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GMC Envoy instrument panel problems



  • My friends took their Envoy to a different dealer and they pulled all the codes out and looked them over and found a TSB from GM that the drivers seat control module needed to be reflashed. That was over a week ago and so far none of the issues they were having have returned. It cost them $70 to have this done.
  • wgirtwgirt Posts: 1
    I think WE all need to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against GM for this. Clearly this is the MANUFACTURER's mistake that we are being FORCED to bear the cost of. As a consumer...this is unacceptable. I for one WILL NEVER AGAIN purchase another GM product in my lifetime if this is the way GM takes care of their problems...and their customers.
  • We were told once it was a battery problem too... replaced the battery and still did not fix the issues... we bought this truck new in 06... Envoy XLT.. with every option
    1. Problems since... at about 20k miles air would not come on..took it back to dealer they could not get it to repeat the problem..the ac began working again... again the ac quit and several more times but it would always start back up..took it back to dealer , again they could not get it to repeat the problem!
    2. Rubber seal from the back doors comes loose at about 30k or so... The glue around the back hatch began oozing..took it to my dealer ( 50 mi away) they patched it by putting more goo on it...
    3. Began giving out of gas though the gauge would say it had gas..then the gas light would come on when the truck was FULL... at about 70k... We held out hopes after finding this site, GM would recall these..took it to dealer to check..NO recall of course! We were told it would costs us around 80 for diagnostic and about 700 to 1000 to repair fuel gauge because it is in the tank and they would have to drop the gas was out of warranty at this time and also the dealer we purchased it from went this was another dealer...

    4. After giving out of gas on the sad day my husband was diagnosed with cancer, and our 3 month old grand baby was in the back seat, on a busy interstate in construction, we bite the bullet and paid a private garage to fix it and put point in it... it costs over 600 .. still cheaper than GM Dealer...

    5. Gas gauge working but NOW the check engine light STAYS on... It idles rough, it has about 106 k... we went out of town for cancer treatments to come back to truck and it wouldn't start.. battery replaced next week...

    6. Had to put a water pump on it... 597.00... Tech stated water pump was 'coming apart" ... The truck still idles rough... paid for now..would like to not have a payment but it is not dependable..can't trade it and would NOT sell it to my worst enemy! Thanks GM...AND when you send in your VIN and info , don't expect much!I have not got anything! GMC = Great Money for COMPANY or Government Motors... gonna paint me a lemon on each door when I can afford it!! Right now I have more problems than this so will deal with it day by day!
  • We're glad that you're satisfied! How has everything been working since it was replaced?

    If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to get into contact with us via email with more information.

    GM Customer Service
  • I'm sorry that you are upset, wgirt. I tried to look and see your previous posts but was unable to see any. If that is my own user error, I apologize if I am being redundant, but I wanted to see if there is some way I can be of service to you? Are you currently driving an Envoy and experiencing some concerns?

    Thank you,
    GM Customer Service
  • ewanewan Posts: 2
    Good evening Sarah,

    I'm currently a owner of a 2004 GMC Envoy and I'm having a number of different issues with it. The warranty on my Envoy has been expired for the last couple years and since the day i bought it I've spent thousands of dollars on repair cost alone. Whenever i go to the dealership to get it looked at they would issue me a laundry list of faults along with huge bill. I really cant wait to pay the truck off, it's nothing but trouble. I would even trade it in just to get rid of it, extremely tired of worrying while driving with my family.

  • I have a 2005 Envoy XL that has recently been giving us a TON of problems. First, the fuel sensor has not worked for some time now and I have to go by my mileage to estimate when I need to fill up. Second, my AC went out and has not worked for a few months. Third, my truck would turn off suddenly when I would be at a stop light or pulling up into my garage. So, my husband being a great mechanic recently spent over $800 in parts alone, and did the labor himself. BUT now the problems seem to continue. The oil pressue gauge is not working now so we don't know what to do. If I would have known there were more like us experiencing the same problems I would have waited on spending money we don't have to fix our only SUV. This was our first American made truck and I think it might be our last. I have had my truck for 4 years now and have maintained it regulary. But the problems seem to be getting worse. Please help!!
  • Ewan,

    Thank you for sending this post my way. I want to express my apologies that you have encountered so many frustrations with your vehicle. Do you have a current concern that is waiting on a repair? If you do, we would like to get a Customer Assistance Case established for you, but would need some more information in order to do so. If you would please email us: your name/username and contact information (phone and address), the last 8 digits of your vehicle's VIN and its current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership.

