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Cadillac Escalade Tires and Wheels

hoody1337hoody1337 Posts: 4
edited October 2014 in Cadillac
I bought an 07 ESV back in July. It has the 18" Chrome M&S tires. I am going to use these wheels in the winter season (I live around Boston), but wanted to pick up some 22's with chrome for the warmer months.

I'm looking for ideas...Has anyone dropped new wheels on their Escalade? If so, I'd like to see pics...Or, if you have seen one rolling around town and you recognize the rims, point me in the right direction!



  • I have 07 ESV that came with the factory 22" wheels, and have about 45k miles on it, mostly Interstate. I would take long trips (850 miles in one day) and found car somewhat uncomfortable and was ready to trade it for a better highway ride. Instead I called my dealer and they cut me a great deal on a takeoff set of brand new 18" alloys and Bridgestones. I drove 150 miles home today on the new tires and I have to say, it is an entirely new car. What a difference the 18" factory setup makes. The ride is far far softer and smoother but what really surprised me is the car got very quiet. What I thought was wind noise from the mirrors was actually tire noise. In addition, a couple of minor rattles disappeared. The 22" tires I took off were the same model Bridgestones as come with the car but I had replaced them less than 10k mi. ago. If you want to make a huge difference in comfort and quietness and give up some have to call your dealer and see if they will cut you a deal of some new 18" takeoffs. Most dealers have them as they try and upgrade you to the larger more costly tire/wheels and have these to sell. My dealer often wholesales them for $800 set to e bay dealers. He cut me a little better deal. The 18" tires alone are about $200 each at the tire shop. I kept 22's for trade in time, but doubt I put them back on. I guarantee you the engineers designed this car with 18" tires and the 22" were an afterthought as they look far nicer and a profit maker for dealer/mfg...Great for around town, but not for a long drive.

  • bsiewertbsiewert Posts: 1
    I'm a repeat buyer of Escalades. I just traded my absolutely wonderful, low miles 2003 Escalade for a new 2011. The difference is night and day. I found the ride on the new Escalade almost unbearably painful. The seats are hard (due to the heating and cooling) and the huge wheels with performance tires are gorgeous, but cause my Escalade to ride worse than my son's new Ford F250 Super Duty Diesel truck. I drove the car 30 miles and parked it in the garage in pain. My husband wanted us to take it for a short 100 miles round trip spin, so we did. I was hurting before we got out of town. I have never been so upset about a car deal.

    My husband went to the dealer this morning and so far we have had no comments from him but, "Well, we put those on all the Escalades because that's what everyone wants." When I asked the dealer about the smaller wheels he said they don't put them on these. I was shocked to discover (sadly after paying for the car) that they DO come with 18" wheels and tires much like my old Escalade.

    While the smaller wheels will not change the hard seats, the better ride would help a great deal for someone like myself, a 61 year old grandmother with expectations of that great Cadillac ride. This is not my first rodeo on purchasing cars, but I regret this decision with all my heart. This is the biggest mistake I've ever made in the 47 years I have been a licensed driver. This is also my 5th Cadillac. I've also owned 3 Mercedes Benzs and 3 BMWs.

    I am absolutely sick about this purchase and can't wait to get out of the car. If the dealer won't help me with this problem I'm going to write a scathing review about them as well. So far I am waiting for them to respond in a positive fashion.
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