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MISC Sprinter Problems (oh the list)



  • dodgepartsmanwdodgepartsmanw Posts: 4
    edited October 2014
    Just don't do it Stay away if you value your money and safety. You can email me direct if you want to know the specifics. I am involved in a suit with the dealer and Chrylser.
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  • I'm sure all of us Sprinter owners hate to say it, because it is such a good van, as far as what is designed for. BUT the little (and big) nic-nac issues they have are just too much to bear. Mine has been parked for over 3 years now. It works great as a 14-foot storage container. LOL

    Have you guys with 2002-2003 models received the Recall notice on the Intake Manifold? I must say I am happy about that, at least. Mine needed replacing anyway and the dealer was trying to con me into a whole motor ($14,000). LOL

    There is a recall out now for 02-03 Sprinters. Complete Intake Manifold replacement! YAHOOOO!! Should help mine run better now.
  • Anyone ever try gutting the engine and transmission and replacing it with a Dodge/Cummins running gear? I would be willing to try. Then I would have 4WD 3500 with some power and none of the problems. I know the can bus would have to go and the PW/ PD and radio would have to go. I don't care about traction control or ABS so they could hit the scrap can also. I would think a wrecked 2005 3500 ram would be a good start for all that it needed. At least I would be paying for something I can use.....
  • (I have been a Sprinter technician since 2004).
    The positive battery cable is proving to be a problem with some 07 and up Sprinters. There is a crimp/fusible link that gradually builds resistance and eventually causes a no start or lack of charging. I haven't heard of one that suddenly comes back to life after sitting a while, but it's possible. Here is some text from the Chrysler document...

    "Intermittent no start due to low battery voltage/discharged battery.;1. Intermittent low battery voltage/discharged battery, even after driving for some time. 2. Alternator output, when measured at the alternator is correct. 3. Alternator output, when measured at the battery may be below normal."

    "Possible cause may be high resistance in the cable from the starter motor to the battery, caused by a loose crimp at the 300 Amp fusible link. Perform a voltage drop test over the cable from the starter to the battery while at the same time doing a ‘wiggle’ test on the cable at the fusible link. If corrosion is present and/or the cable does not pass the voltage drop test, replace the cable."

    Hope this helps!
  • I have a 2003 Freightliner sprinter ,they send me a letter and told me to take my sprinter to a dealer to change the intake manifold ,they change the manifold and give me back the truck ,then the truck start cutting out at certain speed on the highway I took the truck to another dealer to check why the truck was cutting out and he told me to take it back to the people who change the manifold be cause they screw up the truck ,I call the shop and have the truck towed to them the next day they call me and told me that they have blown my engine apart checking it out and I will have to pay to replace the motor .The case is in a lawman hand now
  • terri19terri19 Posts: 1
    edited October 2014
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  • I have a 2002 Freightliner 2500 with 162k on it. As far as I know all the electrical components, except the power locks, work fine. It has run great during the summer (when I bought it) but as the weather got cold it has been hard to start in the mornings (below 40 degrees or so) It would start within two seconds of first crank and immediately die. Then after reheating the plugs and several attempts of cranking it, much longer than I would like, it would finally start and run fine. If the temperature was above 50 it would start and run fine (it would take no longer than 3 seconds of cranking before firing).

    Saturday morning was cold (circa 36 degrees) and I started it with the normal procedure. After idling for about five minutes it died and has not fired since although I have tried many different times. At first I figured if I waited till the temp. to get above 50 it might start and run just fine. The temperature has reached 65 since it died and I have had no luck starting it. It fired only once when I gave it a shot of starting fluid. It did not give me any indicator lights in the dash until I unplugged the connection to the fuel rail solenoid which I removed and checked the o-rings. They looked great and after reinstalling the solenoid the Engine Control Unit Indicator Lamp is still lit.