    We look forward to hearing from you,
    GM Customer Service
  • Good afternoon, Mrs. Herrera,

    I am sorry to hear that your Envoy is experiencing some difficulties. I see that your husband has technical expertise, and respect that. I understand that visiting a dealership for a diagnosis is not always an option for everybody, but if you do decide to go in for a diagnosis, please let us know as we would like to make sure to follow up with you on it.

    GM Customer Service
  • I hate to burst your bubble, but the only help you are going to get is from your husband. Please understand, GM is not only going to ignore these issues, they will not offer any kind of assistance unless you allow the dealership to bleed you for money. Don't believe me? Look at the response you received from GM customer serivice.

    As I said many times in the forum, as a former GM employee I understand the game they are playing. They will allow you to voice your concerns, but will never issue a recall for know defects such as the many listed here. The only way they will possibly respond (and I doubt that now) is if you have a safety issue as a result of these problems. Go to the NHTSA website and and register a complaint. Good luck!

    Oh, by the way, when you get fed up you can always do what I did. After owning several GM cars, trucks and SUVs over the years, I decided to drop GM as my vehicle of choice.
  • Was really busy with Christmas stuff the day I wrote the above post... but still don't know how I forgot to mention..the transmission makes a racket when it is cold wonder what is next on my time line..and I have sent my VIN number in for them to "open a case" but have not heard back from them... with GM it is all about lip service!
  • One thing is for sure... I will never own a GM product of ANY kind again! Yes, they tell you to send the VIN is and come back with some lame reason they can't help you... they KNOW these vehicles are vexed with problems... as to the safety..what can be more dangerous than sitting beside the interstate in a construction zone broke down with other cars coming by at 80+ miles an hour.. A state patrolman came by and kindly pushed my GMC ENVOY on down past the guard rail so no one would hit it! My husband had walked to get gas that day and it was the day he was also diagnosed with cancer1 I mean life throws enough at you but it is a crying shame that you spend over 30k for a vehicle that is suppose to be "PROFESSIONAL GRADE'... in and just my husband and I drive it and it has so many problems... I always owned Toyota's and NEVER had problems like this. I expect to pay maintenance costs but this is awful!

    I have sent my VIN in and info but it is all for you said IF you don't go to their 'bleed you dry' dealerships you are sunk!
  • brenjsilva1brenjsilva1 Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    My 2005 has now become dangerous to drive. December 22 2011 I had my 5 year old grandson in the truck, It had snowed the night before. I backed out of my sloped drive way . My Envoy stalled and I could not steer it it slammed in to a large boulder. I could not start it. The next day it started fine. I driving to work when I noticed it did not come out of 4wd I pulled off to the side of the road and tried many times to take it out of 4wd. I put on flashers and turned motor off. when I tried to start it, it would not start. I had it towed and was told it was the batterie. Charged the battery it started up. Turned it off would not start. I have been without my truck 3 days over the Christmas Hoilday. Enough!!! I purchased my 2005 ENVOY 2 years ago. I owned this truck one mounth the first time it would not start. Had it towed to GMC dealer and was told I need a starter. Had the starter replaced. That was not the problem. How ever the truck started and has had pierods of not starting over the last 2+ years.
    The engine light stays on and the service air bag warning. The fuel gage reads full and emty continulily. The right passenger window does not open.
    Brenda Silva
  • There is nothing new... ALL of these posts about these Envoys... everyone I see at gas pumps or know who has one have the same issues... I still have not heard back from GMC after I sent in my VIN and info... I think we need to get on a talk show or something and get the word out to all of America about how many problems these vehicles have! Class action suit ... something..we are not going to get anything but lip service from GMC!
  • Grogers667,

    I am sorry that you haven't heard anything back from us. I am working together with another person from our department: I respond to posts publically, and she responds to emails. I apologize for poor communication on our part, and will be following up with her to see what's going on.

