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GMC Envoy instrument panel problems



  • nstoopnstoop Posts: 3
    My cruise control will not stay on @ 65-70mph. My engine light comes on, had that checked on the machine, my thermostat is running COLD? My sunroof also gets clogged and soaks my interior driver side, I was told that because I live in the woods it gets clogged. This vehicle is not a good design. Never again
  • ...only my tach had gone haywire. Since the first of this year the gas gauge, oil pressure gauge, and speedometer (a week ago) have stopped working. Only the voltage and temp gauges remain working with ~85K miles on the vehicle.

    The needles on the failed gauges are random, stopping at different positions when I turn the ignition off. Except for the tach, it's like the gauges are still working but the needles were not properly attached to the spindles.

    Not sure what supplier made the cluster but they botched it up bad. GM should either repair or replace them free of charge to original owners and go after the supplier (if they're still in business) to recoup the costs.
  • bruiniambruiniam Posts: 1
    I also got an 04 Envoy that had low ks and in the past 2 years I had problems with my speedometer which the GMC dealer wanred 1200.00 + to fix , I ended up finding a place that fixed the problem for 250.00 and to this day it works great . Knock on wood . Then the tach started acting up next it was the oil gauge and now the gas gauge . With the envoy the computer tell you your mile range and I know there is no problem at all with my oil pressure. There are only 2 more gauges that can screw up , the alt and the temp gauge . I don't know what to do . I was wondering if I went to a wreckers and got a complete cluster would that work , or would it have to be programmed by a dealer ? Ticked off in Newmarket ON CANADA
  • frankie62frankie62 Posts: 21
    You should have changed out all your gauges at the same time 'cause eventually they will all go out. I shipped my cluster to an individual in Minnesota, where he replaced all 6 stepper motors on all the gauges for $60.00 and guaranteed (found him on EBAY) all the gauges seem to work just fine up until approx 3-4 months ago I noticed the fuel gauge was reading incorrectly, so I sent the cluster back to him, which he informed that the gauge was good and he suspects that the fuel sending unit is not working correctly. Which means drop the fuel tank, replace both the fuel pump and fuel sending unit, dealership estimates the work at over $1K, not in my lifetime. I have a person willing to do it for $680 but have to come up with it. So see what you're in for !!!!!! Good luck. P.S. Your motor mounts will have to be replaced also. Ugh !!! can't afford to sell or trade otherwise I would..just have to nickle-dime me too death. Good Luck again !!!..
  • mikeb633mikeb633 Posts: 5
    Getting ready to leave on a trip and tired of not having a functioning gas gauge, I called the GM dealer to schedule and pay my half of the repair bill. I was told that GM has changed their stance on this issue and will pay the full cost of repair, no out of pocket for the owner. If they analyze the problem and determine it is not the sending unit you still do not have to pay for the analysis. This is a huge change but one that took way too long to get corrected.

    If you paid to have yours fixed and you were not reimbursed or if you paid half at a GM dealership, I would ask them to refund the other half. :)
  • frankie62frankie62 Posts: 21
    Is there any documentation I download where GMC is willing to pay the full prize of the repair ??? I don't want to go into the dealership empty handed without having something from GMC confirming this. I am still having issues with the incorrect fuel reading..the person I sent my cluster to for repair insists that his repair on the fuel gauge is good and still points to fuel sending unit.. Any information would be greatly appreciated. tks...
  • 04envoyxlv804envoyxlv8 Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    Took my vehicle into a local shop (not a dealer) back in March because a front wheel bearing was going bad. Mentioned the instrument cluster and was told it could be repaired by another shop they dealt with that specialized in IC's and other auto electronics. Did diagnostics and determined it could not be repaired (4 of the 6 gauges were fried). Ended up getting a new cluster installed for about $350.

    Called GMC customer relations (800-462-8782) this evening about getting reimbursed and was told there was no recall on the cluster so they could not reimburse me at this time. Took my information (original owner and the vehicle has less than 88K miles) and said they would contact me if a recall comes up in the future.

    I'm filing a complaint with NHTSA and urge everyone in this thread to do the same. Here's the link:

    There's a "Tell us what happened" section when filling out your complaint. Make sure to post a link to this thread at the end of what you have to say
  • Well I did the same, contacted GM Corporate, they had me take my '03 GMC Envoy to the dealership so they can check it. Dealership called me and said that the tests they ran showed that the fuel gauge was reading correctly, in order to check the fuel sending unit they would have to drop the tank which they did tested the voltage on the unit with a brand new one and voltage read the same. Asked since they had the tank down if I wanted to go ahead and replace the unit, which I agreed. $453 later, the fuel gauge seems to be reading correctly, but hesitant to run the fuel down below a quarter of a tank, which is whether I ran out of gas. Of course GMC was notified, they in turn contacted me and advise that they could not duplicate the problem and since I agreed to replace the unit, it's on me, no refund. But they are sending me a $1K coupon towards a new vehicle, nice of them, huh ?.. This is definitely a safety issue since I and my wife ran out of gas atleast 4 times in heavy traffic which could have caused an accident and serious injury. Person I talked with was "Robin"... I did submitted my problem with the haven't received a reply...
  • Fuel gauge quit on my 2004 GMC Envoy with less than 30,000 miles and I "lived" with it because it was out of warranty and $800 to $1000 to repair fuel sending unit in tank was out of question. Then speedometer quit and I drove by Tachometer, then oil pressure gauge quit, and then tachometer quit. Enough already, after research, I found online that would repair instrument cluster for $60 with lifetime guarantee. Pulled unit from dash, a total of 10 screws and one plug, sent to myairbags in GA on Monday via UPS and received repaired unit back via USPS on Thursday and reinstalled! All gauges worked! Including fuel gauge! According to the repair people, all the "drivers" for the gauges were faulty and needed to be updated and you would have thought that GM would have figured that out years ago. I highly recommend trying my airbags to fix your instrument problems.
    Big Daddy
  • After about 3 years waiting to see if GMC was going to pay for the fuel sensor repair, they finally said they would, under certain conditions. You had to have less than 120,00 miles and less than 10 years old. They dated the letter July 2013, and I met the requirements at that time. But for some odd reason it didn't come in the mail until November '13 and I had just turned over 121,000 miles. Speaking with GMC and the dealer met with a deaf ear. A followup letter to GMC got no response. The zero trip odometer method at fill up works, but it's a pain in the rear end. I like some of the new GM products but I think next time I'll go Nissan or VW.
  • Bit of a different question that I haven't seen discussed yet here. Several weeks ago suddenly all the lights on my instrument panel went out. The LED gear shift and driver information screens still work but all the lighting behind the gauges went out. Thought it was a fuse as all of the lights/bulbs were good prior to that. No fuses blown that I checked. Any other ideas that could have caused this or ideas to check before assuming the instrument panel went bad and pulling that for repair? I just can't imagine all the lights burning out at once, so something else must be amiss.
  • In response to gmcustsvc, you're joking right? gm hasn't cared about their customers since 1970something.
    I'll never buy another gm product as long as I live.
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