    Any help would be appreciated, Mike
  • I have a 2002 sprinter and it was hit (very lightly) in front and then driven home without shutting it off the nest morning it would crank but not start.
    Checked fuel preasure at injectors by cracking the line open and very little fuel preasure.
    Checked the fuel preasure regulator for a split O-ring and it looks fine. any Ideas anyone?
  • I do not understand... we have several sprinters here in south florida 2X2009 1x2010 1x2011 we do not have problems with them, we do all the service required at the dealer Atlantic truck Pompano, one of them got now 239K miles, but our Mercedes GL320 with only 104K miles (same engine) is always at the MB dealer: EGR, Limp mode, sensors, intake manifolds, servo motor air intake...
    I believe the problems are related to incompetent service department not trained to service CDI Diesel engines, too bad my sprinter Freightliner Dealer will not work on GL320 Mercedes, just Sprinters!
  • I have a problem with my 2006 Sprinter 3500. it died on me without warning and l had to be pushed of a ferry.The power connection to the Mass Air Flow Sensor had to be unplugged before l could start it. When the connection is in it will crank but will not start. l have had the Mass Air Flow Sensor, Oxygen Sensor, Resonator, Turbo, EGR Valve and all 5 injectors replaced, problem remains. With the connection removed it starts immediately and drives but with poor performance, no power and smokes a bit. it can barely go up any hills. Please help me. lt has been almost 3 months and it is my main source for work.
    thank you
  • i purchased my 2007 sprinter 2500 high roof, brand new(42,000). i am waiting for my arrival of my new ford transit van. let me tell you you could not give me a sprinter. it had problems from day one.
    first 3 years dead battery finally a defect was found in starter wiring harness

    shift module went bad van locked into park, , egr valve replaced

    body module (main brain) burned out at 65000 miles (2,000 dollar repair)

    batter replaced 2x within 70,000 miles

    tires went at 24,000 miles

    body rust around thick body side mouldings

    3 sets of brake pads and brake rotors in 0-75,000 miles 7 years

    replaced headlight, brake light bulbs 20 times over in 7 years

    bottom line i talked to more owners of 07 and up sprinters who experenced the same problems

    this is a bad vehicle and i am sorry i made this purchase

    most important! mercedes benz would not stand by anything after the warranty expired

    no one to cal/l no one at mercedes to listen

    i wish i could get my mouth on someone at mercedes benz

    soon it will be a bad memory, and someone elses problem

    good ridenance


    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!! MAJOR ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$
  • I have a 2006 Winnebago View with a 2005 Dodge 3500 Sprinter Chassis. Before I purchased it, I read reviews and what potential problems were. I read about the "limp mode" which could be caused by the plastic resonator cover which cracks causing this problem. I had this replaced with the aftermarket aluminum cover which was effective in reducing the risk of this power failure. The View had 42k on it when we purchased in 2010. As of today, there is 82k on it. We had an issue around 79k. It is much like some have described as "limp mode". It would only go about 20 mph when floored and then fix itself and start going 50mph only to drop again. I was out of state and really concerned how to correct this as my usual mechanic not near. Every forum I read pointed towards fuel filter issues. I have found many do not want to work or know how to work on these units because of Dodge Chassis with MBZ motor which comes originally from factory this way due to merger between Dodge/Chrysler but now have split so the two don't really seem to support each other in their dealerships. A dedicated Sprinter dealer mechanic is far and few between. Yet, I have found it is to your advantage to do your best to take there instead of anywhere else because they truly understand the. vehicle and can save you money and unnecessary fixes.
    So, I talked to my Sprinter mechanic in California who told me not to take to anyone unless they have the necessary dx tool called Xentec? Don't know if I spelled that right. I am so glad I did. I found a Sprinter/MBZ mechanical shop in Fayetteville about 80 miles from where I was staying in Fort Smith. It was well worth the trip. The owner drove a Sprinter 3500 and understood the vehicle completely. He found the "smoking gun". It was a cracked air intake hose which was minor and fixed my problem simply. He said at 80k, my unit was just broken in and should get close to 300k or more on it. I also read that the older units 2004-2006 were not as troublesome due to the newer ones having to comply with the new Air Quality regulations which are problematic. My son is a truck driver and was experiencing that with his semi truck due to air quality modifications required. I love my 2006 Winnebago View and appreciate all the input on these forums as they have helped me to understand and maintain my unit.

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