    Thank you for your patience,
    GM Customer Service
  • I bought my envoy in 2005 2006 used i have had every problem every other owner has had the gages going haywire ,the brake light socket rusting and im in california,driver seat working when it feels like,clicking noise in engine compartment,check engine light comming on was able to fix that though the problem was the thermastat was not operating right and the engine was running so cold it would not even pass smog.have not fixed other problems to exspensive and GM wonders why they cant sell vehicals i will never buy another gm vehical i owned a GMC SONOMA 97 HAD TROUBLE WITH IT ALSO GAGES WERE BAD,HAD A MISS IN ENGINE NOONE COULD FIGURE OUT WHY SPENT LOTS OF MONEY TRYING TO FIGURE OUT PROBLEM,ENGINE LIGHT COMMING ON GM HELP PLEASE GM IS SO SILENT ABOUT THERE PROBLEM BUT LET TOYOTA HAVE A UNFOUNDED PROBLEM AMERICAN GOVERMENT MADE A BIG DEAL ABOUT TOYOTA BECAUSE IT IS THERE COMPETITER THEY HATE COMPITITION OBAMA YOU CAN HAVE GM.
  • I have discussed this with my co-worker and had re-forwarded your email several times. She is certain that she responded already - if you haven't received this anything, will you please resend your email so we can move forward in assisting you?

    I apologize again for the delay, and thank you for your continued patience.

    GM Customer Service
  • Well on the 2nd to the last day of 2011 my Envoy has now started keeping the battery light on even when turned off. I did the check with the IPC fuse under hood and low an behold it went out when I pulled the fuse out. But the vehicle cannot be run with this fuse out. I have contacted the dealer tonight but this started after they closed. I read that there might be a quiet recall for this vehicle for this problem. I am also a family member of GM employee at the Wentzville Assembly plant in Missouri and this vehicle was purchased through GM Friends and family program. Can anyone help me with this issue, we don't have tons of money to get this fixed right now. Vehicle is not an XL model
  • If there is a recall associated to your VIN, we would be able to check into that. Send us the last 8 digits in an email and we'll look into this for you.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have an '05 Envoy xl and have experienced the same problems with the instrument panel and fuel guage. Had to buy a gps so I know what speed I am going. Just recently we have the additional joy of the Envoy not starting, it turns over but that's it. It has also died while I was sitting at a stop sign. Scary to know u have to drive ur children around in a vehicle that GM knows is a safey hazard. And to know they obviously have a BLATANT DISREGARD FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS SAFETY!!!! Im willing to bet the GM Execs wouldn't allow their children to b driven around in the gmc vehicles from this forum. Hope those of u who have not had problems with ur engines yet don't in the future. Good luck to us all, we r gonna need it!
  • I was a firm believer in buying American and therefore bought a GM product. Never again will I do that. I bought my envoy brand new in 2005 and have taken excellent care of it. This year alone I have spent $6000 in repairs. Everytime I fix something I think this will be it, but then something else happens. I have also contacted GM about these problems since it sounds like many of our complaints are similiar, but I have yet to hear back. GM should be doing a recall on the fuel sensor and the spedometer on these vehicles at the very least due to the number of vehicles that have been effected. This sounds like a lawsuit to me since they will not aknowledge those that are contacting them and the spedometer issues could be cause for fatal accidents.
  • I see that you have been experiencing multiple concerns with your Envoy, and I apologize because I know that that is frustrating. Have you worked with a dealership towards resolving these already? If you would like to, please let us know.

    GM Customer Service
  • I see that you have already gotten in touch with us - was it through email or over the phone? As we receive many emails from Edmunds, I am not the only Customer Service Representative responding to emails. I would be happy to follow up with my coworker to make sure that you hear back soon.

