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Saab 9-5 fuel tank sloshing/thunking



  • Saab seems to be running fairly attractive lease deals on the 2000 9-5 sedan. Approx. $2,500 down with a $349 per month lease payment for 36 months. The lease includes 12,000 miles per year. I have a small family (2 small kids in car seats) and think the large sedan would be an excellent car at a very good lease price. The wagon is a bit more expensive and seems to be about the same size. However, all this talk about the gas tank is making me a bit nervous. Any thoughts on leasing a 2000 9-5 sedan? Is this problem severe enough to re-evaluate this decision?
  • I would suggest that you test drive the saab 9-5. It is an attractive lease price (although I believe the deal is $3500 down). The fuel tank issue is mostly just a noise nuisance and I think that its the trade-off for getting the good price. (they say, you get what you pay for). I do believe that the ECU random stalling issue should be a consideration and you should maybe get assurances in writing from the dealer (to see if the dealer is willing to put its own liability on the line should something happen), but it is hit or miss with the issue in general. I have only had "bucking" but others have reported random stalling at 40 mph. I hope the stalling does not happen to me.
    The rest is just a personal decision. I would test drive the vehicle with 35 psi and try to have the vehicle with almost 3/4 tank full to see the thunking noise for yourself. As you have probably seen from the Sedan site, many of us (especially those that actually own/lease these cars) have had a lot of other issues, and as long as you go into your decision having free and accurate information and are able to weigh this information for yourself against the price, I think you will be able to make a sound and informed decision either way.
    Good luck in your decision.
  • Sorry, folks....but this is going downhill fast.

    Town Hall is for DISCUSSIONS, not repeated public declarations of the same information over and over. If you really feel it is your public duty, take out an ad in the New York Times.....

    Your host, Bruce
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