'm learning something new about it every day!
  • At about 2,000 miles I started noticing a noise coming from the rear which sounded like I had something loose in my trunk. I would hear this sound occasionally when I would go over a bump. I didn't bring the car in right away because I thought it would too hard to get it to repeat itself for the mechanic and he would just tell me it was nothing. So I waited, and now at 6,000 miles the noise has become louder and so frequent, even over very small bumps or cracks in the road. So today I brought my car to the dealer. The mechanic came out to speak to the service adviser, so I asked him if I could take him out for a quick drive to show hime exactly what I was talking about. He sat in the back and told me to drive. I started thinking of where there were some big potholes I could drive over, but we only got about 30 feet from the dealership and drove over a very small crack in the road when he said "Stop, I heard it and I know what it is". Apparently there has been a service bulletin issued for the bushings at the rear wheels. The ones that were installed at the factory were defective. Gm is now installing a new type of bushing which should last a very long time. I am 60 years old and this is the first time I can say these words "What a great experience it was getting my car serviced". I called the dealer at 12:30 to ask if I could bring my car in, I arrived there at 1:00, the mechanic was working on my car by 1:30, finished at 2:30, and I was back home at 3:00. Ocean Cadillac, Bal Harbor, Florida, Thanks!
  • i had the same problem when i bought my 2009 cts from maroone cadillac in west palm beach,fl.
    i took the car back and they did not even drive it. they knew what was wrong. they advised me there was a service notice out on this problem and they fixed it.

    jensen beach, fl.
  • Thanks for the information guys. My 09 CTS with 14,000 also makes the noise when going over a speed bump or other large bump. Coincidentally the car is at the local Caddy dealer now for that and some other issues such as brake squeal, leaking headlight washer nozzle, squeaks and creaks and a defective shifter switch. Will be interesting to see if dealer diagnoses the wheel bearing issue without me telling them of the "service bulletin". I love my CTS but seriously think mine is somewhat of a lemon. Either that or they dropped it off the truck when delivering it new :-)
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    havent heard of the bushing 09 is quiet with 21K on it..however did have the brake squeal.....the only fix is to replace the brake pads....and add the new caliper pieces.....all in the TSB.....dont drive off the lot unless they replace the will come back in about 1000 miles.........
  • thumping in 200-9 cts is not a wheel bearing issue, ut is something to do with bushings for alignment of the rear end. it is in the service bulletin.
  • "noticing a noise coming from the rear which sounded like I had something loose in my trunk. I would hear this sound occasionally when I would go over a bump."

    I am not discounting the service bulletin, BUT I had a similar noise. After a lot of investigation (by me), I discovered the battery cable was hitting its enclosure. A small piece of self stick foam insulation at the point of contact solved the problem.
  • Thanks again for the insight. The dealer claims that on my car it's not the bushings, but a different service bulletin regarding the rear quarter panel. They allegedly took care of the problem, yet the car still makes the noise. Anyone else ever heard of or had this issue, or leaking headlamp washer nozzles? I firmly believe the local dealer is incompetent, as they can't correct either problem, but the next closest dealer is over an hour away. BMW here I come.
  • Since they replaced the bushings, the difference is dramatic. No more noises, car feels better. Their diagnosis was correct.
  • ctsguy2ctsguy2 Posts: 19
    Is anyone else having problems with leaking headlamp washer nozzles and defective gear shift assemblies?
  • 16,200 miles--not yet.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not here either...09 with 22.5 on it
  • I have 7,000 miles and I only weigh 165 lbs. However, the lower back of the drivers seat just began to sqeak if I move or put any pressure on it. I've never had anything like this in any car. Has anyone had this and what was the resolution. I will be taking it to my dealer next week.
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