    GM Customer Service
  • pocketpocket Posts: 29
    Sarah, Chris, and the rest of you supposed GMC customer service agents. It is time you guys got off of your posteriors and go to your bosses and tell them that we are not buying the BS you guys are spouting about going to a dealership and having them involved in trying to solve our problems with our Envoys. Isn't 443 posts about this worthless piece of GM crap enough of a testament to you about all the problems people are having with this product? Get wise. If enough people quit buying GM products, how long do you think you will have a job? After all it is us the consumer that is paying your wages. Get wise people. Enough is enough. I have read every post in here, and all the complaints are similar. This vehicle is a P.O.S. I bet you wont even have the nerve to respond to this.
  • We own a 2005 Envoy XL that the speedometer failed about 9 or 10 months ago, additionally the gas gauge has now failed over the past 4 months. I was set for an appt. with the local GMC dealer but when I asked for a round about cost to fix the items my jaw dropped and I no showed the appt. I have had a misfire issue the couple weeks. When I brought it to a none GMC mechanic he noticed an error code for the fuel sensor in addition to the misfires. Will I have to replace the panel and the fuel sensor? Sounds like this should be a recall not a voluntary 50% bill out of my pocket that I can't afford. I use a TOMTOM for my speedometer and reset the odometer each time is get gas. Does this sound normal?
  • it seems that everybody I know have received a letter from GMC. I have not received anything from GMC. I own a 2003 Envoy. I purchased this vehicle 3 years ago. 2 years ago I replaced the starter, and today the car is doing the same thing. it wont start and the key doesnt come out. I checked the battery, and its good. Please Help!
  • #1 MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Report problems to! Find a NON-dealership you can trust and have them check your fault code(s) (I believe AutoZone will check this for free). This should provide an answer to your question. If you check post #198 and 212 you will see I have put my "2 cents" in on this one. Since my repair of the dash (approx $200)-a far cry from what GM will charge you I haven't had problem one (in reference to the dash only). In the absence of the panel, I secured a GPS in the opening where the instrument panel would have been to track speed. The other gauges provide feedback (fuel-fill up about every 250 miles and you won't run out). Shoot, if you don't own a GPS I'm sure you know someone who will let you borrow theirs. If not, buying one (and repairs costs) will still be less than half of what GM wants for the job. The GM reps. have yet to show on this forum that they have done ANYTHING. Don't believe me, just read the posts. Okay, maybe due to client confidentially they can't disclose what occurred. I can buy that, but people that are willing to use this forum would certainly be willing to share positive feedback-right? Anyway, if anyone would like to attempt removal (it's really not difficult) I am willing to share my photos and instructions. Even with a working instrument panel, there are NEVER-ENDING problems with these vehicles. If you have a "manual" (self selected vs. computer) speed fan selector (mine is "off" through 1-5) and some don't work (1 and 5 for me currently) there is a fix (if you're willing to try it yourself) for about $50. This is actually a huge problem because the wires sometimes fuse together (I haven't heard of any fires-YET) but again shows how poorly these line of vehicles were engineered. If interested, go to manual-c172.aspx and and if you ultimately decide this is the problem with your vehicle here is where I found them cheapest at f=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1325736397&sr=1-1-fkmr0 (if the link doesn't work just go to, select automotive, then type in "gmc envoy blower resistor"). I am so frusterated for all of us! Many may ask "why keep your vehicle if you hate it and it has all these problems?" The answer is simple for me, the vehicle is still functioning (without danger to my family) and I can't afford to ditch it (and start a new loan)! In the meantime I live with the constant "service engine soon" light on my dash (at least I know the bulb works) because I still need to replace yet another $300 part (if I replace it myself I can knock that down to $180). Best wishes to all!
  • Yep the so called customer service help here is just an illusion! I sent my VIN and have yet to hear a word from them I included ALL of my info and they have not contacted me in any form! All the do here is to ALLUDE that they want to help, when in fact they do nothing..As I stated before , all they do is suggest you take your vehicle to your dealer! I don't have the money or the desire to support the outrageous labor rates the dealer here charges. You also have to wait for HOURS. When my Envoy needed tires I bought them at the dealer and spent the day there!

    The only reason these so called customer reps are on here is to try and steer you toward the dealers. GM does not give a rip about the people who have bought these piece of junk called Envoys and the other junk products. Mine is pathetic to only have 106k miles on it that I put on it. As some one else said , it has been taken care of..there was just no quality there to begin with.. we all should get together and stage a protest of some kind until GM listens!
  • I just bought a 2003 Envoy maybe I wish I hadn't after reading ALL 448 negative comments.My problem, is the Airbag light is on The used carlot said it hasn't been wrecked and it probably is a sensor or something . My concern is being able to have the vehicle pass inspection in the future I welcome all comments but please don't bash me for buying an ENVOY !!
  • I was wondering what was the repair to fix your "burnin oil" problem, as mine is doing the same thing
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